Who was the heir to the Russian rulers Dmitry Donskoy and Mamaia?

Who was the heir to the Russian rulers Dmitry Donskoy and Mamaia? According to legend, divided into Kulikovo Field in 1380, Horde khan khan fled and was killed in a clash with Khan Tokhtamysh. Sons of Mamaia to escape, were captured by Lithuanian Prince Vitold. They were baptized, went over to his service and received a lot of city Glinsk. So there were princes Glinskys.

Father Glinskaya Helena, mother of Ivan the Terrible, Prince Davidov showed a little, but his brother Michael L., nicknamed burly, famous for its adventurism. He was educated at the court of Emperor of Germany Maximilian, then served in the armed forces of Albert of Saxony. While in Italy, adopted Catholicism. Prince Michael was educated in a European university, became a doctor, but practicing medicine was replaced on military affairs. At the end of XV century, Michael L. befriended the Lithuanian Grand Duke Alexander Kazimirovich, exerted great influence on him and decided to create a separate state of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian lands that were part of Lithuania. In 1506, Alexander died and the throne to his younger brother Sigismund I, who dismissed Michael from public affairs.

Michael Glinsky in 1508 led a rebellion against Sigismund, failed and fled with his supporters in Russia.

It recently came to Russia-born Princess Elena.

With the help of Prince Michael Vasily III in 1514, returned to Smolensk. Glinsky wanted to get Smolensk fiefdoms, but the Grand Duke had rejected his claim. Then Michael conceived to flee to Lithuania and reconcile with Sigismund. Glinsky was captured and sentenced to death. Prince in the new environment has moved from Catholicism to Orthodoxy, was pardoned, but remained in custody.

In January 1526 47-year-old Vasily III combined second marriage with a young Helen Glinskaya. It is significantly different from the Russian nobles unto the boyaryshen his upbringing, much taken over from his uncle Michael L. and his father, supporters of European attitudes.

Grand Duke idolized young wife, to please her even shaved off his beard, smartly dressed, he began to adopt Western customs. Elena increasingly overwhelmed crowned her husband, Michael Glinsky has made the release from prison, and gradually he became the closest adviser to the monarch.

Sovereign needed a successor, but went year after year, but the situation remained unchanged. Why are only doing Vasily! He and his wife kept his pilgrimages to monasteries, and turned to traditional healers and visionaries, gave alms to the poor, that they earnestly prayed for him. Four years in all the churches held prayer services for the granting of the Heir. Basil is thought that the young Grand Duchess barren as the previous spouse Solomonia Saburov. Finally prayers ascended to God: Helen became pregnant.

At this time, a terrible thunder roared, lightning flashed, the earth trembled. The fortune-tellers explained what happened in favor of the unborn baby, where he was named in honor of Ivan the nearest to the time the holiday Beheading of John the Baptist, who became his patron.

Successor named Ivan. In translation the name means "God's grace", was born "son of grace". They remembered that if a quarter of a century before the birth of Ivan IV Galakteon monk from the monastery Ferapontov heralded Vasili III, which will not be able to conquer Kazan, but it can exercise its "blessed Son.

Basil put her son in his arms of St. Sergius of asking to become his mentor and protector.
Basil did not know how to thank God for a miracle. Great offerings were made to the churches. Grand Duke ordered to open all the prison, and took off with the disgrace of many noble people, previously suspected of being the bad attitude toward Helen.

The palace crowded mass of people with congratulations that came were treated to a princely table. In Kolomna was built a beautiful Church of the Ascension, and St. Cyril Belozersky monastery erected church of St. John the Baptist.