Why the Cossacks of the people felt invincible?

Why the Cossacks of the people felt invincible? Zaporozhets deceive the devil himself "- said in Ukraine. On the "glorious knights" Zaporozhian a legend, thoughts, songs. It was rumored, though some of the Cossacks, even the bullet does not take a sword and no cuts. Rumors about their exploits and battles spread quickly. The story, like the Cossacks in 1615, approximately eighty gulls (ships) entered the harbor of Constantinople, set fire to it, and just as quietly and calmly swam away. And it's all in the capital with a 30-strong garrison of the Sultan. And in 1616 the Cossacks captured the slave market Cafu and all the captives and slaves were freed.

 Why the Cossacks of the people felt invincible? Creator of this picture Ilya Repin said the Cossacks: nobody in the world did not feel so deeply liberty, equality and fraternity
Where did such a mighty and fearless army? To the south, the rapids of the Dnieper, in the wild steppes of serfdom and the authorities left the freedom-loving people. The word "Cossack" was called just such people: free, not dependent on anybody. They became the Zaporozhye Cossacks.

Philippines then was divided between Russia and Rzeczpospolita. It is hardly inhabited southern and eastern boundary of land had been conditioned with the Tatar-Mongol Khanate and the Ottoman Turks. From these attacks, the militant Muslims have suffered not only by Ukrainians. They feared attacks almost all of Europe. The Tatar-Mongols and the Turks were a threat to many countries. But in the first place - for the Cossacks and Cossack settlements. After all, they lived on the border. So it happened that, at first defended himself, the Cossacks were the defenders of the land in Eastern Europe.

It is believed that the Zaporizhzhya Sich, the first of the Cossack sechey, built as bulwarks against the Tatars in 1550-ies. Camp - it is a fort in the middle of a church, business and housing construction. They did not live all the Cossacks, but only about a tenth part of them. After all, they were not just warriors. The Cossacks were tending the horses, cattle, engaged in hunting and fishing. Family settled in nearby hamlets and villages.

 Why the Cossacks of the people felt invincible? Prince Dmitry Vishnevetskii, founder of Zaporozhye Sech, the first Cossack hetman
What is the strength of the Cossacks, where vaunted courage and invincibility? Maybe, in a special selection? Kazak can be any man, Christian. Regardless of race and social status. The main condition: if you want to become a knight of the glorious troops Zaporozhye? Overcome test. Strengthen, for example, a board between two rocks, and you walk through it. And not just so, and blindfolded. Stumble - the bottom catch. But by itself is not allowed. Go, train, Mol. Come back next year. But if all endure - please join. Only without the women and children - they on the camp road was closed.

For women in general, the Cossacks had a special relationship. They believed that the woman takes the warrior's strength. Although many of them were family, friends - all of them were outside the camp. Therefore, the biggest and true love as the Cossacks was to freedom. Cossack - a free man who does not obey anyone or anything except their own, Cossack, laws.

Or maybe the whole thing in their special spirit? At the camp supported the idea of brotherhood, equality and solidarity. Important decisions on the general "rad", and they all had equal rights.

 Why the Cossacks of the people felt invincible? Modern Ukrainian kazakHodila rumor, though the invulnerability of the Cossacks - magic. What Cossacks characterniki (Zaporozhye wizards) to talk to bullets, "blind", set at the people "daze" (fog and sleep). And this is only the most plausible of the rumors. Another characterniki attributed the ability to turn into animals, to influence the weather and even resurrect the dead. It was believed that such magical powers possessed almost all the Cossack leaders: Hetman, chieftains, colonels.