How the poem "The Hound of Kachalov"?

How the poem "The Hound of Kachalov"? "Give me, Jim, good luck paw me ..." - touching the dog asks the great poet of peasant Russia Yesenin in his poem. He desperately sought a way out of the living dead-end, where he drove the alienation of society from the dictatorship of the proletariat, and was ready for a dog to bark and howl at the moon with anguish and despair: "besieged on all sides have imposed." Fate led him to the "last mortal leap", but finally gave a light friendship with the great artist. At its final 30th year of life, the poet met in the spring of 1925, Vasily Ivanovich Kachalov (Shverubovichem).

Yesenin was born into a peasant family in a village near Ryazan Konstantynw September 21 (3 October) in 1895 and was seventeen years younger than the outstanding artist. As a child he studied as diligently as Vasya Shverubovich in Vilna, showing early poetic gift. After graduating with honors four years of college in his native village, Sergey entered the Savior Klepiki teacher's school. In 1912, successfully defeating course, he moved to Moscow.

Teach letter he did not, and got a job in a butcher's shop to his father was stationed there steward. After breaking up with him, Sergei moved from the bench to work in publishing, and then to the printer. Simultaneously, he attended lectures on historical and philosophical department of the University Shanyavsky and classes in "Surikov literary and musical circle." With nineteen years of the poet began to publish his poems in magazines. Proletarian revolution, he welcomed enthusiastically, and he had written in 1918 poem "Drummer of Heaven", "Jordan dove" imbued with the expectation of transformation of Russia.

In 1925, the poet Sergei Yesenin, finally met with the artist Vasily Ivanovich Kachalov. He had long dreamed about this, but I've not evolved. During the civil war, in June 1919 a group of artists of the Moscow Art Theatre, headed by Knipper and Kachalov toured in Kharkiv and was cut off military action by Moscow.

To get to Italy, where Russian artists were invited to a film based on the play K. Hamsun, they could not: at the consulate of Constantinople refused to grant visas, and had toured in Bulgaria and other countries. Only in 1922 the lost artists returned home and went back on tour already the joint troupe.

Yesenin in 1920 after three years of marriage broke with Z. Reich, drank a lot of "strange and laughing mob" and the collection of poems "Confessions of a Hooligan" appears as a brawler, a visitor of brothels. In the autumn of 1921 he met the famous American dancer Isadora Duncan, married her and went abroad. From May 1922 to August 1923 they were in America, where we arrived and successfully touring troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre. Kachalova Vasily Ivanovich, Executive capitalization roles, the press called the outstanding artist in the world.

After returning to Russia Yesenin and Isadora Duncan left. Upon learning that the Moscow Art Theatre troupe back in 1924 with the tour, a poet on fire idea to get acquainted with the renowned artist, vozivshim everywhere with a volume of his poems as a reminder of his beloved homeland. So one day in March artist and writer W. Klyucharyov Pilnyak asked Vasily arrange at his home the evening meeting with Sergei Yesenin, noting that the poet in the morning drinking a milk, preparing for the opportunity to become acquainted with the great artist.

Going after the show upstairs to my apartment, Katchalov heard a jolly and happy povizgivanie barking of his dog. From the first minute there is a new guest with hair the color of rye Jim began to show special favor to him, trying to lick his ear and face. The guests sat at a table arguing about all sorts of varieties, and then Yesenin read his most intimate creations and told how he began to write poems, as acquaintance with Blok, Gumilev: "Be thou ever blessed that came to bloom and die."

They differed too late, already at the door of the poet for a long time shaking and did not let Jim's leg, saying: "... it is difficult to part from you." Saying goodbye to Kachalov Yesenin promised to write a poem about his dog. After a few days so went to Vassily Ivanovich in his absence, festively dressed in a silk hat on his head to read the line on Jim. Soon the ceremony was repeated and there are famous poem "The dog Kachalova": "Give me, Jim, good luck to me a paw, a claw I've never not seen. Let the matter of sex in the moonlight on the quiet quiet weather. Dai, Jim, good luck my paw ... ".

Yesenin so fond of Jim, that during his illness he was delirious, and the doctor said: "You do not know what kind of dog! If Katchalov bring her here, then I immediately get better. " Katchalov not brought his Doberman on the summer tour in Baku, and Yesenin was very upset, but climbed out and came to the theater to see Vasily Ivanovich. Soon the poet once married, and invited the honored artist at the "stag". They became friends, and Yesenin always asked by friends "Kachalov bow. And Jim - always. Sent his last bow poet "golden log hut" and in December 1925 from Leningrad on the eve of his strange "summing up".

He felt the hopelessness and alienation after his poem "Land of Scoundrels". He was not invited to a literary debate, accused the press in a drunken brawl, the group under surveillance. On the night of Dec. 28 ended the life of Sergei Yesenin. Do not bring happiness to the poet's paw Jim, and "revenge for the death on the shore" just revenge ...