Who remembers the Orthodox Church on October 15?

Who remembers the Orthodox Church on October 15? In the far-distant past, which was 18 centuries ago, in a distant overseas Antioch, in the pagan family was born a boy and named him Cyprian (Greek name translates - originally from Cyprus). With seven years for twenty-three years he learned the pagan philosophy and witchcraft. He graduated, was ordained as priests in the great Mount Olympus. Less than a year, as he became the Chief Priest for faithful service to the devil and his magical abilities: starve the people the evil eye and diseases that cause the dead, control the elements. He was also a talented teacher: teaching witchcraft and killed many of his students and their experimental victims-people.

Where there lived a ritual Cyprian, lived the good girl Justin. From paganism, she came to Christianity and devoted her life to prayer and strict fasting. Liked the girl to a young man, but put it on a vow and is owned by Heavenly Bridegroom, she could not marry the boy. Having lost his head, in love with the young man turned to Kyprianou request induce Justina to marriage with the help of witchcraft. For all its power Pagan could do nothing: neither didst send demons to the virgin, to kindle in her carnal passion, nor spell, nor by adopting Tempting guises. Faith, fasting, prayer and the sign of the cross is exorcising demons, destroying the spells, drove away the disease from residents. Then the priest to open all the pettiness of his faith and power. He turned to Satan to the question: "Satan, if you are afraid of even the shadow of the Cross, what do you do when Christ Himself will come to you?" At the name of Christ, the devil attacked Cyprian and began to choke him. Cyprian, ardent faith in Christ, saved from death.

Without losing a single day, Cyprian received Holy Baptism and turned to Christ all the Gentiles of his former diocese. On the eighth day after the baptism, he was made reader in the Orthodox Church, on the 20th - he was given the rank of Subdeacon on the 30th, he was elevated to the diaconate, and on the 365th day - ordained a presbyter, and soon - rose to the rank of bishop.

The girl Justin came to the monastery and was prioress. During the persecution of Christians, Bishop Cyprian and Justin abbess were captured, and for a year on them in every way abused. In 304 AD Cyprian and Justin the martyr completed his course of life, they beheaded.

Upon the death of their faces were added to the holy: Holy Martyr Cyprian and Justin Martyr. They turn with a prayer for protection from witchcraft, magic and other evil forces, for deliverance from disease of body or mind. The names of saints particularly remembers the Orthodox on 15 October on the Gregorian calendar (October 2, Old Style).

The relics of Saints Cyprian and Justina are stored for eight centuries in the temple, dedicated to their name, in the village Meniko in Cyprus. In the Intercession Cathedral, St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow - the northern portal of the gallery and the church named after St. Cyprian and Justina.

  (Article written in the book "Lives of the Saints in the Statement of St. Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov, 12 volumes, izd.prp. Maximos the Confessor, Barnaul, 2003-2004.)