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Why not Griboyedov duel because Skalozub?

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 Why not Griboyedov duel because Skalozub? It has become traditional, the artists playing Skalozub in Woe from Wit ", presents his rough martinet, a kind of bourbon and a man frankly dull. And so whether it depicted Griboyedoff? The first doubts about this interpretation of the image Skalozub I'm having, when I read the memoirs of participants of the Caucasian War. It's no secret that it is in the Caucasus have been collected all desperate swordsman, brawlers, principals and officers implicated in involvement in the Decembrist movement.

In the Caucasian Army, where the majority of officers were participants in the Napoleonic wars, issues of military honor were very high. It could forgive a personal insult, but an insult officer's honor, his regiment or army - ever. And these officers Griboedov reads "Woe from Wit", which they enthusiastically accept. If a comedy veteran with Napoleon, and Skalozub of this is depicted as it represents in theaters today, the officers would have formed a queue to call the author (the former in 1812, cornet in the host) to a duel. How, then appeared before them Skalozub?

 Why not Griboyedov duel because Skalozub? It turns out that everything is very simple. Change in names of places syllables get Scoffer. Thus have conceived this way Griboyedov. Skalozub - dwarf birch, joker, scoffer, separating the coarse jokes of molestation Famusov, who saw in it a potential suitor for his daughter. Try to read replica Skalozub in another tone, not dull and inflated, but with irony, sarcasm, smile, bitterly. And if we know that in these replicas is encrypted (for Caucasians it was not a secret), then the picture is quite different.

By the way, the image of this joker was the officers of the Caucasian Army before his eyes. This is their chief 1,111,116. General Ermolov [/url] , On the bluff, but the caustic jokes jokes which went all over Russia.

Remember the comedy. Already the first replica Skalozub show that he sees Famusov through, he may play up, lavishing compliments, and maybe skillfully break, if something does not want to discuss. Remember his answer to the question about Nastasia Nikolaevna: "I do not know, sir, I'm sorry, and we with her did not serve." Back then, women did not serve at all, Mistress and maid of honor does not count. In his reply directly is: "Yes, get off, you. Discuss this old woman did not intend, and all the "sisters', sister-kids" to me as indifferent. This replica of the author, as it sets the tone for all subsequent statements of his hero - something you can and discuss-but from something openly joked.

 Why not Griboyedov duel because Skalozub? Colonel Skalozub - Nicholas Padarin (1911) When Famusov trying to talk to a particularly interesting topic for a search for the daughter of the groom, Skalozub clearly does not respond as well to translate the conversation with the bride on the first capital city of Moscow in general, in the army rude jokes - "Distance huge size, indicating that the subject should not continue. Agree, if these remarks to say with a smile, their essence is radically altered. These words are all on the surface. It is only necessary to find the right intonation. But other readers and viewers of our time to understand not simply, though contemporaries greeted them with applause.

Undoubtedly, some soldafonstvo, but in a good way, in Skalozub available. He was diligent servant, military officer, who accepted the position of seniority ("for two years the regiment had arrived"), and not at someone else's mercy. Skalozub emphasizes that in 1813 during a foreign campaign served Jaeger Regiment. During the Griboyedov well aware that hunters are in front of combat formations of the army and the first to come to grips with the enemy. But discussions with his military affairs Famusov Skalozub not want to. Even on the military decoration, he jokes that got him "for August 3, when" we were entrenched in a ditch: he (my brother) is given with a bow on my neck. " Famusov could not understand what is the trick, and Caucasian officers knew that the huntsman in the trenches have not been sitting, and fighting a 3 August was not as up to 10 August, it was a truce. Incidentally, one of the first versions of the comedy sound: "In the August 3, we have a battery." That, and I understand what you like: battery pack bottles or guns. Perhaps it was this version and read in the Caucasus.

Now about the decorations. Skalozub with his brother received the Order of St. Vladimir 3 and 4 class, the highest award for officers in their ranks. Not for nothing is used and the word "bow", which was added to reward 4 classes for military heroism. It may seem incidental, but Griboyedoff this bow specially stressed that the order was just for distinguished service.

 Why not Griboyedov duel because Skalozub? Colonel Skalozub - Vitali Starikov (Belgorod GADT 2005) to contemporary frankly other than for us, rang a replica Skalozub about the prospects of promotion: "I'm pretty happy in my comrades, Jobs just opened, switch off the other is older, Others, watch, broken. While the war was only in the Caucasus, where the death of the colonel was a rarity. But after the Decembrist uprising, when the trial was only 23 colonels and lieutenant-colonel Pestel was hanged, and the number of colonels who are excluded from the list of seniority or sent into retirement, and calculate the hard jobs, and just opened. Therefore, if to utter this remark Skalozub with bitterness, the understanding and applause from the officers Caucasians will be provided.

I think no less of applause greeted the students have two replicas Skalozub: "I do delight: a general rumor that there is a project about the high schools, schools, high schools, there will only be taught in our: One, Two and A book will remain as follows: for big occasion" and "I am Prince Gregory and you sergeant major in the Walter ladies, he is in three rows you build, Pickney, so instantly calms. To contemporaries, the allusion was very transparent - just at the time the Emperor Nicholas I, who had the nickname "Sergeant Major", rigidly rooted out free-thinking society, which led, in his opinion, to the December events.

By the way, clues and hints that were understandable to contemporaries Griboyedov, but escape from today's audience and the actors playing the comedy in it a lot.

In my opinion, Griboedov somewhat mocks his hero, and indirectly, and the officers, but does so without malice. In the army, naturally the desire for career development and a career, and Skalozub Famusov said: "Yes, that ranks get to have many channels; about them as a true philosopher, I judge: I just had gotten into the generals." But it is not averse to Skalozub pozuboskalit in conversation with Chatsky on societal attitudes towards the military: "The skillfully as you touched Prejudice Moscow to pets, to guard, to guard, to gvardiontsam; Their gold sewing amazed, as if the sun!". And the words Khlestov that "I'm not good at shelf-ta distinguish, with a smile replied:" A uniform is otlichki: The uniforms edging, straps, buttonhole. Note that the elements of military uniforms, he ironically calls the diminutive. Oh, is not simple and straightforward Sergei Sergeyevich Skalozub. He, of course, candidate, but to laugh at something that military service is not important, he knows how.