Why Krishna awarded thief?

Why Krishna awarded thief? Jagannath Temple in Puri, the Indian city - one of the most amazing and mysterious temples in India with an ancient and interesting history. Jagannath - Lord of the world means, as the great temple dedicated to Lord Krishna.

... Once upon a time in the beginning of our era lived in India Indradyumna great king, who was very rich and successful. In total he reached in his life, he could afford anything, so the wealth of material he had thought much, and thinking mostly about higher matters. Very much like the king to create something so magnificent and grand, that ever would make him immortal.

I thought long and hard the king, and finally decided to build a temple of unprecedented beauty, but that's for whom he built, he could not come up. One evening, meditating on this topic, Indradyumna dozed off and dreamed he dreamed a solution. He saw the exquisite statue surrounded by forest or in a simple way of Krishna, who sat, hidden from the world, in one of the cave temples on the mountain Nilachala. King realized that the church should devote Krishna, but a new problem arose: the king did not know how he found Nilachalu or a statue of Krishna - Nilamadhavu. In the search, he fitted out an army whose soldiers and found that the statue is in the cave of a hermit named Visvavasu.

The soldiers realized that Visvavasu just a statue not give blood but they are also not eager, so I just cheated poor hermit and the statue was stolen. Visvavsu, faithfully honored Nilamadhavu, revealing his disappearance, had fallen into despair, wept, tore his hair and beard, and was ready to go into another world. However, Krishna said the suffering faithful admirer and gave him a new statue, even better than the old.

 Why Krishna awarded thief? When the way home we learned that the statue appeared Visvavasy better than him, he was terribly upset, but Krishna for such dedication and faith and decided to reward the king. He called him to heaven and said that will give him and his statue, but the way home we should build a temple worthy of Krishna.

Indradyumna responsibly approached the task, so the construction dragged on for many years. When the temple was ready, Krishna visited the king and said, so he fished from the sea, special log. When the king in his joy he ran to the shore, it was found that the beam is so heavy that to lift it, he can not. It soon became clear that none of the king's entourage, too, for such is not capable of. The king with his advisors have thought long and eventually decided to call Visvavasu. And it did. Visvavasa are so strong faith and devotion, which picked up a log, like a feather.

Now the way home we had to cut a piece of wood on a sacred image of Krishna. But he could not do it, but the king's workmen did not want to take on such an important task - to embody God's image in the tree. The king announced the All-India contest and somehow came to him a very old man and said that he would undertake to cut the statue is not only the Jagannatha and his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra in the load. However, stipulated that it should be left alone for three weeks. Naturally, the king agreed.

And the old man sat down to work. And the king was very curious wife, and forever locked room has attracted her attention. Occupy a special she was nothing, so she spent all day, eavesdropping, what's going on in the room. And then one day she did not hear such familiar sounds, was upset that everything was in order, and looked into the room. As soon as she opened the door, whether the old man, or is it Krishna, disappeared, and the statues were left unfinished. But the king was quite satisfied and that was done, so set them into the temple in the form in which they were ...

 Why Krishna awarded thief? Now Jagannath Temple - one of the most sacred places of Hindus. Entrance to the temple representatives of other nationalities and religions is strictly forbidden. However, see the statues of the gods is still possible. Once a year at the feast their chariot triumphantly erect on the wagons and baggage around the city. There is even a belief that died under the wheels of a chariot can win his next life, a happy rebirth, and perhaps even eliminate the infinite process of rebirth. Therefore, the wheels are often thrown believers.