Why should have to tell children about the opening of the cave paintings?

Why should have to tell children about the opening of the cave paintings? Because this discovery did just children! Imagine, just childish curiosity horizons of artistic culture in the tens of thousands of years. The story of these amazing adventures can be a ticket to the world of history, inspire and infect research passion. Judge for yourself.

It all started with a little Mary, her father, Spanish Senor Marcelino Sautuola saw at the World Exhibition in Paris implements of primitive man, remembered that his servants while hunting found a large cave near the village of Altamira. In 1879 he began there, archaeological survey and found the first artifacts - stone tools of ancient man. Of course, he wanted to show them as soon as possible a little daughter, and Mr. Sautuola took one baby with him to the cave.

In those days, some over 100 years ago, the history of art begins with a section devoted to ancient Egypt and Assyria, and the primitive man was a savage in every sense of the word. These representations had been crushed when intelligent five-year girl, captured by a mysterious journey of the cave, raised her head ...

Her eyes met those of the bull, wavering light of a torch snatched his eyes full of horror. The bull was not one for him, as if hovering in the air, raced powerful figures of his fellows. It seems as if attacked from the ceiling and seemed alive through lively glance and expression of movement, extremely accurately transferred to an unknown hand distant masters. Attracted by the cries of her daughter scientist stood in amazement, the paintings seemed recently painted, although the age of caves left no doubt.

The opening became a sensation, it is agitated and the scientific world, and secular society, in cave down even the Spanish King Alfonso XII. But discovering the art of the Stone Age, almost simultaneously with the invention of the phone and film people could not accept the fact that his "wild" ancestor was capable of inspired creativity. One after another the authority and luminaries declared that painting Altamira no more than 20 years, and hinted at forgery and falsification. For Sautuola it was the collapse, the scientific world turned away from him, he did not receive invitations to conferences, his letters went unanswered, rumors of his madness. He died, crushed by shame and loneliness.

But after several years in the early 90-ies of the 19 th century in France began to find some examples of Paleolithic art, including cave paintings. But to state this loud and no one is still not resolved. Have not yet been discovered caves Von de Gaume and Kombarell. Their walls were painted, while all the entrances to the caves for centuries were closed tightly limestone buildup. That's when there was no more doubt about the origin of the drawings. Under pressure from hard evidence dogmatic doctrine surrendered and was finally acknowledged publicly rightness Sautuola. Lights of archeology, once scorned his honor, visited the village of Altamira, glorified and destroyed the Spanish scholar. There they met a girl and in complete silence held in the cave. It was Mary, and she brought them sorrow and remorse.

Meanwhile, in search of new cave galleries rushed hundreds of researchers, but they lacked adventure luck. That it would cause the opening of the famous caves of Lascaux in France. In autumn 1940 the boys lost while walking the dog, nyrnuvshuyu in the pit left by the storm, to uproot a huge pine tree. The dog literally sank into the ground and the call did not answer. Four rogue could not leave a true friend in trouble, and one of my friends went down to the narrow gap, for which the tunnel was opened. Here, fortunately, and locate the dog, and soon gathered the entire company. The boys saw the widening corridor, which seemed endless, but the match ended quickly. Stunned travelers stayed in complete darkness, decided to return.

They kept the discovery secret and, armed with ropes and torches, made a new trigger. Now they were able to pass a wide corridor and entered the great hall. Undecided, the floating light showed them striking picture - black bulls, bison, deer, horses, unknown animals. From the big hall were two more corridors, the walls were decorated with red, yellow, black and brown figures of wild animals - goats, horses, cows and an infinite number of deer.

The enthusiasm that gripped the discoverers, bursting out, and with him and spilled the secret, to conceal his find guys have already failed. The world instantly recognized the amazing discovery. This time he was shocked and recognized the old man the ability to feel the talent and express their soul in the images of post-millennium. But then the world has captured the war, and the study of caves began only in 1948. Now it is equipped with a magnificent museum.