Who saved Red Riding Hood? More editions of fairy tales S. Perrault

Who saved Red Riding Hood? More editions of fairy tales S. Perrault Although the Russians for the first time were able to read in their native language fairy tale by Charles Perrault, only in 1768 - when the soul of the author has long left the mortal earth - we need a story after all from that.

Russian translation of a collection called "Tales of the magician with homilies", and each is included in his story had a title that is easily translated into modern language, but in the original play looks like today, quite frankly, very amusing.

Judge for yourself: The Tale of a girl with red banknote cap, "" The Tale of a certain man with a blue beard, "" The Tale of the Cat in the priest spurs and boots, "" The Tale of the sleeping beauty in the woods "... well, etc. as they say. And then without these stories became impossible to provide a single generation of childhood in Russia, the Soviet Union and again in Russia.

What to say, and neighboring states, relatively recently gone into "self-sail, did not escape the wonderful influence of fairy tales Wizard that ... a little embarrassed that engaged them. Already [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-23096/] mentioned 11,111,119. That the collection and processing of folk tales Charles Perrault turned 65 years of age. But at the moment when they decided to publish, he already knocked 68.

 Who saved Red Riding Hood? More editions of fairy tales S. Perrault G. Dore Illustration of the tale "Little Red Riding Hood"
 On the one hand, the reason for recourse to folk art was a dispute with the party of "old" who denied the possibility of achieving any meaningful success contemporaries of the XVII century in comparison with classical antiquity - the canons, who worked on the ancient sages and artists in any field of art : verbal, theatrical, musical, picturesque. On the other hand, gray-haired old man, which still beat a fountain of creative thought, was surrounded by children and grandchildren, whom he wanted to present something interesting ...

But Charles Perrault was an excellent storyteller! And he decided to finally write and publish stories he had heard since childhood and learned on life's path. The first attempt, I must say, was very timid: in 1696 in "Gallant Mercury" without attribution emerged the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty". And next year, almost simultaneously in French and Dutch capitals came thin booklet called "Tales of My Mother Goose, or stories and tales of bygone days with the teachings. She was accompanied by simple illustrations, but the success was unbelievable.

 Who saved Red Riding Hood? More editions of fairy tales S. Perrault G. Dore Illustration of a fairy tale "Puss in Boots"
 Why? But the fact is that these tales were at once distant and close: the "Cinderella" can be defined fashion end of the XVII century, described the palace, in which Aurora slept - to find out apartments at Versailles. And it's nice to know readers, commoners, that trickster Puss in Boots, which has no noble roots, can easily become an important person! So stories that were not a secret to the people of that time, bribed them with wit, ease and persuasiveness retelling.

 Who saved Red Riding Hood? More editions of fairy tales S. Perrault Illustration B. Dehtereva the tale "Cinderella"
 But ... couple of amusing details. Firstly, the first edition of "Tales of Mother Goose" came out without the true author. And there was no plagiarism in this was not. And the nickname was not well. Charles Perrault's collection of signed first name of his eleven sons D'Armankura (Come on, subtract his age from the number of years lived by the time his father ... Oh-ho-ho, what happens: Monsieur Charles Perrault was the father of young direct descendant of being 58 years old old). Moreover, he dedicated the book daughter of Louis XIV, placing it the following address:

 Who saved Red Riding Hood? More editions of fairy tales S. Perrault Monument to Charles Perrault in Paris (Jardin des Tuileries) "Your Royal Highness!
No one finds it strange that the child was pleasant to write stories, amounting to a meeting, but will surprise then that he conceived the audacity to present them to you. However, Your Royal Highness, whatever the disparity between the simplicity of these stories and enlightenment of your mind, if you attentively consider these tales, it becomes evident that I was not as reprehensible as it may seem at first. They are all full of meaning is very reasonable and are disclosed in greater or lesser degree, depending on the extent of his embrace reading. Moreover, since nothing distinguishes the true breadth of mind, as his ability to rise to more great things and at the same time, descend to the smallest ...

... Who is better fitting to know how people live, but those persons who are sky meant to lead them! The desire to learn, this led the valiant men, yea, and men belonging to your old, in poor huts and shacks, so close and to see something remarkable, what is going on there, because such knowledge seemed to them necessary to complete their education. "

But this is only one of the little-known details. Another lies in the nuances, who driven by a meticulous researcher from among those who now became known as "skazkovedami": in the very first edition of the stories do not always end with "happy-endom.