Whose feet imprinted battle-painter? The scandal at the exhibition

Whose feet imprinted battle-painter? The scandal at the exhibition As an artist and an officer became the center of a scandal in the hall "Passage" at the St. Petersburg exhibition - we know from the newspapers. Nevertheless, the story recall, with different variations in attitudes towards it - from the playful to the indignant.

Narkiz N. Bunin (1856-1912) came from the hereditary nobles Voronezh Province (Zemlyansky county). He graduated from military school, he studied at the Institute of Mines.

Promoted from private to colonel - the hard way executive officer. This is an excellent military biography. (By the way, had the opportunity to serve him with the great princes, that, of course, did not prevent in the future in orders and sales of paintings).

Simultaneously, Bunin found great interest and talent for painting, finished a volunteer Academy of Arts and became one of the famous and now forgotten, battle-painter.

 Whose feet imprinted battle-painter? The scandal at the exhibition Narkiz Bunin
 In his paintings reflect both the everyday life of the Russian army and fighting wars episode three: "All the Life Guards Regiment in the Winter Palace," "Under the Mountain oak", "Halt Rangers on maneuvers," a portrait of Napoleon, "Death of General Keller .

But now on display in "Passage" in 1903, suffered a grave scandal to an act of vandalism, and caused his picture Bunin "Fishing". Many considered it a terrible insult that fishermen were depicted with bare legs and shirts. And not just anybody, and Leo Tolstoy, and Ilya Repin!

Bunin, by the way, claimed that the resemblance is accidental. Simply, "a man who looked like a ....". (He subsequently, however, acknowledged his heroes, but said that against the cult of someone else). However, the son of Tolstoy, Lev Tolstoy, who at the exhibition, immediately filed a telegram to his father asking for advice (the answer is unknown). A Moscow critic wrote sanguine in the picture the word "abomination", he asked to call the police and began a violent campaign.

  Whose feet imprinted battle-painter? The scandal at the exhibition "An officer with a dog" A discussion began. Fyodor Sologub defended the picture. Connected Athanasius Fet, who claimed that he saw once the count, fishing knee-deep in water. And reminisce about a particular method of fishing: when a floating fish climbed into the water, pre-turbid. Or network - too often get his feet wet ...

But - against the paintings collected signatures, it was withdrawn from the exhibition, although the number of visitors has increased a hundred times. Critic Lyuboshits, corrupting the fabric has been subjected to a six-day detention. And, according to one information, the picture immediately bought it, and much more expensive than anticipated. For others - the artist himself had brought her abroad and exhibited.

The funny thing about that for two years prior to the exhibition itself Repin depicted Tolstoy barefoot. Then the writer humorously thanked the artist for what it left his trousers. Newspapers joked: was part Bunin little revenge for Tolstoy, after all, and Repin at Bunin film also without trousers? Joking aside, but still pay attention to the fact that the shirt Leo Tolstoy and was not covered knees.

Until now, there are diametrically opposed viewpoints on the picture, although the long history bylem overgrown. This is not a global issue of morality, is the question of the admissibility of non-standard images of the great of this world. When it comes to satire and caricature (as, say, A. Budaeva), then grinding his teeth, was adopted. When, in the academic painting - possible excesses. The princes souls must be in the parade.

 Whose feet imprinted battle-painter? The scandal at the exhibition "Fishing", photos from newspapers, after an act of vandalism And do we not know how many figures are very serious about his own person, bronzoveyut eyes, turning into a lifelong monument to themselves. Men's head - as busts, women - as a mask, like this timeless inhabitants of heaven. And not behold a great man of customary rights - the basic principle at all times. As once zanemogshaya Chinese princess could only stick palm or finger, the doctor was able to identify the disease ...

Nevertheless, the right of every person, even the public at the "integrity" of their feet, hands and the whole private life is still theoretically not questioned. However, each one defines the boundaries of what is permissible.

A Narkiz Bunin continue to write the battle scenes, and he was repeatedly honored for his artistic activities. A year after his death in St. Petersburg held a posthumous exhibition of the artist's battle-pieces.

 Whose feet imprinted battle-painter? The scandal at the exhibition "Wedding Crashers criticism" Paintings N. Bunin is in the Hermitage, the Artillery and Naval museums, art museums of different cities, in private collections. The fate of many paintings did not know. By the way, and big, with illustrations, a monograph on the artist was stolen from the Russian National Library.