Who is she - Black Lady Niasvizh castle?

Who is she - Black Lady Niasvizh castle? It is called the Belarusian medieval Juliet, Helen of the Middle Ages. Belarusian writer and historian of the XIX century, Vladislav Syrokomlya wrote that her life "... more sorrowful than the history of the famous martyrs crowned Anne Boleyn, Joan Gray and Mary Stuart. Her boyfriend called the Polish Romeo, contemporaries called their romance "Love Century ...

 This novel was everything: the selfless love, family opposition, secret marriage, the royal crown ... and even a finishing touch, which for several centuries, making this a love story so appealing to artists, poets and playwrights. Poison, poison, filed in a cup of wine. Or, more romantic version - the poisoned apple (how can not but recall the story of Eve and the Serpent). Moreover, half eaten apple poisoner - and remained alive and well, and the other half, poisoning, got unlucky in love ...

If we are completely accurate, it is not poisoner, and the poisoner. Everything was as it should be in the tales: in love with the prince, his lover, and secretly married to him, and the evil mother in law.

One would like to hang a banner: "Women! Be vigilant! Not all are equally useful in-law! ".

 This is a beautiful Barbara Radziwill (1520-1551), which is against the will of the king and queen of Poland married their son, Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund Augustus. And was poisoned after the recognition of marriage and the coronation (1550) of his in-law, Bona Sforza, an Italian from the insidious kind Sforza (sforzzare (Italian) - coerce, impose their will, I never really symbolic name!). Sforza was a relative of the Borgias and the Medicis, differed same unbridled morals, desires and the tendency to solve problems by using poison. "There is a poison - no problem!" - This could be the motto of these families.

  Legend of the Black Lady extraordinarily beautiful. She lived in the light of beauty, Barbara Radziwill. Brought up in an ancient castle. She studied languages, prosody, mathematics, horseback riding and dancing. Everything that was supposed girl of this kind, and a little more besides. She was not only beautiful but also clever.

And she met a handsome prince - Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund Augustus. They loved each other, and Sigismund married his beloved. However, secretly. Because his parents were totally against it. But the old king died, and Sigismund II Augustus introduced his beautiful wife Sejm. "Here it is, the Grand Duchess of Lithuania and the Queen of Poland!". However, instead of to admire qualities young queens, nobles rebelled, and demanded a divorce. They even say that one of the magnates said: "I would sooner see on the Polish throne of the Turkish sultan, than Barbara Radziwill!".

But the king was stubborn. As if to even say these words: "What happened, can not change, and you should ask me that, I broke the word that gave his wife, but about how to keep the word given each of us. I promised to be faithful to my wife and not destroy it, until the Lord God will protect me in this world. For me the word of honor dearer than all the nations of the world ".

In another version of the King said: "I'm not only the last grandchild Jagellon, but I'm also a man, as we all are sinners .... And love - matter of the heart and conscience of every Christian. And you know: yes, I am madly in love Barbara ... ".

But the kings, as we know, not found in the cabbage. They must have parents. And if the old king died, the old queen (incidentally, not so old) safely mayest. Her gnawed hatred for his wife's son - now she became queen, she had the power and love.

And the old queen poisoned daughter. As if she held the bull's eye at dinner, and yes even cut it in half: "eat it together in a sign of reconciliation and eternal love between us." A knife that sliced apple, previously smeared with poison on one side.

History of Eve and the Serpent. History of Snow White and the evil queen. History of the Sleeping Beauty and her stepmother. All - in one bottle. Incidentally, Bona Sforza received the nickname "crowned dragon" ...

Beautiful queen ate the poisoned apple half, fell seriously ill, melted like a candle, and died at the hands of the king desolate.

King, killing the queen, only about her and could think of. Abandoned the case, he spent days in front of a portrait of his beloved. "Come for a moment!" - He pleaded. In the end, the king resorted to using wizards. And they called the spirit of the beautiful Barbara in a mysterious room lined with mirrors and candles. She appeared, beaming beauty in white, stretched thin, delicate hands to her beloved king. King rushed to his wife, touched her hands ...

Thunder, lightning flashed, smoke hid the beautiful white figure, and the room swam a heavy smell of corpses.

But such was the power of love is king, that the spirit of his beloved remained on the ground. Phantom Barbara settled in the Niasvizh castle Radziwill, waiting for her husband's death. He should arrive there in his last hour or so after the death of the lovers could reunite.

But Sigismund II Augustus died suddenly and Niasvizh not arrived. But Barbara still waiting ... Since the death of a loved she is dressed in black as a sign of mourning for the ruined his life and love.

A charming legend, who is begging in the novel. For me personally, just your fingers itch to write a romantic story ...

There is only one stop - and whether it was so very romantic?

There are 1,111,114. Another version of the death of 1,111,115. young queen. Barbara before meeting with Sigismund was married to Stanislav Gashtoldom. However, not long. Three years after her marriage, she became a widow. And gossiping gossips that Barbara was in her widowhood unusually thirsty. As if only for 10 months of widowhood, she changed her 1938 lovers, and, not paying any attention to their social status, and focusing only on "intimate dignity." It was said that the widow seduced grooms, serfs, and even monks.

Radzivils same dream of a crown, simply reduced the charming Barbara with Sigismund. Catching as lovers in a very clear position, immediately forced Sigismund to marry - a priest was waiting for the bedroom door. "In order to wash away the stain with the honor of our sisters and honor of our race ...", - explained the strict brothers.

Poland, the marriage did not give. All the "bonuses" retreated only Radziwill. Including the land, which has already left its hard handle Bona Sforza - the old queen somehow preferred Belarusian, Polish and not land than openly stood throat Radziwill.

But the Diet humbled. Bona Sforza quarreling, but what to do ...

Here are just old sins cast long shadows. And loving the beautiful Barbara has borne fruit in the form of venereal disease. From which she died. The king, not wanting to believe all that talk about his beloved wife, accused her mother's death.

In another version of the cause of death, Barbara was the lack of an heir - that the royal couple's fatal, but for the Queen means a monastery, or a grave. As if Barbara got sick because of drugs from infertility, and who have brought it to the end in the grave.

But what is interesting - even the most neromanticheskaya, "venereal" version of Barbara's death did not deny the fact that she adored her king summoned the spirit. And that spirit that still awaits her lover in the old Niasvizh castle.