Who was the prototype of the ghosts of the "Black Castle Olshansky?

Who was the prototype of the ghosts of the "Black Castle Olshansky? Black Castle Olshansky. Month dives into the clouds.
Towers in the dark cloud dreams of the past dense.
Listening chilly wind, howling at the distant plains,
Listening, as the tooth aspen tremble with fear.

 Y, as dead and quiet! Darkness, like a thousand hollow swamp.
Quiet! Do you hear steps away in the arcades bodiless?
Midnight every like that in the castle, which freezes from fear,
The galleries are a lady with a black monk.

 That described the appearance of ghosts of the castle Vladimir Olshansky Korotkevich in his famous novel "The Black Castle Olshansky. Read - and the frost on the skin, and you see these ghosts who wander slowly and it is important for the castle gallery. White dress ladies easily fluctuates - but not from the wind! - And next to rocking monastic gown, from under the hood pulled low over his eyes glistening red ...

 How to write Korotkevich, "lousy Belarusian romanticism" - but how beautiful! The novel is a legend that explains the appearance of ghosts: if he lived in XYII century VItaut Olshansky, who had a wife - Hanna-Gordislava, which has had a love affair with Gremislav Valyuzhinichem that his kind of Gediminas considered, but decided to rebel against the legitimate power. Valyuzhinich was at a meeting with the princess in a monk's dress - so as not to hear. And if they caught the prince but bricked both in dungeons Olshansky castle. A Haunt of the soul began wandering ghosts to scare people. Valyuzhinich - all in the same nun's habit, in which the princess tempting, but the princess herself - dressed in white, clean and bright as a moonbeam ...

However, by the end of the novel Korotkevich destroys this beauty. It offers a rational explanation for the appearance of ghosts: a reflection of the ancient clock on the belfry of the castle. Monk - the shadow of the needle, and the lady - "shadow" of the reflector.

And all would be okay. Excellent novel, what is now called the historical detective. The whole mystique of it is explained, all rationally. But ... on the present Olshansky castle ghosts really walk. Including the ghost of the White Lady.

Black Castle Olshansky exists not only in the pages of the book, but in reality: far from Oshmyan, on the outskirts of the village Golshany (there were two names pronunciation - Olshansky and Golshanskiy). The ruins of the castle can be seen today. However, the castle was not black, but dark red, but this particular.

Once the castle was considered the most beautiful buildings of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was really such as he described Korotkevich: rectangle with octagonal towers on the corners, the court actually conducted an arched tunnel entrance in the tower ("... it was the gate-opening, gate, tunnel gate, the entrance to the cave, a terrible giant of the vicious Tales ... walls of the tunnel underneath lined with huge boulders uncouth ... longest tunnel 15 meters ... "). Defensive ditches with water, the walls covered with frescoes, mosaic floors - not for nothing princes Olshansky led his family from the Grand Duke of Lithuania, had been in relationship with the Kings.

Here is just one caveat: born Olshansky extinguished by mid-century XYI, the last prince Olshansky was Simon Yu, who died in 1556. So no VItaut Olshansky in 1611 (on Korotkevich) did not go solemnly "on lovitvu" unfaithful wife with her lover. At this time the castle belonged to the genus already Sapieha (passed as a dowry from Olena Yurevna Olshansky, who married Paul Sapieha).

There was Hanna-Gordislavy Olshansky, of which legends are very close to the text of the novel Korotkevich. As if she was the princess in ancient times, Yes loved Valyuzhinicha nameless (it's a Korotkevich he was born from Gedimino popular rumor is famous for relatives Gremislav not recognize). And then the stern father to stop the romance lovers, the young man ordered walled up in the wall of the castle - in order to teach it to the princesses of the famous, ancient family visitor. And - bricked up. And - he walks like a black shadow, trying to find their killers.

What's interesting - there was Valyuzhinicha, Hanna-Gordislavy was not, and the black ghost is Olshansk castle. It is said that he appeared in the moonlight, wandered through the ruined castle walls. As if guarding the castle.

White Lady, too, have - have seen it many, and these "visits" have always been very unpleasant, and some even nebezobidny. However, given the history of the White Lady, in her aggressiveness is not surprising.

No, no, no Princess or Duchess Olshansky, no love highborn ladies for the beautiful peasant. This is not the story of Romeo and Juliet. In some ways the fate of the White Lady even more tragic. By the death of Romeo and Juliet has blood feud. But the death of the White Lady is associated with the building - so utilitarian, so unromantic ... and such a tragedy ...

They say that Paul Stefan Sapieha wanted in 1618 to build a church and monastery. And the builders promised bonus for completion of works. They tried to - the money is not superfluous. But here's the problem - one of the walls of stubbornly refusing to stand. Crumbling three times, in spite of the guaranteed quality work bricklayers.

Builders have decided that just because a monastery to stand will not need a victim. But who? After some thought, they agreed that the victim will show case: it will be the one of the wives of the builders, which first bring her husband dinner. One of the workers just recently married, and one train was going to happen to this - it was his first wife ran to the building. She and immured in the wall of the monastery.

Legend? Tale? But more recently during the restoration of the church in the wall found female skeleton. What is interesting: instead of burying the remains found as expected, with the funeral service in the temple, the bone was buried without ceremony. And all involved in finding a skeleton and "incorrect" dumping died within 4 months after the funeral. " Unfortunately, the burial place remains unknown.

Incidentally, the Black Monk may be the result of the same sacrifice to strengthen the walls. Men's skeleton was found bricked up in the wall of the castle. And they buried him as badly as the remains of the White Lady.

A white lady with a black monk quite rein: he had become uncomfortable in a ruined castle, and they moved into a renovated church, part of which is given Golshanskiy branch of the National Art Museum. The ghosts have settled in a single tower, which is now so called - "a tower of ghosts, and scare visitors.

Black Monk is still clear, moonlit nights on the background of windows or niches. Witnesses say it appeared that the ceiling at the same time begins to change shape, walls are closing - and want to quote Poe, who described an extraordinarily talented like that. That was only then that the action takes place not in the story, but a man who saw the Black Monk, can not move, as if paralyzed, and only helplessly watch.

White Lady is behaving even worse. It is said that in her presence violated the laws of gravity, people lose their orientation in space. Man, they met with the White Lady, may all night to escape from the ghost, but did not find an exit from the premises. In place of the appearance of a ghost for some time, there is cold.

Gomelsky organization Paramir "investigated" the tower of ghosts ". Expedition members argued that the monastery trigger sensors instruments designed to detect bursts of energy, zasvechivaetsya film. Moreover, all spent the night in the monastery and the tower of ghosts "seen the shadows, silhouettes, light spots, heard footsteps, the rustle of clothes, moaning.

It does not matter whether there was a Hanna-Gordislava Olshanskaya, did she Gremislav Valyuzhinicha. The main thing that really
  Midnight every like that in the castle, which freezes from fear,
The galleries are a lady with a black monk.