Where are you, an unknown Maroussia? On geese and a rooster

Where are you, an unknown Maroussia? On geese and a rooster All day erases laundress
My husband went for vodka.
On the porch sat a little dog
With a small beard.

All day she screwed up
Clever little eyes,
If the house who cries -
Whined one side ...

It seems as I can remember, so I know this immortal song. And it is not less than 30 years, and sang it, it seems, everyone who Gorazd: from early music performance by the author Vladimir Krasnovskii to A. Makarevich, S. Nikitin, even Boris Grebenshchikov. By law, it is included in audiosbornik "Songs of the century.

. .. And who today weep
In the city of Tarus?
Is there anyone in Tarusa cry -
Girl Marusya.

Loathe Marusya
Chickens and geese.
What goes into Tarusa
Lord Jesus!

"I wish I had such feathers
Yes those wings!
B. flew straight into the door I
I rushed to the feather! ...

Later I learned that the song was written in the later poems N. Zabolotsky called "Campus". This is a poem composed in the last summer Tarusa poet (in 1967), called a masterpiece of minimalism.

Strange, but many stayed in the holy conviction that poetry - with subtext. It was not thought to catch hold of Marina Tsvetaeva, when it was not a stranger to her town. That family Tsvetayevs - even the parents of Marina, called "the first summer residents. In Tarusa buried half-sister poetess - Valeria (a pupil of Duncan), there is the grave of her daughter Tsvetaeva - Ariadne. Not to mention the fact that pride Tarusa - Museum family Tsvetayevs. All neatly stood on their seats, despite the laundress drinker with her husband.

But much to the surprise confident undercurrent of people and found no evidence of home-grown, but quite in demand version. Just lived a girl, perhaps a neighbor. And, perhaps, and did a collective image. Girls' suffering in a small town.

For some reason the small town called Podunk then, the bear's angle, then a sleepy kingdom, the stagnant pool. But only one small county town on the Oka River, in the Kaluga region, famous for its "settlers": in addition to Tsvetaeva and Zabolotsky lived here Paustovsky, Nadezhda Mandelstam, artists Borisov-Musatov, Anatoly Zverev, Dmitry Plavinsky, Alexander Kharitonov, Igor Vulokh, Boris Steinberg (Boruch). There is also a memorial apartment Richter, which now hosts concerts in the rihterovskogo festival, exhibitions of local artists. And they called Tarusa island intellectuals. And how many of these towns ...

But the pain still remain suffering. And the problems of small cities of Russia, we all know. They do not become less, rather the contrary.

  ... To my eyes to the light
No more looking,
Chickens and geese are
No longer were chattering! "

Oh, how bad life Marusya
In the city Tarus!
Roosters alone and geese,
Lord Jesus!