Who said good-bye Yesenin in his poem "Good-bye, my friend ..."? Part 5

Who said good-bye Yesenin in his poem "Good-bye, my friend ..."? Part 5 Prior [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-20955/] fateful trip to 1,111,113. in Leningrad had no time Yesenin see and say goodbye to a true friend of the last year of his short life, the renowned artist MAT Kachalov (Shverubovichem), which had been baked onto the entire heart.

 They became friends in March 1925, and Vasili recorded their impressions of their first meeting in his apartment: "I went and saw Yesenin and Jim - they have already met and sat on the couch and came close to each other." Later, Vasily Ivanovich recalled: "And in this first evening of our acquaintance, and then ... I always felt the joy of reading it. He was a real skill and infectious sincerity.

 Between Kachalov and Yesenin established cordial friendly relations: they have brought the soulful, the talent and fame, although the famous actor was older than the poet at twenty years. Love Yesenina to his native land touched by Vasily up a lump in my throat, and he earnestly read poems of the poet on the stage: "We are now leaving little ...». In late May, they met in Baku, where he was "... the whole city - the legend of the solid Esenin ...". The poet came to the theater with roses, met with Stanislavsky and read his heartfelt poems: "So that, for all the sins of my grave, for not believing in grace, put me in a Russian shirt under the icons to die."

So we have to die beyond the icons, and clutching a pipe heating. Katchalov at this time, being in the theater club, suddenly remembered Yesenin, and anxiety gripped the cold: about two hours the night he "somehow" asked Anatoly Mariengof about Sergei. Hearing from him that the poet has recently been treated in the sanatorium, and is now in Leningrad, Vasily Ivanovich proposed a toast to his health, and later said: "All raised their glasses ... I do not know, yes, it seems, it is not established, he lived it, breathed it still our Sergei at the moment ...».

Perhaps, at the same time pondering Wolf Ehrlich, as a farewell present note Yesenin without arousing suspicion, and the OGPU leadership should decide which testimony may save the reputation of the punitive organs, who could not professionally "reverse" the poet, so expect them to help. With the release of the country "rhymer" who did not want to become "official Soviet writer, fellow secret police probably wanted to get his consent to be obedient to the informant and created under their control.

The practice of informing Soviet citizens traveling abroad, will be widely used omnipotent oprichnina until the collapse of the USSR. Yesenin same, with its world-wide fame, such a proposal must have seemed an insult, and he may well have a fight of honor. Confessions of a member of the tragedy in "Angleterre" fifty years after the closure of the case of suicide Yesenin confirms this version: "That these very hands ...".

Murder Yesenin, according to the hereditary nobility of Nikolai Leonidovich Leontiev, who served in the punitive bodies and to fulfill the task with Bliumkin OGPU leadership, no one planned: they offered him the secret informer, and thus save themselves from trouble. However, the proposal is led Yesenin into a rage, and he ran with his fists at the Dzerzhinsky KGB. Leontiev, allegedly accidentally shot in the dump, and the bullet passed under his right eye Yesenin and Blyumkin hit his pistol. Disabled poet, probably lost consciousness, and security officers decided to stage a suicide.

Yesenin should be, rolled up and carried to another room (Svarog artist, sketched a dead poet noticed that his shirt and trousers were draped in villi from the carpet, lying in a room on the floor) - that's why it urgently needs a late evening of 27 December commandant hotels. According to the old Leontiev, who refused to take with him to the grave goods of the crime, had been bothering him more than fifty years, Yesenin tried to hang with the belt, but he was short, because it sucked on his neck and pressed her head to the heating pipes. And only in the fact that the poet was probably still alive when he was hanged, not dare to admit the former KGB man young officer.

About the tragedy, apparently immediately informed his superiors in Moscow, and it must be decided the fate of the poet, crippled Dzerzhinsky KGB agents who were trying to "break" the victim with a gun to his temple. December 28, 1925 at half past ten in the morning in the fifth room, where hung Yesenin entered his "friends" along with the commandant, called the police and the Leningrad writers. Boris Lavrenev wrote an obituary titled "Executed degenerates" and insisted that he was placed in the "Krasnaya Gazeta": "... my moral duty requires me to say once in a lifetime naked truth and be called torturers and murderers - the torturers and murderers, black blood which does not wash away blood stains on his shirt tortured poet.

December 31, 1925 Moscow bade farewell with a brilliant lyricist Rus: the night people came an endless stream to the House version, which was attached a huge banner with the inscription: "The body of the great Russian national poet lies here." Yesenin was buried in the cemetery under Vagankovsky Orthodox cross, Katchalov read his poems, forever taking leave of his friend, the poet and his mother, Tatiana, served on his son requiem. All charges carried by the state ...