Who is Shizgara?

Who is Shizgara? If the Soviet music lover ask what "Shizgara", he confidently say that this song, song of SHOCKING BLUE. And nothing that such a word in the title nor the lyrics actually do not. "Shizgara" - this is the auditory illusion, a distorted line of British ear Slavic She's got it. The actual name of the song - Venus (Venus") and sung it on the absolute power of the feminine, which is always "gets his.

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Goddess on a mountain
Was burning like a silver flame
The ideal of beauty and love
And her name was Venus

It has its
Yes, baby, she gained her
Well, I'm your Venus
I'm your fire your desire

Her arms were crystal eyes
Make each man a man
How to pitch it was black
Having something that was not anybody

It has its
Yes, baby, she gained her
Well, I'm your Venus
I'm your fire your desire

Who is Shizgara? However, the English language for the creators of this song is also not a native, because SHOCKING BLUE - Dutch group. But what can you do if the rock and roll status you can achieve, only got into the British or, better yet, an American top, and there in the late 1960's Anglo-Saxons reigned supreme. Of course, English-speaking has not guaranteed, but it was a condition that the group will hear not only the country of tulips. This is very few people know, but first in SHOCKING BLUE singing man. He sang, though not for long - as long as the band's manager did not get to a female singer with an exotic name for the Dutch Mariska Veres.

Originally Mariska was from Hungary, and the press often wrote that her father was a Gypsy violinist. In fact my father was Hungarian (although playing in a gypsy orchestra), and his mother - a German. First SHOCKING BLUE were more fascinated by the beauty of burning Mariska than her strong and expressive, a real rock voice. Otherwise, it bore little resemblance to the standard rokershu that time. Mariska did not drink, did not smoke, with the band members did not sleep, and any dispute shall be resolved purely as a woman - crying and ran to call my mother. Later, the singer said angrily in an interview: "I was kept on pitching, dressed as singing doll.
Indeed, for music is Mariska has become a symbol and face group. A real leader is SHOCKING BLUE - guitarist Robbie Van Lieven - Few people noticed, even though he was the author of almost all hits. Nevertheless, Lieven admitted that it was with the advent of Mariska "all spun.

Who is Shizgara?
Their first singles SHOCKING BLUE - Send Me a Postcard and Long Lonesome Road - just hit the hit parade Top 20. But the hit parade was the Dutch, but a large group yet, and not counted. And then, in 1969, the musicians entered the studio Blarikum village (near Amsterdam), and a simple two-track tape recorded his third single - simple in form but rich elastic guitar rhythms of a song about Venus on top of the mountain. In the summer of 1969, this single, too fell into the Dutch top, but before the top was not reached by taking third place. At this time, the Dutch drew attention to the American company Colossus, and begins to spin the song Venus at home rock-n-roll.

And in February 1970 in the musical world is truly a momentous event - the first time in the history of American top Billboard magazine is headed by a song written not in the U.S. and not in Britain. Critics have expressed enthusiasm for the "colorful fusion of rock rhythms, organ chords, guitar elements of country and a bright vocal Mariska Veres, singing with a sweet accent. In the wake of success in the same year SHOCKING BLUE released a greatest hits collection, which took the U.S. 31-th place. True, it was the latest achievement of the Dutch in the American market pop music. While in continental Europe, the group continued to love, soon the musicians are tired.

In 1973 he left the band Van Lieven, saying: "We did everything ourselves, and radio DJs would like to hear from us every time is brand new. But a large number of albums to the fact that the team was forced to supplement their covers. It was extremely difficult to write all the music and words alone. " A year later SHOCKING BLUE loses and his face - a solo voyage goes Mariska Veres, after which the group will automatically cease to exist.

Who is Shizgara?
More tenacious than the group, was hit Venus, continued their journey on the hit parade. In 1981, he recorded a familiar Soviet listeners Group STARS ON 45, specializing in the creation Potpourri of popular songs. But the present revival of "Shizgary" occurred in 1986 when it recorded a female trio BANANARAMA. Dance rhythms and catchy "Gothic" clip from reviving a witch made this version almost more popular than the original. In 1990 Venus to rewrite group DON PABLO'S ANIMALS, and most recently - the girls from the team SEDUCED.

Truly the people's love had this song in the Soviet Union, where its motive was written a lot of homegrown texts, and the magic word "Shizgara" was finally canonized.

This version of the famous Potpourri-cover of Dr. Watson:

Who is Shizgara? Disco version of "Shizgary" by the trio BANANARAMA lyrics brought a second wave of popularity. "When we were few years,
But life has its taking.
We turned off the light at midnight
And me and you the moon in this case.

Shizgara, oh, this Shizgara.
Well, you remember, you do remember,
As sung at midnight.

Say: - "His worries away!"
Let the past flashed before his eyes.
And this will be the night,
How many years ago. "

And Artem Troitsky recalled version performed Vova Blue: "Shizgara! I'm not a couple.
In 1990 a Russian group even dream blatantly trying to copy a music style SHOCKING BLUE (their song "Pilot" - a clear nod towards "Shizgary"). You can check by downloading my homemade mix at http://ifolder.ru/9369704 . Not so long ago in symmetrical rows of plagiarists SHOCKING BLUE joined the group and Ukrainian dancing freaks Quest Pistols, which has made a name for himself on the hit Long Lonesome Road, turning it into a dance song "I'm tired, I want to love" (download yet another mix of at http://ifolder.ru/9369533 and see for yourself). The text, however, workers show business do not bother to write your own. Maybe something to me this way "create"?

Who is Shizgara? So do not treat SHOCKING BLUE, as the authors of "one hit". Believe me, this group there are other talented songs. For example, place "Shizgary" could easily take a song with a funny name Never Marry a Railroad Man (Never married railway worker"). In my book SHOCKING BLUE apart from her present and Long Lonesome Road, and Send Me a Postcard, and I'll Follow The Sun, and Wild Wind, and Blossom Lady, and This America ... Will call for help and such influential alt, as Kurt Cobain and Yegor Letov, relating to "shokingam" with undisguised sympathy.