Why Georgi Sedov was in a hurry to establish Russian flag at the North Pole?

Why Georgi Sedov was in a hurry to establish Russian flag at the North Pole? Arctic and North Pole have always been tempted by Russian researchers. Difficult conditions in which the expedition took place, and the loss of many predecessors, has not reached your goal, not stopped enthusiasts. Not lost in the desire of Russians to the Pole, and after reaching it in 1909 Peary expedition.

 Why Georgi Sedov was in a hurry to establish Russian flag at the North Pole? Georgy Yakovlevich Sedov
 In the years 1912-14 another expedition led by naval officer, Lieutenant George Yakovlevich Sedov. By this time he was an experienced polar explorer who has committed a long expedition to Novaya Zemlya. Explaining his desire to reach the pole by dog sled, he wrote in the spring of 1912 head of the Chief of the Hydrographic Department: "The human mind was so engrossed in this difficult task, that permit it, in spite of the grim grave that travelers mostly found there, there was a continuous national contest. Here, in addition to human curiosity, the main governing incentive is certainly a people's pride and honor of the country. "

For Lieutenant Sedov honor of the country was not empty words, for her sake he was ready to risk his life. But this opinion does not adhere to it. The government refused to Lieutenant in the financing of the expedition, providing a total of 10 thousand rubles as a "royally bestowed benefits. The money collected by subscription, to splurge and patrons who understood the enormous importance for the country's Arctic exploration. His role was played by Sedov article in the newspapers, in which he justified the plan of the expedition, and called to make donations to her organization. For patrons were issued gold, silver and bronze medals with the inscription "Donors to the expedition over. Leith. Sedov to the North Pole. Money is made not only Russians, the owner of the golden badge was a Norwegian polar explorers 1,111,116. Fridtjof Nansen [/url] .

 Why Georgi Sedov was in a hurry to establish Russian flag at the North Pole? Badge "Donors to the expedition over. Leith. Sedov to the North Pole "Sedov planned already in 1912 at a special board, which then return to the mainland, cross over to the Franz Josef Land. Conduct a winter in which to prepare for the final sledge expedition and with the onset of the polar summer started on the path to the dogs to the pole. The researcher had planned for the period of daylight time to reach the North Pole and return to the Franz Josef Land, or in Greenland.

In the Arctic, except for the GY Sedov, who at the time of the expedition naval authority granted leave, went geologist MA Pavlov, geographer VY Wiese, a veterinarian PG Kushakov, artist, NV Pinegin and 17 crew. For the expedition Sedov chosen vessel of the Holy Martyr Fock "in which 14 August 1912 left the Archangel and ran to the north. It soon became clear that back this year, the ship will not succeed. Heavy ice in the Barents Sea forced the expedition wintered in Pankrat'eva peninsula in the north-west coast of Novaya Zemlya.

The winter months were filled with serious scientific work. Was carried out a detailed survey of nearby islands and the coast to the Cape Flissingenskogo. The studies on meteorology, geology, hydrology, glaciology. Collection of flora and fauna.

 Why Georgi Sedov was in a hurry to establish Russian flag at the North Pole? Members of the expedition GY Sedov offensive polar summer has not produced the desired release from the ice prison. Only at the beginning of September 1913 managed to free the vessel from the ice and the journey to Franz Josef Land. Just a few days of the St. Fock "was in solid ice and was forced to stand for the second winter at the island of Hooker. Had over-winters in very difficult circumstances. Almost out of fuel and food, many members of the expedition started scurvy. Stoves stoked remnants packaging mezhkayutnymi bulkheads and fat of marine animals. The food hunt. Under these conditions, the expedition members continued to conduct scientific observations, investigated the nearby islands, making them more shooting.

Sedov understood that the chances of reaching the ultimate goal of the expedition is rapidly decreasing, and decided to go to the pole of the polar night. He sought even at the cost of their own lives to bring the Russian flag at the North Pole. Before leaving, he asked the members of the expedition: "The time has come. Now we begin a new Russian attempt to reach the North Pole. Now we have a responsibility to be worthy successors of our research of the North. But I ask you not to worry about our fate. If I am weak - my companions are strong and if I do not quite fit, then take a look at his friends, going with me - they did pyshut health. Today, for us and for Russia is a great day. It is the duty we will do. Our goal - reaching the pole, its best to implement it will be done. "

 Why Georgi Sedov was in a hurry to establish Russian flag at the North Pole? The vessel of the Holy Martyr Fock "February 15, 1914 Serov, accompanied by sailors GI Linnik and AI Hollow left the ship and went to the north. With brave men going off to conquer the pole, was able to bring a small supply of food, fuel and equipment, enough space on three sleds, which are hardly pulled 24 survivors of the dog.

The road to the north was incredibly heavy. On the seventh day of the trip from Sedov acute illness, further move independently, he could not. Fall into oblivion head of the expedition sailors put on the sled, but the movement to the north continued. Not far from the island Rodolphe smoothed her from the forces of travelers were forced to stay on vacation. Sedov was getting worse and worse, it almost did not come to mind. March 5, 1914 in 2 hours 40 minutes Georgy Yakovlevich Sedov died. "Me and hollow, - later recalled Linnik, - fifteen minutes were on their knees and stared at each other. Then I took a clean handkerchief and covered his face with the chief. For the first time in my life I do not know what to do. "

 Why Georgi Sedov was in a hurry to establish Russian flag at the North Pole? Sedov on board the St. Phocas "The sailors decided to bury Sedov Rudolf Island and return to the ship. The body of the polar explorer showered with stones, setting over an improvised grave cross from skis and a flag that was carried to the pole.
After overcoming a 10 days return journey, the sailors on March 19 returned to the island Hooker, bringing members of the expedition sad news. NV Pinegin, subsequently wrote a book about the journey Sedov, so thought about this moment: "We stood in silence. Only dogs, cuddling happily squealed. So this is what ended the expedition, so far has Sedov faith in the star. How to cheat us stars! ".

Only July 30 St. Fock was able to free themselves from his ice and headed south. On the way to Cape Flora picked up the two surviving members of the expedition, GL Brusilov, which in August 1912 on the ship "St. Anna" went to lay the Northern Sea Route to the Pacific Ocean.

At the end of August St. Fock "went to the Murmansk coast and went to Archangel. Russia at that time entered into the First World War, so the return of the expedition has attracted almost no public attention. Moreover, members of the expedition virtually abandoned to their fate, not paying wages for two years hard work. Have not been dismantled and the rich scientific materials, brought the expedition. Only after the revolution, when the new government proceeded with its planned development of the Arctic expedition Sedov materials were published.