As fate of the famous Kutuzovsky hut in Fili?

As fate of the famous Kutuzovsky hut in Fili? After 1,111,112. Battle of Borodino [/url] , When the Russian army retreated to Moscow itself, in a small village of Fili held a council of war. It had to solve the main thing - to give the enemy battle under the walls of Moscow's first capital, or leave without a fight. On board the generals met at Kutuzov, housed in the hut of the peasant Mikhail Frolov. By decision of the board of Moscow was left without a fight, but it was the last retreat of the Russian army in that war. Soon began the expulsion of the enemy, culminating in the capture of Paris.

 As fate of the famous Kutuzovsky hut in Fili? AD Kivshenko. War Council at Fili
 The cottage, which was held a council of war, was popularly known as "Kutuzovskaya hut. It continued to live a large family of Mikhail Frolov, who died in 1813. The last witness of the events in their house, the eldest son Frolova, named, like his father, Michael, died in 1846. Kutuzovskaya hut remained a local landmark, to see her often out of town traveling to Russia lovers of antiquity.
In 1854, the owner of the village of Fili ED Naryshkin decided to relocate its residents closer to his family estate, situated in the village of Intercession. When you move house disassembled and transported to a new location. Residents do not Fili persuaded his master to carry Kutuzovsky house. Naryshkin not only decided to keep the house, but ordered it to do repairs, to keep things in their places and the furniture used by Kutuzov and members of his staff, and enclose a small courtyard wall and a ditch.

 As fate of the famous Kutuzovsky hut in Fili? AK Picture. Kutuzovskaya chalet in Fili in the hut Naryshkin lodged a retired soldier disabled by assigning it a small amount, and the task to be the caretaker and watchman at a kind of museum. But in 1867, for unknown reasons, the guard had been evicted from the house. The historical monument was unattended. This uneasy even local authorities. In October 1867, the Moscow chief of police informed the governor-general: "For Dorogomilov Gate near the village of Fili is on land owned by Naryshkin, wooden house, a well-known fact that in September 1812 Field Marshal Kutuzov spent in this house the Military Council. It conveys the bailiff Khamovniki part, this little house under the order of the office, the Naryshkina nailed that were in it and the picture book made, the road to it had long been destroyed. In the night of 23 on May 25 unknown person window on the side of the Smolensk road otkolocheno, frame and put up a house made all that there still remained ".

Soon, standing on the outskirts hut was a fire which was extinguished, but the building has suffered irreparable damage. Fortunately, when extinguishing a fire managed to save several icons, including Archangel Michael and the bench on which during the council sat Kutuzov. The fate of the historic huts excited the public and from the City Council was even appointed a commission to examine what is left after the fire.

 As fate of the famous Kutuzovsky hut in Fili? II Levitan. Kutuzovskaya chalet hearing that the Duma is interested in the remains of the hut, Naryshkin decided to transfer their Moscow together with the surrounding sites. In his address to the Moscow mayor to Prince A. Shcherbatov he wrote: "Memoirs of an event so glorious in its consequences, the road to every Russian, especially precious to Moscow. As I declared on the vowel KT Soldatenkova request of the Moscow City Duma to get this monument of Russian glory, I have full sympathy for the goals of the City Council has agreed to donate the Moscow City Society designated the house and land in front of her. "

Because of some bureaucratic features of The City Council could not accept land as a gift. In accordance with the existing rates, it bought the land for 200 rubles. The total amount Naryshkin donated for the construction of the monument to Kutuzov.

To protect all that is left after the fire, was hired by the guard, for which a dugout. Discussion of the fate of the historic remnants of the house lasted for several years. As usual, everything comes down to lack of finance.

 As fate of the famous Kutuzovsky hut in Fili? Kutuzovskaya cottage in Moscow. Photo of the late nineteenth century. After 15 years after the fire place in history, visited during the exercise group of officers of the Grenadier Corps. Moscow Grenadiers have always been the desire to perpetuate the memory of the outstanding military events. Seeing what has become Kutuzovskaya cottage, they decided to enclose this place a fence, and on-site to install a memorial sign conflagration. By the fall of the fence was placed, and on-site cottages set milepost with the old Smolensk road on which strengthened the two marble tablets. In one laconic inscription with the words Kutuzov: "With the loss of Moscow is not lost Russia ...». On another, more long-winded: "At this place was a hut belonging to the peasant village of Fili Frolov, where on Sept. 1, 1812 was a Military Council, chaired by Field Marshal Prince Kutuzov, who decided the fate of Moscow and Russia's salvation. The hut burned down in 1868. Officers of the Grenadier Corps, were on a field trip to the military in 1883 near Moscow, and imbued with a sense of reverence for the historic site had the will to perpetuate this place a stone fence and enclose that performed work and diligence ranks Grenadier Corps on Nov. 8, 1883.

But it was only a temporary measure, was to restore the house. This challenge has decided to take the company horugvenostsev Christ the Savior Cathedral, the municipal authorities submitted a project to restore Kutuzovsky hut. The project was approved, the Company horugvenostsev officially handed over to the historic site where in June 1877, construction began. The new house was not an exact copy of Kutuzovsky house, but as far as possible tried to make it as close as possible to the original.

 As fate of the famous Kutuzovsky hut in Fili? Interior Kutuzovsky hut Already Aug. 3 grand opening Kutuzovskiy house, which took place in the presence of Moscow and the military authorities, the clergy, with large crowds. The building was created a small museum and opened a home for disabled veterans. It housed four retired soldier Pskov Infantry Regiment named after MI Kutuzov, who served the house and supported the museum in good condition.

Despite the small number of items collected in the house, she quickly gained popularity. Since its opening in it for 10 years, visited by more than 5,000 people, the figure for the time is not small. Before World War I near Kutuzov cottage was built a small chapel and museum.