Who is Yag-mort?

Who is Yag-mort? Every nation has its myths, legends and fairy tales. Heroes of them - the individual, as a rule, colorful and bright.

Yag-Mortes - hero tales of the North. In the language of the Komi Zyryan "nr" - wood, timber, "Mort" - the person. "Yag - Mort" means "forest man". In fact, from the legends that PT Mort - is not just the forest people and forest monster.

Description it is very similar to that described as so-called "snow" man: a giant of great height, like a wild beast, in the clothing of unmanufactured bearskin. Russian writer Alexander Kruglov XIX century in the essay "Forest People" gives a description of the PT Morta: "His height was a good nap, voice and your face - a wild beast. Face overgrown pitch-black beard, eyes the color of blood, wild flashing from under his bushy eyebrows, clothes of unmanufactured bearskin.

Time of action in the stories about the PT Morte dates back to antiquity, when the peoples of the North is "kosneli in paganism. It is unclear where did PT Mort, dreadful and terrible, lived alone in inaccessible areas of impenetrable forests and swamps. None of the people did not know where to find housing PT Mort. He used to appear near the villages at night only for robbery and murder. PT Mort stole cattle, women and children. Could brutally kill and devour any counterclaim. But the men were impotent before this monster. They said he was a wizard, and all the disasters and disease, human cases, were the antics of the evil PT Morta. He was a strong and huge, to the same cunning and possessing superhuman abilities. What could make people with such a villain?

One day the elders of one village lost only daughter ride. She was so beautiful, what had not yet seen the land Zyryan Komi. A day passed, another week, and Ride there is no. The poor mother wept all eyes. Her father and fianc beauties walked all the neighboring villages, all the forests nearby - no trace Reid was not found. Summoned all the inhabitants of this village, today announced that Reid will likely no longer among the living. The people said in unison: "It tricks the PT Morta!" Groom, along with his loyal friends and hunters, decided by all means to find housing, evil monsters, grab him, dead or alive, then kill and burn. The crowd, armed with arrows, spears, axes, marched against the PT Morta. There were a hundred against one.

Found a brave fellows housing forestry giant and began waiting for him. Seeing that the PT Mort comes to his cave, the hunters threw their spears, stones and arrows. Roaring evil monster, caught mace and floated into the middle of the attackers. A terrible battle. Many brave men fell dead from a club Yag-life, but he became exhausted. Numerous injuries weakened him and he fell.

 Hunters cut off his hands, feet, and then his head. In his cave, they found a lot of production, and even mangled corpse unhappy Reid. Dead man PT Morta buried in a deep hole, and hammered into the grave aspen pole (probably to no one rose from the grave and earned him fame, which posthumously became famous Count Dracula). Loot, found in the cave PT Morta, burned, and the very cave of sleep. Anyone who subsequently took place near the cave and near the graves of Yag-Mort, had to throw a stone or a stick and spit.

People say that in the place where the grave of Yag-life, has repeatedly met with some monsters, kind of blue flame and heard terrible screams and howls. In the folklore of the peoples of the North remained lullabies that women frighten children who do not want to fall asleep. Translated into Russian lullabies sounded like this:

PT Mort tall as pine, which grows in the forest.
Yag-mort black as coal in the furnace.
You'll cry - PT Mort after you arrive.
So do not cry, baby, shut up.

Is not that something familiar? Reminiscent of Russian lullaby in which the child bullied top, which is likely to bite flank. But still something mysterious Russian "snooze".

 Legends and the peoples of the North is not much. Yag-Mortes - one of the brightest characters of the Komi-Zyriansky mythology. Interestingly, the story of this monster is very widely distributed in the north. Each district had its own PT Mort. Maybe PT Mort and "Snowman" - one and the same person? No wonder the legend of PT Morte concern of the cryptozoologists.

Having heard this legend, I hesitated, not out of the Komi-Zyriansky whether mythology appeared heroine of Russian fairy tales Baba Yaga? If the name of "Baba Yaga" translated from the Komi-Zyryan language, it would mean "forest woman". That's right - the Russian Baba Yaga lives in the forest. So what she has to Yag Mort - mother, sister or wife? Maybe Baba Yaga because such wicked people, that those of her beloved man PT Morta killed? It can be assumed that the Baba Yaga came to Russia from the north. So say researchers and some Russian folklore. Even the dumplings, which are considered ancient Russian dish, which got its name in the language of the Komi Zyryan: "Opel" - ear, "Nurse" - bread. Originally dumplings called "pelnyani", ie "bread ears.