Who was the author of the idea of the first teleconference of the USSR - the United States?

Who was the author of the idea of the first teleconference of the USSR - the United States? September 1, 1982, 25 years ago, in a California town of San Bernardino began a rock festival. One of its leaders - the technical genius Steve Wozniak, the head of the world-famous firm «Apple» proposed to "expand" the number of spectators at the expense of huge, tall, with 2-3 storey house, the TV screens. Thus, people could communicate with each other and express their opinions, while at some distance from each other.

The first day showed that this form of communication, despite its unusual nature, is very attractive. "Audience" rock festival has expanded significantly. And Steve Wozniak outright the idea "to make a throw across the ocean, linking American youth with the Soviets. He called to Moscow, a friend of his screenwriter Joseph Goldin and offered to talk with leaders of the USSR TV and Radio for a teleconference with space communications.

Americans expect anything, but not speed. But suddenly leadership Broadcaster accepted. The preparation of the event lasted two or three days, and in the night from 4 to 5 September teleconference has already gone live.

Why is it so quickly cope? It recalls one of its participants, both sides in addition to entertaining, have a specific goal: the Americans wanted to make sure that the "bear corner", which is called the USSR, the music itself does not exist. We also have opposite aspirations - to show the whole country, is what may bring the decaying capitalism, even in music ...

On the American side was attended by almost 250 thousand young Americans who become active at a rock festival "we". From the Soviet - the studio came Alla Pugacheva, ensembles Stas Namin and "Russian Song", vocal-instrumental ensembles "Flame", "speaker", "Sunday", a number of other pop groups.

Teleconference participants could not only see each other, ask questions and then listen to the answers, but to have a musical dialogue. Directed by teleconference from the Soviet side, Yuli Gusman, moderated by a famous TV journalist Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue. Yes, yes, Vladimir Pozner - he still fondly recalls the time, believing that it was the first teleconference was his "tourist voucher" in a large television.
How then were strained relations between the U.S. and the USSR can be judged according to the recollections of the Steve Wozniak. Here are his words: "I grew up being afraid of the Soviets - the Soviet people, Soviet values. They are always depicted inhuman, something we knew for sure that our way of life right.

This fear became so dire shape that while visiting the Soviet Union, the Americans first think about how they should not fall under the "spy" by the KGB. Steve always with a smile, remembering an incident which occurred with his friends in one of the Leningrad hotel. Yankees newcomer, settling in the room, in the first place tried to get rid of the "bugs". To this end, he carefully examined the room and felt under the carpet any cones. Turning down the edge of the carpet, he found underneath the plate, fixed by four large screws. He decided to look under that plate, but when unscrewed the four screws on the bottom floor fell on the floor chandelier.

But first teleconference led Americans to reappraise the Soviet people. That impression Wozniak: "I was surprised when I discovered that Russian foreign much more like Americans than any other nation with which I have encountered. But then, as they thought, so remind us (at least me personally) that I was simply amazed coincidence ... "