Who is offended Verka Serduchka, or why the star forgets small home?

Who is offended Verka Serduchka, or why the star forgets small home? His last concert in his hometown of Poltava Danilko, aka Verka Serduchka, a mega-star of the world scale, with chic gave the room Dramatic Theatre named after N. Gogol ... Were invited friends, classmates, neighbors, people who once helped and not very much. Hall (quite large), we can say, laden with many fans. But it was all ... as much in 1998! Why is a celebrity does not appear in his native place for almost ten years? What murky secret, says so long to ignore, so to speak, a small country? But here waiting for him ... Waiting, but not all.

Waiting for former classmates, fellow students from the trade school, which has long been disbanded, friends and former colleagues. But there are also those which he was one his name irritates, enters into a rage, in a word, envious. You have no idea who they are ...

There just will not hear tales of Verka Serduchka in ancient Poltava! And Losers, and such-and-so liar, and multi-millionaire, who bought half of the city, and the family he was troubled, and lived in the ruins. Oh, how did want some aunts, uncles to sling mud at his successful compatriot. Well, how about it, because he was a nobody, and now he knows it!

Especially fond of "revenge" former pupil in his former school number 27, which is located in the Karl Liebknecht Street (near the house where once lived Andrew). One elderly teacher told me: "I am ashamed that I had a student-ape!". Is not it shameful. After a native school on unruly student Danilko put the stigma "eternal Losers" and failed to recognize young talent. And teachers are so smart and cautious, can not be wrong, separating students to "promising" and "uneconomic". Suddenly a crash!

Do you think in the native school Andrei Danilko have at least some mention that he studied there? What are you, in no case! And only a former classroom teacher (now retired) can say a good word to the stars.

What Serduchka? He is silent and does not appear in their native lands. Highly disappointed and can not understand what he did such a terrible, that he do not like "their".

He secretly helps sick children by inhibiting the friends and relatives to make their good deeds, after all still say that he's a millionaire and to him that the dollar, that ten thousand dollars to throw no matter where.

Here we are now "good" that even the guests arrive not really want. They say that his family took Danilko in Kiev, so Poltava "supporters" they do not reach them.