Who is Jim Morrison?

Who is Jim Morrison? I sincerely hope for a decent quality of general education, the modern audience, however, just in case I will mention that it was Jim Morrison's name was singer and poet of the American rock group The Doors, whose existence began in 1965 and ended in 1973, two years after his death.

Yes, this is a hairy sweaty guy who is ugly voice yelling in the Light my fire and When the music's over, you are also able to meet with him without knowing it, when listened to insane speeches Marlon Brando in the movie "Apocalypse" by Francis Ford Coppola. There are all sorts where you could meet with those whose work has become a musical classic.

Jim Morrison like to reward vserazlichnymi epithets like "fabulous" and "cult". "Charismatic" yet. The fact that he possessed charisma, no doubt, but here's a cult and legends, I would suggest we have a much greater degree to the efforts of a certain kind of media, so those who love fried, often spoil the excessive heat treatment of a product that ought to eat naturally, for he is good in itself. And they say that he was an alcoholic and drug addict.

Alcoholism as an occupational disease of people of art - the topic has long been extensively studied. Morrison, poet and musician, in this regard was no exception. Hipicheskoe same drug addiction can be regarded as characteristic of American youth, 1960, escaped from parental reins and which was suddenly all at once, but not knowing what to do all in its use. This is the so-called freedom.

From this perspective, Morrison was a typical product of his environment, no more legendary and the divine than Smoke teenager lying in a soft dark dusty corner of the next party. Yes, he certainly had that set him apart from the last - talent. But the role of an idol is still not pulled, except that the idol is very peculiar that perpetuated the then not beaten, but rather a fresh one and, therefore, delighted the audience accept the formula sex, drugs, rock'n'roll. The audience that seemed enough.

If you look carefully and fairly recording live concerts The Doors, read poems and songs to listen to colleagues' memories of Morrison's group, it is possible to penetrate not only attributed to him in excess of animal emotions, but light poetry and romanticism.

He sings a lot about the ways and wanderings - the whole album Morrison Hotel, a songwriter, pictured on the cover over the sign "Rooms for 2,5 dollar", is devoted to this subject. It is present in the compositions People are strange, The Crystal Ship, Spanish Caravan. You can count them inspired drug hallucinations, and can recall that Morrison teenager ran away from home.

He sings about love in its various manifestations, either explicitly or implicitly, quietly or roaring, causing different sensations and associations, as required by such a complex and multifaceted issue.

He is a poet, - said in an interview with keyboardist The Doors Ray Manzarek.

He's young, he's hot, he's sexy and he's dead, - says in 1985 the magazine Rolling Stone.