Why not be worth signing photo on the back?

Why not be worth signing photo on the back? Who among us does not love pictures? But quite recently there were no digital cameras or scanners, and computers in general is a rare miracle of technology. I am engaged in photography for a long time. For a long time, do not misunderstand me, born in 1986, 1989 and so on - this is from 1980 year.

The whole country was evenly so, and few stand out. Do not stand out, too. But somehow in the school where I studied, organized fotokruzhok. Download I had and so polnoprogrammnaya, including sewing puppets for puppet show (I liked to make puppets shifty eyes - an entire technology, again indirectly associated with the photo). Imagine, it's still me! Nightmare, in one word. But learn to shoot like very much and I signed up.

What do we have? Well, we had a home camera "Smena-8M, he and I had expropriated. The second lesson, the head of said straight out that a professional will be able to take a picture even matchbox, and "A change is better than to throw out and wash my hands! So, actually, almost happened. Throw something I had not threw, of course. Apparatus honorable lived in his locker later years, where well definitely old, and after the kids had given as a regular toy.

 Why not be worth signing photo on the back? "FED-2" - camera-legend (Felix Dzerzhinsky!) The shooting I went out and went with "FED-2, which I graciously granted the head of the circle. After the first photo exhibition, where my works have won first and second place, "FED" was given to me, and I felt in seventh heaven: for to buy such equipment was not quite afford. At the same time appeared the first Zenit-TTL ". What kind of machine it was! And the price looked so fantastically, 230 rubles! We, of course, but impatient.

After years of study in a circle, after a dozen victories in exhibitions, I'm definitely drawn to the picture. Began "perverted", of course. I tried to photograph the box from under the shoe, the turn came up and matchboxes. Even a small series of images were devoted to this subject, and at the exhibition next to the paucity of exposure flaunted himself "tool" - matchbox "Giant"! Jury little frowning, while clicked their tongues, but this time the first place did not have to have someone pull. Rewarded for innovative approaches to practice, so to speak.

 Why not be worth signing photo on the back? Asahi Pentax LX GoldA dreamed about "Nikon", "Pentakone", "Asahi Pentax. Frankly, even now, such a technique not many can afford, and then ... to dream ... Domechtalos before that, after experiments with boxes desire for new experiences. I began buying and bartering of all types of photography techniques and varieties throughout the city. Accumulated that some three dozen cameras. In this case were good marks "Kiev", "Zenith". He liked to shoot "FED"-s, and the old, but not "FED-5B". It was interesting to withdraw Soviet shirokoplenochnoy soap box - "Etudes," which cost only 7 rubles, had no preferences, and pictures of quality sometimes even surpassed "Kiev".

As I said earlier, computer technology was not yet. Once it became necessary to make a copy of the portrait. Negative, of course, the customer is not found, but would like a copy of one to one, and yes even a few copies. Came from, of course. Scratched his head for some time, came to the conclusion that the quality retake lost thoroughly.

Exit found this: when the red light put under the magnifying clean sheet of photo paper, top, face down, place the transparent image-original and cover it all clear glass. Then turn on the enlarger for a few seconds and showed the photo paper. As a result a negative. Land. Gloss. Doing the same thing already with the negative. I get a photo, sometimes surpassing the original!

However, if on the back of the portrait is very out of place is the place to be the inscription, had previously carefully remove it to aforesaid not imprinted on the lumen.

Then he got carried away portraiture: a person - it is so interesting, always different, always others. Talking with the object of abstract subjects, myself and pretend that the place can or can not find settings "discord", while he did not relax and lose the "vigilance". And - click, when nobody expected it! That's a great snapshot of you "in your pocket!