Who yuzal my pisyuk? (For whom I've commented Alexei Makretskogo)

Who yuzal my pisyuk? (For whom I've commented Alexei Makretskogo) Manager is in his office and walks over to his desk.
- Who yuzal my pisyuk? - He asks menacingly present. Then he pointed to his assistant.
- Only she can juzat my pisyuk!

15 years ago got me into the hands of thieves language dictionary, which was released in the 30 years OGPU for internal use (not the original and reprint). I read it carefully - and was amazed: how our speech littered with thieves jargon. Everything is so rooted to the language that has become almost the norm.

Language is changing incredibly fast. In Russia, I do not live 13 years, the Russian press read occasionally. For several years I had never touched - I had to learn Hebrew. So what happens now: sometimes read like a Russian letters, but I can not understand. It should be read carefully for a long time to come down, what the author wants to say. And not because the subject is too abstruse. No, just the language includes new words. One example of that - "user" (user).

Offered themselves willingly purity of language seriously, how much it was the language. My mother told me how the 30-ies of the last century tried to translate into Ukrainian phrase: "A car drove into the picture." I think never guess how it looked. "Samoper nicked up mordopisni. Somebody says that?

Do immigrants their problems. Themselves as if they are preserved in time in which they emigrated. And the children? For several reasons, they do not want to know Russian. Parents, on the contrary, want to save the language, and the ability to get rich Russian culture. Here begins complexity: a lot of words that do not occur in everyday speech, you must specifically explain.

Why all these speeches? And that's what.

 Who yuzal my pisyuk? (For whom I've commented Alexei Makretskogo) Alex MakretskiyU I have a favorite poet - Alex Makretsky .

In 1999 he released his book "movement", the owner of which I was after a concert of the author. I was so fascinated by the poetry of Alexei - it is impossible to convey. Sometimes my wife and I started to read his poems - and pulled each other's book to read his favorite poem.

And at some point I wanted to comment on this book. What he had to explain? For example, for the Russians all clear in the sentence: "You know, I have stash for the lining "- And for our children is - totally incomprehensible thing (if it does not explain). Or "Daleks have stilyazhie his cap. " Or: "Vodka interfered with 11,111,120. 33rd [/b] "- To do this all the history to know! Who now remembers the port "33"?

In conclusion, I quote his poem:

Ball on Sadovaya

  Exotic pasodoble
On the night of the melody pours.
I walk along Sadovaya
Between the rails of the tram.

Sound vague and blurred
  Do not be sad and groaning -
Remained behind Nevsky
Ahead lies Hay.

And ring in the passages of string,
Carrying out of the heart weight,
  Bust-iron fences
And Apraksin slowness.

A mirror for the channel
Pav one another's arms,
Two of the dawn, waiting for the ball,
Penyat pink dress.

(Marked otkommentirovannye expression).

Of course, comments are not scientific and not complete, but a first approximation, they help to understand what the author wanted to say. Moreover, in the process of commenting, I for myself have learned something interesting.

In general, poetry Aleksei Makretskogo so multifaceted that they can comment and comment. Maybe with time I will continue ...

P.S. Translated into Russian epigraph:
Managing went into his office and walked to his desk:
- Who used my personal computer machine? - He asks menacingly present. Then pointing to her assistant.
- Only she can use my personal computer machine!