For our ancestors, the question was, of course, is more important than for us. We own gas and e" />

How to boil water in a wooden bowl?

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 How to boil water in a wooden bowl? For our ancestors, the question was, of course, is more important than for us. We own gas and electric cookers, microwave ovens, boilers, and, most importantly, a full set of dishes for every taste and color, from any material.

Unfortunately, our ancestors had such an abundance can not boast. Any metal in those days was expensive. By the way, if you look, not so far away and there were times of shortage of the metal: this is the last "depth" not more than 70-80 years. In large cities or, for example, in the industrial Urals - there is, of course, with copper, bronze and iron had no big problems. And in the remote northern villages?

Here, for example, put a man bathhouse ... Good work! Where can I take a tank for heating water? Wooden barrel, tub, he, on that and man, make your own hands easily! But the metal tank - not so easy to do. In the smithy metal from ore to smelt? But where to get them? Buying? Expensive! And the trouble is! The problem was simple: do tank from a very accessible material - wood - and they warmed and boiled water. How? It's very simple!

I was very surprised when I meet a "historical-artistic" works description of this action: the character "puts on the fire" some birch-bark dishes - and pozhalte you, boiling water ready! I would like to ask the author: "And you did not try?". Can answer, they say, then, could do in the fire did not burn ... Nonsense! Wood - it is always a tree: burning and will burn! Even "in a specially prepared".

In fact, the secret of boiling water in a "fire-and-no-proof" bowl is in its low thermal conductivity. Agree, water, for example, in a metal drum cools down much faster than wood. And our ancestors knew it! They are burning hot in the fire or in hot oven specially prepared stone (for a large packaging - more, for a small - smaller), and then let these stones into the water. The walls of the wooden utensils bad release heat into the environment, and as a result: one stone, the other ... - here is water and boil!

The stones really picked up "special", such as were suitable for the heater in the oven for a bath. They are not particularly weathered and does not emit harmful pollutants. Unfortunately, to name a breed can not - not a geologist - I can only show.

About this method of boiling water told me my uncle. And his grandfather taught him. "Well, why should such a science may be needed in the modern world?" - May ask incredulous reader. Here, for example, was a man in the woods without a kettle and mugs - than in the water to boil? Drinking Crude? You can, of course, only leptospirosis - never sleeps! Exit Elementary: swerving kul "of birch bark, the edge of clamping a split twig (which is also used instead of pens), clay seam promazyvayut, kalish stones - finished!