Why on trilogy of Chonkin Vladimir Voinovich has worked nearly half a century?

Why on trilogy of Chonkin Vladimir Voinovich has worked nearly half a century? September 21 (other danym September 26) marks 75 years since the birth of Vladimir Voinovich. He was born in the city Stalinobade (now - Dushanbe), the son of a journalist and teacher of mathematics.

When the boy was 4 years old, his father Nicholas Voinovich called up for military training, where he was during an ordinary tea party in a conversation with a colleague expressed doubt that socialism can be built in one country. One participant reported the conversation to the "authorities", his father was arrested, and only a slight "softening of manners" after his arrest Yezhov saved his father from being shot. But his five years before the Great Patriotic War, he still served.

And on their small family labeled - family enemy of the people. With all the ensuing consequences. From Leninabad had to leave. As soon as his father was released in May 1941, Voinovich went to the residence in Kiev. There were evacuated immediately after the Nazis came to town. Then he moved to Stavropol Territory, thence to the Kuibyshev region, then in Vologda. After the war, returned to Kiev.

In Vladimir had the same childhood, like his other peers. What just did not have to deal with. Someone once asked him: Was military service that "born" Chonkin? And he answered: everything worked. And the service, and the fact that a child calves fed the farm, and work as an instructor rural district after serving in the army. And do any work, like those dolls, consists of different levels. And as they form the general level.

On the other hand, when Chonkin was still "in the project," Voinovich hardly thought about the fact that this lop-eared Red Army prepared for such a long life. And his first attempt of writing prose (before Vladimir wrote poetry) was the story "We live here," which he brought to "New World". Rookie author was so insistent that literally forced editor Anna Samoilovna Berzer read at least the first 10 pages. Three days later a telegram arrived Voinovich: "Urgent go to" New World ". It turned out the story read the whole editorial board. It was published in the next issue of the magazine (№ 1 for 1961).

At the time of writing "Chonkin" Vladimir Voinovich was already familiar with the editor of Novy Mir Tvardovsky. That's why he had great hopes that the author of "Basil Tyorkin, like a fan of irony and humor, appreciate the story deserved. But nothing of the sort! Reaction Tvardovskogo was quite the opposite: "It netalantlivo, unwise and pointlessly. Those of beginning writers do not fall down after such a hand? Moreover, as the following product Voinovich "By mutual correspondence," which Vladimir is still considered one of the masterpieces of "Short Stories", Tvardovsky called "hack" ...

Why does the main character "Chonkin" Voinovich chose a soldier, serving in the Air Force? The answer is simple. Voinovich himself spent several years of military service in the Air Force. As, however, and the author of these lines. It has long been in "our" troops prevailed saying: "While God created the discipline on the ground, aviation was in the air." We, the 18-year-old boy, was terribly proud of, as well as the fact that after each of divorce on the parade we went marched to the sound of the march, the trumpets blown military band: "We were born to MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE!". This is not my mother-infantry, artillery, or some armor ...

When leafing through the last page of a fascinating story, immediately raises the question: "What next? Where to continue? ". Something like this thought many readers, the first "swallow" Chonkin. But Voinovich, a fascination with new creative ideas, postponed the continuation of the second part for many years. And only in the late 70-ies decided to "finish" to continue.

By the time the writer's life has changed dramatically. Since 1968, for his human rights activities and impartial picture of Soviet reality in the novel "The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Chonkin" he was persecuted in 1974 was expelled from the Writers' Union. All over the fact that Voinovich was forced to go to Germany, and in 1981 the decree of Leonid Brezhnev stripped of his Soviet citizenship. Incidentally, it was abroad "Chonkin" first saw the light. Like the book "Through an Exchange of Letters," Ivankiad "," Crown "," Moscow 2042 "," anti-Soviet Soviet Union. "

And on the eve of the 75 th anniversary of Vladimir Voinovich has shared with his readers the good news. On the anniversary, he will release the third part of the novel about the extraordinary adventures Chonkin. For the curious, he said that the action of the third novel is set between 1941 and 1991. The protagonist finds himself in Germany, then in the status of "displaced persons" in the U.S., where he became a farmer. His loyal friend Nyurka come to him there to visit, and then return to his farm. And will receive a parcel from the U.S.. In Russia Chonkin back in the days of Gorbachev. However, to repeat novel - a trivial matter. It is better to read. Moreover, according to Voinovich, who now lives in Moscow, the third part is clearly a success ...