Who needs "to drunk tanks", or "Why do we trade?

Who needs "to drunk tanks", or "Why do we trade? Several years ago I saw a film about the Japanese cabinet. These people - unique professionals: they were taken off the wooden block chip thickness 0.005 mm! Then, of course, required a corresponding tool, which sharpened on a special grinding stone. And this stone was brought only in a specific location.

Another episode. Prototype Pavel Vlasov in the novel Gorky's Mother - Peter Hall. In his autobiographical book "Prohibited persons" described the process of hiring fitters, marine engines. He was the introductory reference work had to be sawdust manually (!) File crankshaft journal up to 0.1 mm. It is this work done, but received a lower hourly rate: did not work in full swing.


Who today would think so carefully prepared tool to remove a thin shaving? There is a modern wood processing technology - they allow you to copy the products of any complexity!

The current locksmith opilite a file crankshaft journal by hand with such precision - this is not even a dream in a nightmare! Now there are machines to ensure accuracy to 0.001 mm - why grub manually!

Of course, in this age of automation, it would seem, is the ability is not necessary, but ...

These examples of professional skills, I remembered because work with the word - it is also craft. Another thing is that this work must be present and inspiration, and talent, but without the technology - anywhere.

(By the way - on the machines. It is a pleasure to work with a text editor of your computer - it can not feel the person who did not publish his works on a normal typewriter. Word and put a capital letter, and double letters will clear, and fonts to highlight, to rearrange paragraphs - snap! Grace "And there is the spelling for - error checking" Well, just a dream of an idiot!)

You can say that Muse capricious, that it can not command stay away for a long time: "a little sat - and left." But if perfected technology of the word - with Muse easier to communicate, inspiration immediately placed on paper (or computer).

I admire these lines:

How many of them in thickets,
How many 11,111,140. in booths [/i] -
Roar roaring ,
Roar snarling ,
What Traveling ,
What lying 11,111,142. -
In the wilds, and [b] booths
  In the groves and thickets !

(V. Vysotsky, "Sanctuary")

If I remember correctly, these "toys" were and Blok (out of what I know).

And the music of verse?

Walk, flaw! Rash, Saturday,
His holy silver!

A. Makretsky "Poshehonsky motif

Listen to the sound of the selected words: they sound interspersed with palm to detail! Shurshasche-svistyasche-ringing sound! (When I told Alex, he replied: "I have not even thought about it!").


It creeps my cart
  Nested stamp their hooves ...

A. Makretsky "Cart"

Four letter T in a row create a feeling of complete hopelessness!
This is possible only with the free possession of the word!

And different styles? For example, an imitation of Japanese poets:

Early life flowed
Like Malaga, drawl,
Today run like vodka:
Bitter, colorless, and quickly,
It hurts knocking on the horns.

A. Makretsky "Tanks a drunk"

A parody:

"The rhymes also not a fool,
I took a chance and began:
You gornyachka - I'm a miner,
Are you proud - I gordyak ... "
A. Makretsky "Gazmanizmy"

And as a master of mystification played out to their contemporaries (one of the most famous jokes of this kind - Cherubina de Gabriac)!

Sometimes the poets (and perhaps, the publishers?) Organize a kind of competition, more precisely - a demonstration speech. Thus, in 1999 the publisher Matthew Black (Israel) has released a compilation "Levantine crown", which collects crowns of sonnets 14 poets. That's where you can see how the poet speaks the word (and idea)!

Jewelry own word - it is a cut for the diamond: talent starts to play with all the colors for each phrase appears abyss of images!