Who made the world's first parachute jump?

Who made the world's first parachute jump? October 22, 1797, 210 years ago in Paris Monceau Park in front of a crowd of thousands of citizens have risen to a height of 1000 meters in a balloon brothers Garner - Andre-Jacques and Jean-Baptiste. The event itself was not so prominent - Andre-Jacques often amused the audience balloon flight. But this time the brothers prepared a "surprise" - the senior was about to jump from this height to the ground. To this end, the gondola was attached almost eight-meter "umbrella", ending with a small basket.

Since the jump wore experimental, measured the height of approximately. At the peephole. As soon as the heads of people have become "poppy seeds", Andre-Jacques ordered Jean-Baptiste: "Here we go!". He moved to the basket and shouted: "Cut the rope!". The younger brother looked at the elder: "Maybe we should not? Who knows what? "But he was adamant:" Cut! "

The parachute, breaking away from the gondola, in the first minutes of his fall was floating a bit messy. And it was not surprising - they could not manage. Andre-Jacques simply surrendered to the will of fate and prayed only one thing: how to avoid colliding at full speed into the thick of the townspeople.

Fortune smiled upon him. While he was flying to the ground, then managed to turn around several times in the air. This is somewhat softened the fall. And besides, the balloonist had drifted about half a mile from the epicenter of the public. Hit the ground was relatively weak, just before its approach, Garnerin had grouped, and the whole thing ended with sprained foot.

My brother some time was the closest person to Andre-Jacques. With him he could spend hours messing with another balloon, to discuss details of jumps. Needless to say, is precisely because it loses time as attention to himself as a beloved wife of the first jumper - her first talk to the man's not allowed. But Madame Garnerin it soon got bored and Jeanne-Genevieve (according to other sources it was called Henrietta) once broke down and demanded that the brothers "to immediately take her in their company."

Andre-Jacques did not turn led. Just smiled: "Well, who's stopping you to talk to us on equal terms?". A more impulsive, Jean-Baptiste said: "But take it and jump down herself with this umbrella! Then we will have more in common! ".

And you think, passionate French away from this risky step? No Way! She demanded her husband, that he allowed her to jump! And arranged muzhenku a life that he once saw: It is better to give than to listen to every day the same thing! Two years after the first jump Garnerin personally flew in another gondola, and with mixed feelings of despair and ecstasy cut the rope holding the basket, which was preparing for first jump Jeanne-Genevieve. A landing was successful, and Madame Garnerin was the first parachutist in the world.

Looking ahead, we can say that some time after his leap has made, and their daughter Eliza. In short, she was still a family!

Tasted the poisoned fruit of immoderate fame, brothers Garnerin decided to do business in the jump. They toured Europe with exponential jumps, and in 1802 in London, Andr-Jacques set another world record by jumping from a height of about 2.5 kilometers. And next year, enterprising Frenchmen arrived in St. Petersburg, where the wife made the first successful flight in Russia in a balloon. Ball Garnerin rose from Vasilevsky Island, happily flew over the town and dropped in a forest in Malaya Okhta.

In general, the numbers 2 and 5 Garnerin felt happy. And ordered to print tickets for metropolitan residents face value of 25 rubles (VIP-seats), and 5 in the second row and at 2.5 rubles from all the others ...

It remains to add that the excess risk does not always lead to the fact that the glass starts foaming champagne. So what happened to the Andre-Jacques. He does not have jumps into adulthood and old age is simply not lived: once during the test the next model of a parachute jump Garnerin made, the last in his life. He went 55-Year ...