Why should I join the library?

Why should I join the library? In today's world, television and the Internet are increasingly being squeezed out of our life book. Time is on our reading. And although the Internet is you can find many books in electronic form, read from the screen still not very comfortable. And you can always enjoy a book while lying on the couch or taking a ride, she is mobile and convenient ...

Many modern people want and love to read, but explains his refusal to read that book is now quite expensive and occupy much space. Young people, especially students, often moving, and carry with them from place to place stacks of heavy books - for them it is creating unnecessary problems. This is what I want to remind people that there are libraries! It is possible that many, and now preserved stereotype of the library where the cold room among dusty shelves sits an old woman wrapped her shawl and shows an old, worn books. But life goes on, everything changes and progresses, including the library.

First, I want to note that there is a law on legal deposit, so you can find in a library set of necessary and interesting book for you, and not just classical literature, but the book's most modern authors. The majority of them in excellent condition.

I would also like to note that the era of paper catalogs, which is incredibly difficult to navigate the inexperienced reader, is coming to an end, many large libraries switched to electronic catalogs, and now you can easily check the availability of wanted books, computers, and without the help of a librarian. In some libraries open internet facilities.

In addition to the issuance of literature, libraries offer a variety of additional services: a work in legal systems, a collection of books on the preliminary application, informing users about the items in the library of new books, sale of stock write-offs of the literature on contract prices, set the formatting and editing text, writing information on CD-ROM, scanning, copying, printing documents.

By the way, the small regional libraries - the most comfortable, they are much easier to navigate, here for you to be attentive and always postponed the desired book.

Now information is for those who read a long time and not afraid to take the book on time: you can extend the deadline, and this does not necessarily go to the library, simply telephone call.

I should add that in the libraries there are now paid or escrow fund. In the first case, you pay a small amount for using the book, the second - to pay a deposit which is returned to you after the date of the book.

Almost all libraries now have a website where you can find all the information you need. On some sites there is online access to the online catalog, so you can check the availability of the necessary literature in advance.