What is it - the favorite woman poet, and what is her fault?

What is it - the favorite woman poet, and what is her fault? I re-read as a material for the biography of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

One article caught my attention the phrase: "... talking about what should and what should not be a genius, love, being with the time when Pushkin married Natalya Nikolaevna Goncharova.

Both poets - both Pushkin and Mayakovsky - resulted in the death of love. But does this wine their favorite women? Why do many believe that, and so, and another had to choose another? What they were - loved women poets?

Natalia Goncharova. Wife of genius. This woman is so different and conflicting assessments among Pushkin scholars, biographers of Pushkin, which, based on their work, it is difficult to make a definite opinion about it.

Some mythologized image of Natalia, endowing it with such qualities, whose existence in itself and, Natalia, probably had no idea. It is called "the first European beauty", the best rider in St. Petersburg, the best chess player of the capital, beating well-known foreign masters. Some have reported great successes Natalia in the literature and journalism, as well as on the considerable ability in mathematics. They talk about her high spirituality and even the sanctity and supernatural entities.

Others think Natalya is too pragmatic and non-spiritual, which has narrow-minded intellect. They deny almost all of the above advocates Natalia. Great achievements in literature and journalism? But Natalia was just terrible illiterate. Pushkin once asked her to rewrite the French text notes Catherine II. She rewrote the nine pages, but made so many mistakes that my husband had to abandon its services. A letter of Natalia talk about her terrible writing Russian. Even in chess, she just learned to play - mastered the names of shapes and moves. Horsewoman, she really was not bad, but it is not the best in the capital.

But first of all, writing about Natalia interested in her role in a duel, her guilt or innocence. The first says Natalia innocent victim of circumstances. We are confident that she was honest with her husband - was not treason. Others spread the moral character of Natalia in tatters - and in love de she was in Edmond, and physical betrayal was the place to be. However, were found writing Dantes to his adoptive father, in which a young Frenchman told about the conversation with Natalia Pushkina: she confessed her deep feelings for him, but made it clear that change is not going to her husband.

Some go further and say that Dantes was only a cover for Nicholas 1. Veresaev in his book "Satellites of Pushkin" says the great likelihood that "broke out at Nikolai and Natalia are very tender relationship, the results of which had to cover the marriage with an agreeable Lansky." That is, in his view, these relationships broke out after the death of Pushkin. But the beginning they were laid during the life of the poet. And his death was necessary only for the emperor to remove from the road is too unruly and proud rival.

Marina Tsvetaeva wrote: "Out of Natalia Goncharova's nothing wrong, nothing vicious in it ... It was one thing: beauty. Only - beautiful, simple - a beautiful ... Naked Beauty, smelling like a sword. And subdued. Tsvetaeva disclaims Natalia blame for the death of the poet. The death of Pushkin, in the view of Marina, was destined to him from the cradle, but because Natalia - not the cause, but only a pretext.

Before his death, Pushkin, said to his wife: "You in no fault!" He really loved his "Madonna", "Muse", "Queen", "Angel", "zhenku", "Dumpling", "boy-woman" and not thought her guilty of what happened.

Lilya Brik. Favorite female genius. One day the young Mayakovsky met this woman and love for life. Its importance in the poet's life can not be overemphasized. After meeting with the BRIC (Lily and her husband, Osip) Mayakovsky began to dress tastefully, cured teeth. Lily helped him thrive. It is believed that Brickey "civilize" a young poet. But this is not important! The main thing is that after a meeting with Lily's love for Mayakovsky became the "heart of everything." That love is now defined all of his existence and his work.

Lily told my husband that loves Mayakovsky. They began living together. Began life about who broke the love boat Mayakovsky. Not immediately, of course. At first it was a few years mindless happiness. The love between the poet charged the enormous creative energy. He gave Lila a ring on which were engraved with her initials - L.YU.B. If you read these letters in a circle, then they will prevail in the endless "love".

But over time, Lily's love for the poet has to be reversed. She invited him to live separately. What he felt at that time? Once Lily wrote in a note that he no longer feels for his former feelings. They continued to live together. But only as friends. To live with the woman still love, but who does not love you, perhaps, it is still torture! Lily told Mayakovsky about their new relationship and shared details, causing him severe pain.

He also had passion, but there was the love he had for Lily. Besides, Lily vigilant to ensure that the enthusiasm of the poet did not escalate into something serious. She would forever be the only muse of the poet. When she only asked that he not married Natalia Bryukhanenko as Mayakovsky canceled wedding. Over time, Mayakovsky yet met a woman, to which he is having feelings. It was Veronica Polonskaya, actress Moscow Art Theatre. But she was married and leave her husband was in no hurry, because, with her words, she was afraid of interference Lili Brik, which could happen at any time.

Loneliness and unrequited love for Lily, the inability to find solace with another woman - all this has forced the poet to put "a bullet point in his end." In his last letter from Mayakovsky received Lily, says: "Lily - love me." Only this could save the poet. But Lily is no longer loved him as he wanted.

Many believe that the tragedy of the two poets is that they do not fall in love with those women. Lilya Brik once remarked that Mayakovsky would be better to marry their maid Annushka. Such a woman as a Brick - fatal, do not appreciate traditional family values, striving for men's worship, to easily change their husbands and lovers - not the most "convenient" object of love.

Pasternak once remarked that if the choice of Pushkin's wife was guided by common sense, you would have married somebody from pushkinists. Because too many abused Natalia Goncharova and considered choice of Pushkin's unfortunate.

Many have forgotten that the Bible says: "This mystery is great". To argue about the rightness or wrongness of the choice of object of love, at least, absurd. Love comes suddenly, without the chance to weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision.