Who was Leonid Khrushchev: hero or traitor?

Who was Leonid Khrushchev: hero or traitor? November 10, 1917, 90 years ago, the family of the future General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev came firstborn, whom he called Leonid. The time was very heavy, military, prevailed in the country starvation, devastation, rampant disease. During the typhus epidemic Yefrosinya Khrushchev's ill, and the strength to overcome the fever she has left. She died when the boy was not even two years. His father dangling from the civil war, and the boy raised his grandfather and grandmother ...

To its credit, Khrushchev, a senior, he took the first-born at the earliest opportunity, as soon as he married a second time. In this new family for himself the boy did not feel particularly caressed, sometimes trying to go against, showing the character. Anyway, after a seven-year period, he decided "not to stand out, went to school and factory training, and after finishing it, went straight to work at the plant. But a still greater number, he "otchebuchil, when at age 18 became a father. His first-born Yuri was born in 1935.

Around the same time, Leonid became a cadet school Balashov pilots of the Civil Air Fleet, and later graduated from the military and aviation school in the town of Engels. In short, Toril his way by himself, without assistance became apparent at that time already an influential father. Khrushchev could not help very much independent son. Two severe reprimand Komsomol is a school of biography - one for drunkenness, and another for insubordination (failure to pay dues) - proof of this ...

As soon as the Soviet-Finnish war, Leonid Khrushchev asked permission for the front. His request granted. He participated in several combat operations, bombing the Mannerheim Line. But not won special laurels, unlike the first months of World War II, when in the summer of 1941 he was presented the Order of the Red Banner. And if not for a dogfight on Jan. 9, 1942, when the military vehicle Leonid was shot down, and during a jump with a parachute from the burning plane did not break a leg, it is difficult to say what could have happened.

The period of treatment in the Kuibyshev Hospital, where he lay in a ward with other renowned "offspring" - Ruben Ibarruri significantly influenced the fate of Khrushchev junior. Young men quickly became friends, and freedom from treatment time began to devote booze. In one of them allegedly shooting incident occurred when Lt. Khrushchev had an argument with one of the drinkers, that gets into the bottle, which will stand on his head debater. The first shot Leonid marginalized in the neck of a bottle, and the second bullet hit Major in the forehead ...

Khrushchev was waiting for severe punishment. Finding myself in his place, a mere mortal - the shooting was inevitable, but Nikita Sergeyevich has been made more lenient sentence, the case first "zavolokitili", then the offender was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment at the front. And the new ride at the front became the excuse for one of the most puzzling mysteries of the Great Patriotic War.

Thus, the fall of 1942, LN Khrushchev had been sent for retraining in a training regiment, which restored its order of lost skills. And shortly before the new, 1943, he was sent to the 18-th Guards Fighter Air Regiment. During the three months of incomplete lieutenant managed to make only 6 sorties, has participated in two air battles. In the seventh, which took place March 11, 1943, Leonid never returned. After six months he was expelled from the lists of parts, such as missing ...

And now to versions.
The first version - Leonid Khrushchev died a heroic death, unable to leave a wounded enemy aircraft.
What speaks in favor of this version? First of all, the fact that if there had been a son of one of the Soviet generals in captivity, this would be immediately known. The Germans, no doubt, would have tried to use this card in order to provide a kind of pressure on Stalin.

The second point. The body of the deceased pilot was never found. Neither in Grozny in 1943, or much later. Although the later years found good people, who during the war were the children, alleges that seen falling to the ground Soviet plane, from which so nobody jumped. And then next to the crater from the explosion of the boys found three fingers and polcherepa with light hair. This detail is especially emphasized that no one has doubts - it was Khrushchev's son ...

The second version - Lt. Khrushchev declined to air combat and flew into the territory occupied by the enemy.

Supporters of this version claim that Leonid simply smalodushnichal, and realizing that he still faces sentencing, he decided to move to the enemy to save his life.

And then events unfolded that way. The Germans were told that in their hands is the son of a member of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) and asked to exchange it for a high-ranking German generals (some even "remembered" Field Marshal von Paulus - approx. The author). But the Soviet military intelligence, in particular, militant groups known Soviet spy Pavel Sudoplatov (liquidator of one of the founders of UPA Yevgena Konovalca), allegedly stole Khrushchev from Nazi captivity. He was taken to Moscow, where the Politburo (!) Decide what to do with his son changed the oath Khrushchev.

Many members of the Politburo decided to punish the traitor, the most horrible way - shoot. The verdict, he says, was executed, despite the fact that Nikita Khrushchev was sobbing (!) In Stalin's feet, trying to beg forgiveness.

In proof is a whole system, they say, if it were not such cruelty of Stalin towards Leonid, no debunking the cult of Stalin at the historic Twentieth Party Congress would not have been. And General Sudoplatov not repressed. Etc. etc.

The third version - author.
After analyzing the facts, which could find, I came to the conclusion that the probability that Khrushchev's son was a traitor, almost small. If the story of the transition to the enemy and shoot really would have occurred, it can not see Nikita Sergeyevich seats in the Politburo - Stalin knew how to deal with those who have "the stigma was a gun." And even if the leader of all people would have left all without repression, the main political opponents of Khrushchev would never have not taken advantage of these "trump cards" to "topple" Nikita Sergeyevich.

On the other hand, command 18 Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment has made all attempts to locate, if not most of Leonid Khrushchev, then at least his remains. Thus, the commander of an Air Army Lt. Gen. Khudyakov organized the most thorough search from the air and through the partisan (did not get a Soviet aircraft pilot in the German prison?). But it has not produced results. Leonid Khrushchev, like vanished - no wreckage, no remains of the pilot could not be found.