Why kiss under the mistletoe?

Why kiss under the mistletoe? For the first time this issue has taken me 15 years to when I watched a movie about a courageous Batman. Corresponding entourage was present: in the Christmas room from the ceiling hung a green bush, to which the heroine, and drew attention. And if I recall, had said something from the series: "Oh, my God, we kiss under the mistletoe!" Thinking this was no time to plot smartly spun and without ...
When the latest Harry Potter film from the ceiling mysteriously slipped some greens and heroes, noting that this mistletoe - immediately rushed to kiss - I was truly curious.

Find the roots of this custom has led to the Celts. Specifically, the Celtic priests - the mysterious druids, who lived in what is now England and most actively used by grasses, rightly considering all the magic - from burdock to pine.
Mistletoe among the Druids had a modest title of "vsetselitelya", and any magician of the time, most likely, would have told you that there is nothing more sacred than mistletoe, especially if it grows on oak.

Since the plant is poluparazit, its bushes are sitting on the branches of trees, reminding rooks' nests, and the people called witches brooms. " We are studying botany in the fifth grade and living with the Discovery Channel - nothing surprising in this do not see.
Druid sorcerers same plant that grew up without roots, not on earth, but directly on the tree, regarded, obviously, as something supernatural, had fallen from the sky. Plucked the mistletoe in compliance with complex rituals: the sixth day of the moon priest dressed in white climbed the tree and cut off a plant golden sickle, put it on a piece of white cloth. Mistletoe was to be torn without the use of iron, and torn - do not touch the ground. Referring to the earth, is a celestial plant would be subjected to defilement and has lost its force.

Correctly extracted mistletoe was considered a good remedy for epilepsy, and helped women get pregnant - if they wore it in itself, distinct way healed ulcers, through external and internal use, as well as being equally beautiful poison and true remedy against any poison - depending on the purpose set by the sorcerer.

The Roman scholar Pliny the Elder, still in the I century AD, describing the customs of the Druids, noted that the mistletoe in their beliefs held one of the leading places in the fight against evil spirits. Maybe so neat evergreen steel used as Christmas decorations - as a home guardian. And with the first settlers Old English custom migrated overseas - in America. But as in America, mistletoe does not grow, it was replaced in homes like it foradendron.
But let us still a kiss ... The explanation of this custom can be found in the Scandinavian sagas. One fascinating story of how God Baldur world was wounded by an arrow made from mistletoe. But thanks to the intervention of other gods, instead of imminent death, Baldur was healed from the wounds. After that mistletoe given the power of the goddess of love, which found that every passing under the mistletoe should get a kiss on the evidence that this branch is a symbol of love, not hate.

The seriousness of custom bit shaken Christmas mood. The ones that are removed from the deep caches of our souls faith in miracles and make us see the world more indulgent and kind. It was they who gave the ceremony a mystical-sensual, totally magical color. A kiss under the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling was deemed to be an eternal love. Moreover, some experts insist to this day, that it should lead to the inevitable marriage.