What do you know about mountains? December 11 - International Mountain Day

What do you know about mountains? December 11 - International Mountain Day Better mountains can be just the mountains,
Which has not yet been ...

With these words often start (or end) the materials on the mountains and climbing. And no wonder - Vysotsky devoted not one song that extreme occupation. And you can see - even the holiday Gore is! December 11. For some reason to drink, but for someone - just the ability to recall events and days associated with mountains.

What about dictionaries say? "Mountains - a foot of earth's surface, rising abruptly from the surrounding area. In contrast to the plateau, peaks in the mountains occupy a small area. Hmm, drily.

But the remarkable determination of Yuri Vizbor: "Gore - the sky is covered with stone and snow!"

We all know that mountains are renowned for their height, and you are trying to conquer the mountaineers and climbers. Here are details on some of the most famous peaks (in meters, of course).

Qomolangma (Everest), China - Nepal8848
Elbrus, Russia 5642
Kazbek, Russia - Georgia 5033
Communism Peak, Tajikistan 7495
Ararat, Turkey, 5137
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 5895
Mont Blanc, France 4807

I then rummaged a bit in the web and found that many of the world's people have a saying that "part" of the mountain.

Smart will not go up the hill, clever mountain bypass.
The mountains that does not converge, but the man with the man comes around.
The mountains are high and the emperor far away.
If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will go to the mountain.
Sitting on top of the mountain, watch the fray two tigers.
Someone asked - turns mountains who did not ask - and get lost in the plains.
Whose sheep on the mountain, and that mountain.
Faith and the mountain will move from their seats.
Empty barrels, when rolling downhill, makes much noise.
Mount Fuji is one, and the ways to it a lot.
Give the thief a golden mountain, still he will not stop stealing.

Did you know that ...

If you climb to the summit of Mount Everest, find yourself at the upper boundary of the troposphere.
With a length of 7600 km of the Andes are the longest mountain chain in the world.
Mount Tutunendo in Colombia - the world champion on the precipitation, the annual rate which is 11.77 meters - the height of a three-storey house.

Why do people go to the mountains and expose themselves to danger? You can make a lot of small causes and reasons.

1. Challenge yourself
2. Rest
3. Control of complexes and fears
4. Vanity
5. The habit of resting in a certain way
6. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle
7. Aesthetic pleasure
8. Change of
9. Moving away from the objective reality
10. Struggle with something without a fight with someone
11. The purpose of (some)
12. Participation in the community that is rallying real difficulties
13. The desire to test someone's friendship or even its existence

But it describes the process of climbing a mountain one of the participants tourist club in Russia: "Each day stay in the mountains of my veins are filled with hot blood. I'm starting to enjoy their movement. How wonderful, with a huge backpack, but on light feet quickly "run" on the tops of the stones: it all goes to the purely dynamic equilibrium. How smart! The heart works, filled with the breath smooth, and here an hour I had already dialed the 500 meters in height! My flight is running behind me, and we all run, subject to the sole and purely animal goal - to reach the end of the route and stay alive. "