Why New Year's taken trig tree?

Why New Year's taken trig tree? Все мы любим красивый и сказочный обычай наряжать на новогодние праздники елку. Эта всемирная традиция имеет очень богатую историю And without it, can hardly be the celebration of the major winter holidays. Why do we dress up and how to spruce it appeared this custom?
According to ancient legend, the tree became a symbol of Christmas at the request of the heavenly powers. When at Bethlehem, in the squalid cave, was born the Savior, the singing of angels in the dark sky lit up bright new star. Heeding divine signs, hurried to the cave is not only people but also animals and plants. Everyone tried to show the infant her sincere joy and bring any gift. Plants and trees gave the Infant their fragrance, flowers, fruits and leaves.

On the happy occasion was hurrying from the far north and spruce. She came to the most recent and, embarrassed, stood on the sidelines. All surprise asked her why she does not go. El replied that she wanted to enter, but it had nothing to give the Divine Infant and she is afraid of scaring him, or prick with needles. Then the plants have shared their gifts with spruce, and its branches have become flash red apples, nuts, bright flowers and green leaves. Spruce was delighted, thanked everyone, and quietly walked over to Jesus. The baby smiled when he saw a beautiful, colorful, good fir, and then on its very tip of the more colorful and shining star of Bethlehem ...

In other, similar to the legend, El was not allowed to baby proud Olive and Palm, mocked her prickly needles and adhesive resin. A modest Christmas tree had not objected and looked sadly into the bright fragrant cave, thinking about his unworthiness to enter into it. But Angel, who has heard the conversation of trees, took pity on the fir and decided to decorate it with branches of the stars of heaven. El beautifully beamed and went into the cave. At this point, Jesus woke up, smiled and held out her hands. El rejoiced, but not at all proud, and shy angel rewarded good tree, making it now a sign of a bright Christmas.

In ancient times, people worshiped nature and believed in the existence of spirits, living mainly in the forests of coniferous trees. It is believed that a supernatural forest creatures cause severe frosts, snowstorms and sends a confusing hunters, and especially the bold spirits behave December's long nights. And so, to protect themselves and their property from the tricks of forest creatures, people tried in every way to placate them: decorated eating various fruits and delicacies, delivered the special charms, and the mysterious rituals. In addition, the evergreen tree since ancient times symbolized life itself.

Europeans are convinced that distribute custom decorate the tree and helped the head of the German Reformation, Martin Luther. Once, on Christmas Eve, frosty starry night, he was returning home through the woods and decided to surprise the family, brought the Christmas tree. It was decorated with candles and ribbons. After this incident, many began to take his example.

The first written record of decorated Christmas parties, dated 1605, reads: "In Strasbourg at Christmas to bring home spruce trees and those trees put roses made from colored paper, apples, wafers, gold foil, sugar and other things" .

At the beginning of XIX century. This beautiful German custom began to spread in Northern Europe. In England, France, America and everywhere set to decorate Christmas trees were only in the middle of the XIX century.

At the same time has become a Christmas tree Christmas tree and in Russia. However, the decree of Peter I on the eve of 1700, which enshrines the transfer of the New Year on Jan. 1, also read: "In the great outdoors, in homes of deliberate, before the gate to put some decorations on the tree and the branches of pine, spruce and mozzhevelevyh. But on the Christmas tree as decoration at home it had not yet come. Germans living in Russia, to respect their customs, but the Russian did not rush to adopt them.

There are references in the literature that the first Christmas tree was set up in Russia by Nicholas I in the late 1830's. While the Russian passion for knowing German literature and Western manners. Contributed to the spread of traditions ... Petersburg Confectioners Swiss origin who proposed to the holiday ready dressed trees and sweets with Christmas tree symbolism. By the end of the 1840's tree has become a usual attribute of the Christmas holiday. Trees were decorated with crafts from colored paper, fruits, lump sugar and tinsel.

Speaking of Christmas tinsel, too, there is a legend. Long ago there lived a certain kind woman, who had many children, they were very poor, and she had to work very hard. The night before Christmas, a woman trim the tree, but the decorations she had very little. Night on the tree branch and crawled spiders spinning webs. Seeing this, and pity the poor mother, Jesus Christ blessed tree, and the Web has become a silver tinsel ...

In the late 20-ies of XX century tree in Russia was banned along with the celebration of Christmas and even New Year. But in 1936, returned as an attribute is the New Year and I hope more of us will not leave.