Why New Year's Eve in Poland called Sylvester?

Why New Year's Eve in Poland called Sylvester? In the early nineties had a chance a couple of years to live in Poland. Introducing the Polish celebrations began for me with the Christmas and New Year. Happy New Year act Poles used to call Sylvester. The average citizen heiress Rzeczpospolita nothing very intelligible about such title does not tell. Well, there was a saint, now in his honor and celebrate.

Indeed, it was. But not just holy, but, so to speak, the holy Designator. Pope Sylvester first lived at the time of Emperor Constantine and was "at the helm" long enough, with 314 to 335 a year. For he was numbered among the saints, do not know. But the father died right in the eve of the new 336, 31 December. The day of his death is honored as the day of St. Sylvester.

Do not hurry, the tale is yet to come. At the time New Year was celebrated hard. Holiday in the basically pagan, since the Romans began to celebrate before the adoption of Christianity. The powerful church with folk traditions could not cope. Perhaps, therefore we decided not to celebrate the birthday of the saint, which, in my opinion, as a logical, but the day that my father passed away.

Full authority to "celebrate" the day of death, in my view, are perhaps the Jews, the religion which Pope Sylvester first actively fought and insisted on a complete break from the Jewish roots of Christianity.

They say that somehow my father started a trial of strength of faith with the Jews in the face of the emperor. And not just organized, but Christian prayer overcame a certain charm of the famous Jewish magician, who knew the true name of God. The story of the drowning in the Tiber hundreds of Roman Jews - also, allegedly, his handiwork.

But back to the approaching holiday. For a long time, more than six centuries, New Year's Day and St. Sylvester existed side by side, but each by itself. "We are together, but we're apart" - as said one of our fellow traveler on the question of Polish customs, with a sad kind of viewing the pile of boxes, parcels, bags and suitcases, zabivshih seater coupe to the ceiling. The Church wanted to eradicate the pagan traditions, and wayward people somehow reluctant to break entrenched habits.

But the closer the new 1000-th year. Remember, as we all anxiously awaited the onset of 2000? Computers will be all, planes will fall, and the trains will shoot up, to fall too close to the rails. What did we not prophesied Cunning-schemers, and we, literate and intelligent, obediently rolling the pasta to the protruding organs of hearing.

Well, a thousand years ago, things were even worse. The whole Catholic world gripped psychosis associated with the expectation of the end of the world. In 1000-th year of the sea had to crawl out the Old Testament monstrous serpent Leviathan, looking forward, probably because of severe hunger to devour the whole earth.

Naturally, who also wants to be eaten together with neighbors and habitat. Moleben no end. And it was here that St. Sylvester proved useful as an opportune moment. Who else will stand, no matter how holy, which commemorated the last day before the end of the world? Holy can not people do not help. Snake it in the invisible battle won, people did not give offense. Until now, live and reproduce.