Why New Year's "Old" and what happens in Vasiliev day?

Why New Year's "Old" and what happens in Vasiliev day? Old New Year. Agree, a controversial name. But he is old or new, in our family always celebrated it. Like all the other holidays, were laying the table, came relatives, gave each other gifts.

- After the New Year has already been, why we find it again? - I asked once his uncle.
- You know, Lesh, - my uncle wanted her nephew, why it is so mangled the name of Lena - you do not love me, when something do not you think you are stubborn girl! And we all are. Picture this, before we all lived on the Julian calendar, but it did not accurately reflect the true state of affairs. And then decided to adopt the new, Gregorian, because it gave a much better approximation to the tropical year than the Julian. And the reason for the adoption of the new calendar has been the shift of the vernal equinox, which was determined by the date of Easter. Here, in 1918 and introduced in Russia the Gregorian calendar, which after 31 January 1918 occurred on Feb. 14, 1918 of the Gregorian calendar is now living virtually the whole world. The discrepancy is 13 calendar days. But the stubbornness of the Russian Orthodox Church was great. Do not they wished to move to a new style, and created quite an unusual and unique holiday - Old New Year. And now, on the night of 13 on January 14, we can afford "doprazdnovat" our most favorite holiday.

Then, in five years, I did not understand what the tropical year, the vernal equinox, and what it means to "reflect the true state of things, just took note that you can celebrate the New Year twice - in the new and the old.

When I was in eighth grade, 12 January, the parents went skiing in the Carpathian Mountains, and I was sent to the remote village of my father's mother, where even the TV was not working. The weather was wonderful: Frost, fluffy snow, and I decided to walk, but my aunt the morning and blocked my job: we have made home-made sausage "krovyanku, pancakes and gravy, somewhere Grandma brought a pig, and informed me that it is a symbol of pork yields, although I perceived crop like tomatoes and apples. Svezhenina, cheese, stuffed eggs, which not only head and share a grandmother.

- What are you, gathered to celebrate the wedding? - I asked her when she saw that she was again plotting a new dish.
- So lavish lunch today - surprise replied granny. - The old year will see, but as a person spends an old and meet the new year, so will be for him all coming. Prepare to all tasty, and with the intent!

- What do you mean "with meaning"? - I wondered.
- On the Vassiliev day and prepare a rabbit and a rooster. Rabbit meat is eaten, to be as nimble as a hare, and a rooster - to be light as a bird. But the main dish is always a little pig! His roast whole. Our grandmothers knew that roast pig provides prosperity for the coming year, and you are love and the strawberry, and tomatoes that I grow?
- I like it - could not accept me.

- A generous lunch today. And so generously cover the need. A schedrovat go?
- What to do?
- Schedrovat! Hey, you! City girl! I guess, and guessing not guess.
- Granny, are you? In the fortune-telling you believe me? - I wondered.
- And how! Everyone knows that on the night of 13 to 14 January is more likely true of divination.
Just guess, then we can at any time, but the most "faithful" is zavorazhivanie at Christmas time - "holy days" - 12 days - from 7 to 19 January. Although most "prophetic" days - "Vasilyev Evening" (31 dek./13 January.) And Epiphany Eve (5/18 January). Divination by Vasiliev day always come true, and that would not work for divination - that will happen. All Evil - frights, Bannikov - these are brownies - explained granny - evil spirits, the bath selyutsya, devils, goblins and all the trash is awake, and if they are to apply the rules - will tell the whole truth! Only f "devil" can answer all questions, when to guess. And you the main thing - do not fold, do not get scared, to comply with special rules: during the conspiracy and wait for the rooster crows, and above all - and do not forget to cross your fingers. And then you can die or be nuts.

- Oh, come, Grandma! Nonsense you say!
- What are you see, is small yet! As soon as we did in my youth, only to learn that the same fate in store for us. We speculated on the mirrors, and water, and cinders. And in the name of guessing and throwing shoes .- grandmother sighed, evidently thought, as she threw her shoes .- And you yourself try, here's at least put to sleep under the pillow comb, but she kept saying: "Promised My Husband, comb my head! "Those who dream to be scratching his head, he will be your betrothed. But I know your grandfather dreamed of! And you say - deception.
- Well, maybe not a hoax.

- I spoke with you, look, it became too dark! And the sky is a star! - Joyfully told me my grandmother. - You know, if the sky on a clear day, Vassiliev and star - is a rich harvest of berries.
- What do you all "Vasiliev day", "Vasilyev day, what a day that?
- Since Jan. 14 - that's a "avsen, Vasiliev day, a very esteemed by our ancestors. Three rite it happens: porridge, cook, grain posevaem let go home.
- A home-then why go?

- How Why go? Under the windows pies request. We've walked! - Razvspominalas Grandma ...
- In front was a girl with a bag that will give us, she did then and shared all. In every house waiting kolyadovschikov, prepared for us a feast, and listened as we sang Christmas carols!
- What are you singing?

And Grandma sang:
- Avsen, avsen,
Silk beard
The golden head,
Bring cake
Or chicken with a tuft,
Cockerel with comb
Give kopeck with an eagle
And the penny with a spear!

- If a woman takes out a feast, thanks:
Do a good guy
Been born rye is good:
Koloskov thick,
Shredded is empty!
- If the evening meal is not served, and is able to sing:
A tight-fisted man
Been born rye is good:
Koloskov empty
Shredded thick!

- That's the way we Vasiliev day celebrated! That night we gathered in posidelochnoy house and ate all together, that nakolyadovali.
There is a legend that witches steal Vasiliev evening a month, so it is not lit up their night walks with unclean spirits. So as darkness advancing, so we zapalivali candles and dance! Danced to the tune, listen to tales, riddles guessed - "Blue Light" There was no time!

Suddenly a knock at the door, and behind me came the neighbor girl.
- Well, Lena, are you going?
- Come, little granddaughter! - Grandma smiled. - I suppose, in a city you have no such.
And I went out. The company of seven people, which I got, was gay. One guy wore a jacket inside out. He was holding a "goat" - made of paper head goats. He was accompanied by a guide dressed in old clothes, a guide was fastened a beard made of hemp, and in the hands of staff. Every time we approached the whole company to any home, he tapped the window and struck up a carol. Others supported him.

Took after Kolyada!
Who will give the cake -
Tom yard belly
Another fine cattle
Numbers do not you know!
And who does not give a penny -
After covering loopholes.
Who will not give cakes -
After covering the windows,
Who gives the cake -
Reduce the cow by the horns
Who gives bread -
Notice to his grandfather.
Who will not give ham -
But the split pots!

It seemed to me that we are violating the peace of the villagers, but the people we were happy out of their homes and treated us different snacks, gave money, and listening to our Christmas carols.