Why Robert Zemeckis directed the movie "Forrest Gump"?

Why Robert Zemeckis directed the movie "Forrest Gump"? In addition to the remarkable home movies have a lot of not less remarkable, but made outside the USSR and Russia. And one of the best (even finish reading the opponents of the U.S.) - is "Forrest Gump" made in USA. The film was released long ago, in 1995, and since then, probably, most saw it once on TV. He Article [b] about 1,111,113. um in order to watch it more than twice. The film - a good cure for pessimism and bad mood. And yet - he gently makes you think.

The film received a home an Academy Award "Oscar" in 1996, and Tom Hanks, the leading man - too. In one of kinooprosov last year the Americans called the "Forrest Gump" worst film of those who have ever given an Oscar. Hire the same fate of this movie in the world - one of the best.

So what is the reason that some have not accepted it, while others embraced with enthusiasm? Because this film is not simple: it is - a multi-level, and it is - a parable. Nelyubiteli America will find in it evidence that the country is unsuitable for life, is dangerous, depraved, and live in it some idiots running after the dollar, as a manna from heaven. The same surface reacted to the film and the majority of Americans, seeing in it offensive attacks against the American way of life and the wrong agency hero, so unlike a real problem.

At first viewing, we see smooth ongoing story of life, well, a mentally retarded person. Off-screen voice of Tom Hanks, stuttering and braking, even a little monotonous, said about the events which, as an illustration, pass before our eyes. The impressions of childhood, adolescence, youth and maturity go against the sequence of events that shook America.

What happened to the hero, at first puzzling: it does not happen! But in the parables is all.

According to the movie you can study the history of the United States. Segregation, the Vietnam War, the movement of children with color, black panthers, the Watergate scandal ... Not forgotten passion for American football, American idols, and the best American movies, excerpts from which abound in the film (for example, the scene at the camp, where the background are images of "Apocalypse Now" to the music of Wagner). In the film a lot of humor - and lying on the surface, and covert, and frankly black and satirical. A huge number of minor characters appear in the frame once. Among them - familiar even to us, not the Americans, faces and names.

The filmmakers used the reception frame documentaries, and so that the illusion of reality, when Forrest is interviewed John Lennon, or when he has been honored with an audience with the four (!) Presidents of the United States. One of the best scenes - demonstration Forrest President Jackson of his war wounds (in the buttocks). All the scenes are imbued with nostalgia for the past - clothes, cars, furnishings houses recreated carefully. In the film a lot of hints and allusions, which from the first time uglyadet difficult. Wife of Lieutenant Dan looks like Yoko Ono, "fruit" company whose shareholders are Forrest, is the emblem of an apple (Apple) ...

The best decoration film - poignant, light and simultaneously tragic love story of Forrest to Jenny (in the opinion of the hero, is the main story of his life). More relevant and can be traced to the difficult times, and for multinational countries issue God-seeking people's attitudes towards God and with God.

And finally, what was the basis and parables, and the engine of the plot, and an occasion to laugh and think: the famous American dream. More precisely, a set of very different dreams, each of which people are fighting all his life, selling soul, but do not always reach. Forrest also goes to the whole set: it is easy to become a star of American football, finishes college, gets the status of war hero, rescues and helps to survive a lot of people, is making the U.S. World Cup championship ping-pong, is recognized throughout the country as a guru, to marry the woman he loves and becomes a father intelligent son. On top of Forrest obtained a successful businessman, and eventually he is one of the richest men in America.

The longer you look "Forrest Gump", the more doubt in the mental retardation of the hero. He recognizes every good man and ready to believe the above, is resilient when jeopardizing its moral principles. It is well differentiates between good and evil, and every time opted for good.

One might say that such a choice seems stupid, unprofitable, absurd, and it is possible that - the only true (if you remember the conscience, of course). You can decide that the hero has low self-esteem, and can he - a modest man. One would think that he - olive, and can be that - a responsible and honest. It can be concluded that he was - a dork, but can that - sage. You say: "Fools are always lucky", but can be: "He deserved it!".

If we consider the movie "Forrest Gump" carefully, you can enjoy the most profound, fascinating story about an amazing and beautiful country with rich history, populated by normal people with the same as for all ills and joys. Reflect on the eternal truths. Cry and laugh. Understand that the withdrawal parable in love with my country man.

His love for his homeland - it is not pink saliva, snot, not flagged and not politically correct talk shop, and a sober, ironic, sometimes cynical look at the country's problems and their causes. And a great desire to understand them. This causes the director does not condemn, but in good fun of them, using exactly spot-on mockery. And yet this film, he addresses the people: "Do not forget that always and everywhere have to be people."