Who Tolstoy won a bet beaver hat?

Who Tolstoy won a bet beaver hat? In the morning - the sheep, in the evening - a coat
The proverb says: "an Englishman - a gentleman, and two Englishmen - that's a bet. It seems no accident that home betting - disputes on something - is England. Passion "bet" covered here is not only ordinary people but also the most notable and famous.

One of the most famous bet, which is often referred to the English chroniclers, concluded once the two factory - Koksetter and Throckmorton. The first of them said that good artists can do wonders. "Miracles in our business does not happen, - said the second. - For us, the most important thing - the integrity of workers. " - "But I still maintain that these artists can perform a miracle" - repeated Koksetter. Word for word - controversy broke. Koksetter suggested: "If in the morning you will bring me two live sheep, then in the evening I will do from their fur coat." Throckmorton laughed out loud: "Do not believe it! This is nonsense! Bullcrap! ". In the end, they decided to bet for 1000 guineas.
The next day, Throckmorton led to the factory to Koksetteru two sheep. He assured that at nine o'clock in the evening coat will be ready. We had to shave the sheep, wool spryast, relax and weave wool, matted cloth, dye it, compress, and only after all of these operations could tailor to begin its work.
By four o'clock it was already prepared cloth. And in 8 hours and 40 minutes in the evening Koksetter gave Throckmorton finished and sewn on his coat figure. This coat lost a bet, no worrying about losing, appeared at the ball in front of numerous societies, collected the winner of a bet, to celebrate this event.

  When debating two genius ...
A curious controversy has happened once in a friendly conversation between two famous English playwright. A unique case in the history of literature: Bernard Shaw v. Oscar Wilde! The author of "Pygmalion" maintained that realist playwrights, that is, he, vocabulary richer and larger than those of the playwrights, poets, that is, in Wilde. The author of the "ideal husband" challenged this view and suggested as evidence, to think and write on paper synonyms for the phrase "beautiful woman".
Fifteen minutes later the judges - they were a few literary critics who were present at the conversation - having studied the paper of each of the playwrights, announced the decision: the victory of "poet" for a clear advantage. If Shaw was able to come up with only 35 of synonymous phrases, then Wilde ... - 59! Shaw, not believing, grabbed uayldovsky sheet, and running eyes, text, slowly raised his eyes extinguished by a friendly smiling poet. Playwright-realist sighed loudly, then knelt on one knee and theatrically put his hand to his heart, exclaimed:
- With admiration bow my head before your genius, my friend! Frankly, I was absolutely sure that in our literature there is only one genius. But as soon as that found us, it turns out, two ...
Wilde, laughing, shook hands with the "second" genius ...

  Mysterious creatures these women!
Moved from England to France. Among the French fans argue - all familiar faces: Dumas, Moliere, Louis XIV, Hugo, Zola, Musset, Balzac. The latter is generally in this area had any luck. The author of "Brilliance and poverty courtesans" imagines himself a connoisseur of women's souls, and without looking to get involved in disputes, promising for some trifle or bauble guess the first glance at the woman, her character, family situation and all of her previous life.
One day, walking through the park, he met with a blonde beauty, with regular features, narrow waists and large breasts, walking in the hand with the black-haired girlfriend, her complete opposite: spindly, long-nosed, tasteless makeup lady of indeterminate age. Balzac was intrigued by the pair and he was my friend and I went after her.
Along the way he announced to his friend that the blonde lady - "of course" the Frenchwoman, born Parisienne - "such a step is only a Parisian, is not married, but has several wealthy lovers, that contain it. An ugly woman - most likely an English or Scottish - such hairstyles are they only "probably some kind of a dressmaker or a housekeeper, a widow and has one child, who has lived by her grandmother ...
A friend - a former priest in the past - from surprise to open his mouth. Balzac, read mistrust in the eyes of a comrade, offered a bet on anything. My friend agreed, saying that long dreamed of dining in "Maxim" ("Maxim" - the most expensive while a restaurant in Paris). Shook hands, the disputants came to women, and presenting, told them about his dispute (omitting, of course, about the details). Their joint conversation lasted another ten minutes. And with every minute all the more disappointing cover Balzac.
Beauty was ... Russian, German Ambassador's wife, a devout and better half and his wife, a mother of two children. Ugly Betty also was not Scottish, and French, Parisian born, unmarried and childless actress, while - quite a dasher, immediately nameknuvshaya that is not averse to continue to get acquainted with the two "esteemed Monsieur" in any cafe or restaurant ...
As a result, the restaurant went to two: Balzac and his hungry friend.

  The test of love ... sharks
No less insane part of various disputes and the Americans. So Bill and Nick Baetjer, twin brothers, they argued, one of them faster swim shark-infested Gulf of Sydney (it was in Australia). Arriving in Australia in the summer to rest, the brothers met at the beach with the local beauty and fell in love with her unconscious. And to decide which of them is more worthy of her hands and hearts, they invented themselves as stupid as it is a dangerous test. The selected judges, informed and invited friends and acquaintances.
Then love the brothers sent their fairy letter, which reported that a decision once and for all find out who among them is worthy of her attention, love, etc. The letter concluded with a request to the appointed day and hour to come to such a place on the opposite shore of the bay and wait, so to speak, the most worthy of the fittest.
On the day betting on the bank of a considerable crowd had gathered leisure travelers, curious citizens and idlers. Some demanded to call the police, others - a doctor, and others - with mental health care nurses. However, most of the audience would just have some fun and see what the outcome is a fun idea.
However, for the participants of the show was amusing enough: swim half a mile next to cut through the water surface of shark fins, was tantamount to a death sentence. But as so often happens, love is not only deprives the eye but also his mind. Some of the spectators had already urged on Brothers, advising carefully protected from sharks "innermost", otherwise, if a shark bite, they will no longer up to the girls. The brothers are not paying any attention at the expense of "one-two-three", jumped into the water.
It should be said at once: the sharks in this day no luck. None of the brothers was injured. Apparently, the shark was not a lunch hour. But no luck and brothers. They are almost at the same time to swim to shore, but the girls there found. She, as it turned out later, along with her fiance, a waiter from a local bar the night before drove off in a trip around the world.
Have the brothers wait for her return or not, is unknown. Surprising is that these Americans do not even inquire whether they like a girl before risking his life for her.

  Cognac in exchange for a photo
Next bets can be called international, because it concluded the Russian and the Englishman, two well-known writer - Maxim Gorky and HG Wells.
Once, a guest at Gorky, the author of "Invisible Man" slowly sipped some unusually mild cognac. It was a gift from Gorky of fans from Georgia. The drink is so fascinated by the guest, that he learned that Gorky is another such bottle, immediately offered to bet.
Poured into a glass of water and brandy in the other, he told the Russian writer, that could change both the liquid in the glasses places without using either mouth or third glass or straw. Bitter, scratching his head for a moment, replied that this, probably, maybe. However, he was bitter, knows the secret of this focus and to get it, take the bet. At the suggestion of Wells, Gorky at stake bottle of cognac, and he himself - his photograph.
Next is what happened. Welles drew from his pocket a photograph and covered it with a glass of water. Then gently turned her over and put it on a second glass so that the picture was among them. After that, English writer slightly tilted to one side and a photo ... and golden liquid trickle became a move to the upper glass, and transparent - in the bottom.
Next, Wells explained unlucky Gorky secret focus: the density of the water above, so she replaced the cognac top.
Despite the loss, Gorky was satisfied with the bet: catching cognac, Wells left the loser a precious gift - a photograph with the inscription.