Who is Princess Tarakanov?

Who is Princess Tarakanov? This woman has always attracted attention, but no one knew exactly who she is. Even the priest at confession before his death, she revealed her secret. One can only guess how many years this mysterious woman and where she came from. She had many names - Mrs. Frank, Scheel, Tremouille, Ali-Emet, Vladimir Princess Eleanor, Princess of Azov, the Princess Elizabeth Vladimir - Russian princess, but the name Tarakanova she never used her so called historians, trying to find the truth .

On its origin, she told the same mysterious, as behaved. She did not remember either of their parents, nor place of birth, a child six years old she was brought to Lyon, and six months later - in Kiel. She grew up Mrs. Peret or Peron (surname she also does not remember exactly), and baptized in the Orthodox rite. In 1761 she moved to St. Petersburg, but then it moved to an isolated village near the Iranian border, where they lived just one old woman and three old men. Fifteen months in solitude, and then, finally, with his nanny, she fled to the capital of Persia - Baghdad, where I found refuge with a wealthy Persian. According to her, there she discovered the secret of its origin: the girl was the daughter of the Empress Elizabeth and her favorite Alexei Razumovsky.

A few years later they moved to Europe. In London and Paris, she lived under the name of the Persian Princess Ali. However, these fables no one believed: children's fantasy highly salient. Consequently, contemporaries expressed a variety of assumptions. Some believed her daughter, Nurnberg, baker or Prague landlord, but she herself these rumors indignantly denied, saying that had never been to Prague. Indeed, her education, knowledge of several languages, intelligence and manners were given in her noble descent. In addition, the much talked about her Circassian, Turkish and Persian origin. This exotic lady majority believed Polish woman of noble birth. Prince Dolgorukov thought her Polish Jewish, and Prince Golitsyn inclined to believe that she was German, because adventuress knew German as their native language.

Without exception, noted an unusual appearance of the princess - an elegant, slim, with energetic movements, sharp, brown eyes, a long hooked nose and black hair gave her face an Italian character. And if not slightly slanting eyes, she could compete with the best European beauties. Her beauty, she captivated the hearts of rich admirers, and they are often ruined, and then hiding from creditors.

In 1774, the princess supported by the Polish Bar Confederation, and Prince Charles Radziwill, declared itself the sister Pugacheva and contender for the Russian throne. She stated that Elizabeth I gave her the right to the throne, and Peter III ordered the princess to educate, but unmerciful king sent him to the Siberian forests, where, under cover of night she fled to the capital of the Don Cossacks. Her harassed and tried to poison him, so she had to flee to Persia, where she lived in luxury and worked with teachers. Impostor, trying to enlist the support of influential people, went to Venice, then in Constantinople, then was in Ragusa. However, her treatment had no success.

At the same time in Russia closely interested in the interesting feature that claims to the holy of holies, and Catherine told immediately "grab tramp" and delivered to Russia, which was made shortly. The princess was taken to the fortress and is subject to interrogations, but nothing was recognized. And even debilitating illness (she suffered from tuberculosis), which in bad conditions in prison took up strength, not break it - it kept saying the same thing. When it became clear that the soul is lukewarm in a sick body, she was offered a priest of any religion, she chose the Orthodox, but he did not know the mystery of impostor. Perhaps she herself did not know this, and sincerely believed in what she is illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth.

At the same time was another Princess Tarakanov, which they believed was a true daughter of Elizabeth and Alexei Razumovsky, on behalf of Augustus. She was born presumably in 1744, but was taken out abroad, who grew up and where she received her education - is unknown. In 1785, at the command of Catherine II, she was forcibly brought to Russia and trimmed in Moscow Ivanovo monastery under the name Dosifeya. Thus, in solitude doing needlework and reading, she spent the rest of his life. Her face is allowed to see only a few specific, and only when, after the death of Catherine's monastery mode was a bit relaxed, able to paint her portrait. She was buried in a tomb of the royal Romanov New Monastery, and the funeral was attended by people from the kind Razumovsky and many other nobles.

With all this raises another question. Why is the daughter of the Empress's name was called, not related to the family of cockroaches? In the genus Razumovsky was not anything like it, and in those days the word "cockroach" was not in the Ukrainian language. In Russia was indeed a noble race cockroaches, but the latter is its representative Alexei died childless, after which the continuation of the race ended. It is believed that this name originated as follows. Brothers Razumovsky had three sisters, one of them - Vera married Yefim Daragan, Cossack colonel. The courtiers was strange to hear the name Daragan, so they changed it to Daraganov, and the Germans, whom many lived in St. Petersburg, have made them harmonious Daraganova Tarakanov. So members of the genus began to call Razumovsky Tarakanov, despite the fact that, due to marriage, they were the names of Zakrevskys, Daraganov, Streshentsovyh.