As the letter called for the road, or Literature and Life

As the letter called for the road, or Literature and Life I begin with an interesting letter published in the Canadian newspaper "Young Street Revue" (original spelling):

"Dear Editors,
Regularly read the newspaper "Young Street Review, I am accustomed to inspire us in it a reasonable, good and sometimes even part of the eternal. However, some publications stirred in me a sense of bewilderment and even just somewhere indignation.
Deeply shocked by reading exhibited here on vselyudnoe review of so-called stories of so-called writer Savitch. And as was pointed and sites, where published libels mentioned below, I plunged into the study of this negative phenomenon of our lives. Because my grandson even learned how to open a site and there to read stories.
And what is revealed to my astonished gaze?

How can you make fun of neglecting our glorious past and cynically decry all the ideological aspirations of our youth when we had it. Author gaze fixed on the black marketeer, morally mobile genital ozabochentsev ("Line"), souse (it's where the grove all the time digging up the bottle and robbed the same as they B.O.M.Zh.a), some give and generally curves mentally teachers in the story about mercy please.

The author does not really noticed Glorious achievements, because we built DnieproGES and even turned to the north of the river on the contrary, if it had not hit the restructuring is not in place where necessary. But the author does not display any single shock building sites, and did not describe Blowing Domna, and described some in the gateway that sell dissolute bourgeois plates and even then blow the whole cauldron istopitelny that there is damage to the national economy. But the author does not give proper moral evaluation of this decadent dude, and all smehuechki and podhihikivaniya.
You can not do, comrade. We have apple-song was held in his teeth, and not a fig in the pocket as the fig is the fruit overseas incomprehensible to us it is not necessary.

And also there is a foul expansion rollicking borzopistsa Savich on the morality of the young generation. For you, Savic, read and adolescents, and even small children. You do not think in my passion for make a more interesting that your site can go and elderly people, and if he will read your story ungodly, he may become ill and it will be taken away by ambulance in Kashchenko.

And now this grim backdrop, you are one of the fine as far away as some sort of Turgenev (it was such a writer wrote about Mumu), so you write about Jim, but Turgenev Gerasim was not doing something with the dog, he had drowned, and your lady takes off for her apartment when the country is full of unemployed programmers and even brilliant engineers have to sit in some firms and they hate the cynical contempt for his superiors with a cigar in his mouth?

And you instead write about the lady with the dog (a story about "Jimmy"), just like pre-bourgeois writer, Chekhov (was a writer) just had a lady with a dog walking along the boulevard, and then went to a hotel with a husband, and you have the opposite and I am even ashamed to write what you are describing, and how it can affect young people and adolescents that do not you think.
And instead of describing how the border guard Hero Karatsupa with her dog guarding forbidding frontiers of the motherland, you write about this sort of lady and that she maketh the dog, it's immoral and you need to call to order and severely condemn that you are using your talent in such a profane thing, as many as I could not say that.

After all, you can also write something light about how the treasure was found in a shed, or conversely, how exciting about something Uhaloa in the well, and it would be a mystery, which opened to scholars and brave heroes.
Your demagogic unsubscribe as scorched bureaucrat can not, comrade Savic, zamylit eyes toiling masses! You are in my nihilism can not see the positive phenomena of modern zhyzni, to which we must fasten our young people, who under the influence of fetid miasma of Western business is not able to distinguish good from bad! And if we with you do not teach them that they face a sad end to the world of Ready Cash and Chistogangsterov!

And you replace addition to brand and nurture a good example of how you build a heroic BAM in an atmosphere of general recovery and jubilation, you zhivopisuete some unholy Damochek under dogs. and still making excuses that do not want to check out colleges. We see you, too, the world of capital powdered eye, and that should be written for the needs of low-reading public, and create stories of fried facts or some obscure musician (I do not know what it is and in the encyclopedia of plants I have not found a plant), and sales and borzopiski borzopistsy write you praise to cling to the glory while to think about the high and beautiful especially when the winter has not yet been removed.

  W. E. Bochkin, pensioner "

I am interested in the writer Savic, who so passionately exposes pensioner Bochkin. And since the reference in the letter is given, then everyone can read his stories. I read.
... You can, of course, review all the stories in turn. But is it worth? Should not the opposite, try to distribute them in any category?

For example, the content (it is the same - the plot, it is the same story) the stories fall into such fuzzy subsets: the memories of youth, stories about the case of life "stories about some kind of an interesting person, the history of emigrant life, and just imaginary plot structure.
 Why fuzzy? Because the same story may not include more than one subset, gradually crawling out of the category of lyrical memories into the category of satire in the life of immigrants ("Мои маршруты", "Как я в кино снимался", " 11111189 misunderstanding.", Etc.) and vice versa.

The stories are populated by colorful and varied as the people: there are Soviet-rogues ("Бригада", "Завхоз"), And the lost person ("Моралисты", "Тулупчик Самсонова") And colorful Grandma ("Нерпа", "Иголка") And grotesque sovsluzhaschie and ran anxious emigrants (Охотник за гонорарами", Перестраховщик "and restless haired musician 70 years (" Факино", "Невоплощенная мечта "," Я приглашу на танец память", "Барабанщик Усикум "), and black-marketeers (" Черная суббота", "Аббатская дорога ") and fellow writers (" Конкурсная трагедия", "Автор и Муза "," Перестраховщик") и низколобые унтеры-милиционеры Длинный петляющий путь), and quite respectable fathers of families , and strange personality is not of this world (Darling, Andrei, Golubkov of "11,111,146. mercy Do not ask
") and who just do not have - a real encyclopedia of Soviet and immigrant life ...

There is another interesting category - stories, where the center of the narrative - an object. Not animated, but somehow not quite inanimate. Such, for example, "Фиолетовый глаз", "Табуретка", "Колеса судьбы". А в "Тулупчике Самсонова" Shabby jacket scary, hilarious is not it Elijah's, Dickens's Fagin is not among the cluttered apartment, with its cracked cups - just the reincarnation of the parody of Gogol's "Overcoat" inside out: not from Akaki Akakievich stolen cherished his coat, and he almost stole the dream of his life from someone ...

Is this something Andersen - the reader is imbued with a sad pity to love a leaf, then to an abandoned flower, then to the old upright piano - and even Gogol, when the musical wheel ("Wheel of Destiny") grows to the size of punitive mills of God, and stirs the conscience of man , succumbed to envy, and does not forget.

Reading this collection are not long and colorful stories, first perceive them as a series of individual stories, incidents and situations, sometimes sad, often - funny and absurd.
But from story to story to the reader gets a portrait-generation, horizontal slice of society, there are visible picture of those years, the types and characters, faces the Soviet imbalances and excesses, convulsions "deficit" tricks of the small person in front of soulless machine bureaucracy, the longing of youth, the signs and details time. In the story " Andryusha-regulator " - Picture of life in the district of the city close to the "History of a City" with its string of crazy governors, unhappy and miserable people, and various city crazy ...
 For standing on the forefront of history exists and the second and third goals - the atmosphere and mood, and even deeper - meditations on the fate and place in life. What are the thoughts, however, devoid of all rhetoric and pathos - a vivid example here is the title story, " Nostalgia Boulevard .

Another important (and sometimes defining) characteristic of Literature - Language.
  Without the kind of style is not the author as a writer , Think it at least a hundred action-stories. But if they appear rough language newspaper - stories will anecdotes, and the plot will be reduced to the list of events and imposed a primitive morality.
I Savic secrets and treasures there, and no murky water for the psychoanalyst, but such a unique style is Although it is again clear only after reading the story of not one but several (ideally, of course, all).

Describe the style Savitch difficult - first language even seems somehow not quite right, and definitely not smooth. Proposals turned out, as the figures in the engravings of Honore Daumier, but in both cases, this wriggle out of what gives the movement and dynamics, and creates mood. Clearly, this is not just a list of events, and not a faceless story of a "by all": we hear the voice of the narrator, which is separate from the author himself is a target for the author's irony. It is sometimes quite hard, sometimes - cheerful and clownish.

A large part of the palette of artistic means take interjections: tyk-bellowing, ahem, ahem, holes holes, and the like - sometimes depict the honorable chief, tipsy workingman or disheveled musician much prominent than long verbal portraits a la militia orientation (remember the description of Dubrovsky?). More interesting is that the direct speech is often attributed, again, an inanimate object:
- Hole hole hole - limping on N, roared straight line Beznadezhnenskogo District Committee.
- Stepan Fomich? - Referring to his assistant, asked the first.
- Yes Solomin, - swore tube.
Then wonder if placed in correspondence with the characteristic sound of "sh" - and an invisible but familiar figure of the First District Committee other local pioneers.

These characters generally remarkably varied and surprisingly adequate: typically expressed Bertha Solomonovna (" Nerpa ") Recognizable mooing hard workers, Julita and rubbing son of a gun editor who does not want to pay the fee, abruptly porykivaet head on the phone, and the slave responds to him hurriedly , as expected, but certainly it musician - improvised music 70 years - is a separate poem! The author has penetrated to the essence and preserved for us a lot of the specifics of their "vyrazhansa, slang, foppish style of speaking and all that. There needs Belinsky with his frenetic style and powerful analysis of what in those distant and rapidly-literary times called "color". The richness of speech characteristics - one of the main joys for the careful reader, who can catch a buzz from the moment of recognition so diverse and variegated types ...
 As the letter called for the road, or Literature and Life

Somewhat similar characters found us in the pictures В. Губарева . The same, ordinary people with ordinary concerns. The familiar atmosphere in the rooms, familiar types. That's what I know - we want to cry every now and then. And everywhere - a wonderful, unique author's style, which is impossible not to know.
I did not find about the artist accompanying text, but I think that the pictures are good and so ...

 As the letter called for the road, or Literature and Life

 As the letter called for the road, or Literature and Life

 As the letter called for the road, or Literature and Life