What could have been killed Yesenin?

What could have been killed Yesenin? In the past year on television was demonstrated by serial Yesenin, it seemed that destroyed the stereotype of a suicide of the great Russian national poet and revealed to us an entirely new Yesenin whose life was a bright flash on the background of the terrible change in Russia at the beginning of XX century. The fast and exciting, sincere, and thin film returns us to Yesenin, "Fleeing the wings of the Russian soul flies away from sin, and his death - a bloody wound the entire Russian people."

General impression is ambiguous. Questions not only become smaller, and vice versa ... They became much more. Unpleasantness. Alone version, version: suicide, murder - really do not know anything, his head swollen from his thoughts. However, somewhere? Why it's hidden from the people?

Personally I am more inclined to release the murder. Why? First, this clearly indicates 1,111,112. Certificate [/url] Senior Investigator Edward Hlystalova, which certainly can be trusted, it is confirmed and other archival sources. Secondly, from the head does not make words actor Sergei Bezrukov, who played the role of the poet:

 What could have been killed Yesenin? Yesenin was a bright man, I repeat, bright. And do not forget that he was only 30 years old when he died - as he has created! As Yesenin scandals ... - this is nothing like a bright form of protest against the regime of the Bolsheviks, and plant "socialism, which kills a person, destroying Russian culture. I see him as a man huge range: from the brilliant bully-bully, Mozart and his era - to the Russian Hamlet, the first Soviet dissident ...

That is, while publicly protesting against the Bolshevik regime, which is across the country imposing "socialism, which kills a person, moreover, be" the first Soviet dissident "