Where did the ballpoint pen?

Where did the ballpoint pen? First, we do not know anything about this, then we admire the new invention and was happy to start using it, after we get used to it and admits to a life so that we can not imagine life without it, though it just always existed. Do you know the history of this here invention, namely, the ballpoint pen? But in 2008 she will celebrate 70 years of age. Infant compared with the wheel, and his life without an ordinary ballpoint pen ... you can provide, but somehow uncomfortable. But use it only started after nearly 10 years after the invention.

It was created by Hungarian journalist Laszlo Biro-Iozhef (1899-1985). By the nature of his work, he often visited the printing house and saw a sheet of newspaper, virtually dry immediately after the release of the rotary engine, once thought - why not fill the tank with the "eternal feather" some sort of special ink, drying as quickly as the ink ? Then deal with the pen would be much nicer.

The reporter quickly realized that such inks should be as thick. But then he makes a system of capillaries ordinary pen. So, for them will have to come up with some other writing site.
After consulting with his brother, a certified chemist, Biro pen was replaced by freely rotating ball. The first prototype of a ballpoint pen was created in 1938.

Before World War II situation in Hungary became dangerous for the liberal journalist, what was Biro. He had to emigrate to Paris, where he received a patent for his invention, then to Spain and finally in 1940 - in Argentina. Here he found the financier who agreed to invest in an original idea, advanced design and developed a machine for the production of ball cores. The first products a small factory, built by Biro, went on sale in Argentina in 1943 and cost more expensive than a good fountain pen.

One of the first buyers were the pilots, making sure that, unlike the usual "eternal pen, ballpoint pen does not leak during the ascent to an altitude where the atmospheric pressure is reduced. For information about "aviation pen" came to the U.S. Department of Defense, and it has instructed the manufacturers best pens available with novelty and to clean up its production for U.S. military pilots.

In 1944, Biro defended his invention to the U.S. Patent and sold licenses to two major U.S. firms. But before those "swing", as an enterprising businessman, M. Reynolds, accidentally bought the pen somewhere in South America, without a license began to produce the pens, making some changes in the design.

To avoid prosecution, he referred to the forgotten American patent, taken in 1888 by J. Loud for a certain marker for bales and boxes. The system Lauda, now resembling sold ballpoint plastic bottles with deodorant, spring-loaded ball with a diameter of 1-2 inches on a container of paint was used for printing numbers and marks on the surface of the burlap, cardboard or boards. Reynolds was able to convince the court that his pen - a smaller version of the invention Lauda, and the system Biro has nothing to do with it.

When, after a massive advertising campaign on Oct. 19, 1945 the first batch of pens Reynolds entered into a major department store in New York, to maintain order in the queue had to call the 50 police. Ten thousand pens have been sold for several hours.