How to make a happy ending, when she married a widower with seven children?

  How to make a happy ending, when she married a widower with seven children? I think many of our readers watched or seen the movie (or a musical - who as luck! "), Which is called" The Sound of Music ". But perhaps not everyone knows that the March 28, 2007 marks exactly 20 years, passed away prototype "singing nanny" - Maria von Trapp (nee Kucera). And its a brave captain - Georg von Trapp forever calm even earlier - exactly 60 years ago. Certainly, you will smile, knowing that they were married 80 years ago. That such a jubilee arithmetic.

The love story of these two different in origin and life experiences of people deserve to know about it, even those who have never seen this Hollywood tale, nominated for 10 Oscars and, eventually, received exactly half of that number of statuettes. But Americans have remained true to himself - for the premiere of the film Maria von Trapp, they invite ... forgotten. Or just do not want to, knowing that Mary his words never fumbled and could easily spoil "the whole liturgy."

But back to the true history of the family. Let's start with her head - Georg von Trapp. Born future admiral in 1880 in the Croatian city of Zara (now - Zadar). At the age of 14 on the advice of his father became a student of the Naval Academy in Fiume (now - Rijeka). 20-year-old boy came to the fleet, after 8 years he moved to the submarine, the commander of which was in 1910. During the First World War, flew 19 combat patrols, during which let to the bottom of 12 ships of the enemy with a total tonnage of more than 45 thousand tons. For these feats was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa.
He married rather late, but very fond of children. His first wife, Agathe gave birth to seven (not counting those that did not live up to a year), but died in childbirth the next child in 1922.

Some modern scholars (probably after watching the film) trying to present George natured elderly widower! Far from it: severe service and military campaigns, when the sight is mortal terror and solved the eternal question "Who whom?" Unlikely to contribute to the development of good-heartedness. And the fact that the house was an iron discipline - once again proves that George was tough, even towards his own children. And certainly older, he was not, at the time of acquaintance with Mary he was barely over 40! Everything Else - Hollywood tricks!

The heroine of our story - Mary was born Aug. 26 January 1905 on a train Salzburg - Vienna, is the capital of Austria sent her mother, being the eighth month of pregnancy. Her mother Mary does not remember because she was often ill and died when the baby was only two years. Under the "father" was blank, so that the little girl first sent to a convent, and then, to find a parent. They were unsuccessful, so that Mary and remained raised in a monastery with its ascetic life of prayer and fasting.

It is impossible not to notice that the girl was still the romantic kind, prone to impulsive acts, which could not but cause some irritation at Superior. The girl was considered too frivolous, flighty. That is why, rather than because of the special devotion, Mary seconded the estate Trapp to care for bedridden daughter of George.

Could be in her place another? Completely! Although history has done everything possible to "puzzles formed. Georg too trusting the Austrian National Bank, putting into it all their savings. A financial crisis in 1921 "ate" all the savings, putting the baron on the verge of survival. He laid the estate and lived on the money. Consider each brand, which is why Baron rejected the idea of hiring a nanny to children through the normal agency, and asked for help in the monastery!

There is no doubt that the children meet a new nurse is very cautious, especially elders. But this is not surprising - they remember their mother and very homesick for her. But Mary with her easy nature and restless, has managed to melt the ice of distrust, with the support of children. And only then, seeing how attached to her children, she began to provide favors to Baron!

And another small detail - the original Baron did not like to sing! Only later, when Mary had "raspela" children and they showed the first family show, Georg von Trapp quietly "sucked".

As I said, young people were married in 1927. But the reason for the wedding was, you guessed it, the pregnancy of Mary. Maybe, if it were not for this circumstance, she would never had the chance to become a Baroness. And that Mary had forced her husband to leave Austria after the September 26, 1929 Johann Schober began to form a government with the support of the Christian Socialists and nationalists.

The family fled in 1930, and Mary was already pregnant with third child! With rucksacks behind crossed into Italy in the Alps, and then began life almost from scratch! And earn their bread family concerts at weddings and parties! Until then, while in Europe broke out. After that, von Trapps moved to the United States, Vermont, where settled in a small village.

"Concert" life lasted a total of 20 years. During this time the older children have grown up, acquired families and involuntarily moved from the usual hobbies. Shortly after the Second World War, in 1947, died on the head of the family. By and large, was not up to the songs. Although they occasionally, but sounded a family hotel Trapp Family Lodge, anyone can stay there and now, the hotel survived until our days.

It is noteworthy that when Mary offered her memoirs for filming in the U.S., just laughed at her, saying such nonsense look no one will. And offered to buy his memoirs on the cheap, so that then, rewriting the script almost anew, to try to do something. Mary replied with a categorical refusal, and through friends "added a" record in Germany, where in 1956 about a singing Austrian family was filmed. He accidentally saw during a visit there Broadway producer Richard Halliday and his wife, actress Mary Martin. They decided that it was - a great topic for a musical.

However, for the "digestibility" scenario was punctuated with many never before existed in reality, but dushetrepeschuschimi scenes. Type arrival from Vienna bride of George, Baroness Elsa Schroeder and impresario Max Detveylera concerned with finding participants for the Salzburg Folk Festival. As a result, the various intrigues of Baron allegedly dismissed Mary. Or scenes experiences eldest daughter of George - Leslie, who fell in love with the local postman, Rolf.
But life - a life and a musical - a musical.