She loved to Gumilev, idolized unit, made a heroine Pasternak. But who chose it?

  She loved to Gumilev, idolized unit, made a heroine Pasternak. But who chose it? February 9, 1926 in the literary circles of Moscow terrible confusion reigned. Writers and poets have wandered like a lost soul in the house of the press and talking quietly among themselves. Everyone was struck by the news of the death of one of the most talented writers and poets - Larisa Mikhailovna Reisner. Fifteen years ago, in mid-1910's, it was considered one of the first beauties of the Russian capital. And her childhood friend, Vadim Andreev, son of the writer Leonid Andreyev, recalled: "There was not a man who might have passed without noticing it, and every third - statistics, if I have installed - barged into the ground pole and looked after, until we disappeared into the crowd. " A disconsolate Mikhail Koltsov, kept repeating, as in delirium: "Why did you die Larissa, magnificent, rare, selected human specimen?".

The cold, unreachable star?
Today, after the film about Kolchak is much talk about 1,111,112. Anna Timirevoy [/url] But it is fair to say that the brave general could not even count on the benevolent gaze of Larisa Reisner, not something to offer her something akin to courtship. She was unattainable for him as distant and cold star.

While about it, unlike Лу фон Саломе, никак нельзя было сказать, что она недотрога. Так, в 1916 году, они познакомились в кабачке «Бродячая собака» или «Привал комедиантов» с Николаем Гумилевым . An electric spark pass between them, was so powerful that the very next day, they joined hands and went into the "home visits" to the pea, in order to frantically tear each other's clothes. She called him Hafiz, he did - Leri. Several days later, quite mad with passion Gumilev offered to become his wife Larissa. He was sure at 200 percent of what she would say: "Yes, but this" Valkyrie revolution "smiled and in a tone that brooked no objection, said an emphatic" No ".

Less than a year and a half as a late autumn evening October 25, 1917, she said even more decisive "Yes" when she saw in the eyes of the strikers крейсера «Аврора» немой вопрос: «А стоит ли открывать огонь по Зимнему Дворцу , And even blank volleys? ". In the eyes of the furies in the leather jacket they saw such thunder and lightning, that legendary shot boomed, giving a signal change of age in the 1/6 of the globe.

What they lacked?
  She loved to Gumilev, idolized unit, made a heroine Pasternak. But who chose it? Лариса Михайловна Рейснер в 1917 году Лариса родилась в польском городе Люблин May 13, 1895, where a local university professor, her father - a law professor Michael A. Reisner. Incidentally, the name and patronymic were Russified, because her father was a German Jew, and initially could not wear a Russian name. But her mother - a hereditary aristocrat Ekaterina Khitrov - came from an ancient Russian family and accounted for a relative to Field Marshal Kutuzov.

When Larissa was 10 years old, the family moved to St. Petersburg, where the progressive father suddenly decided to do the approach of a brighter future for the common people. And not just in word but in deed - the same year he joined RSDLP that was a big success for revolutionaries such weighty figures in the social-democratic movement, then it was not so much.

Reissner settled on the Petersburg side and could not complain about the disorder of life. My mother was quite rich, the father had good earnings, so that the house in anything the children are not denied. True, Larisa, and her younger brother, Igor, the least paid attention to the wealth. Children, like his father, had been tricked by the ideas of universal justice. Their beliefs do not bother them to study well: Larissa graduated with a gold medal known in North Palmyra High School DT Prokofiev and was admitted to the Neuropsychiatric Institute. Simultaneously, she attended lectures on the history of political studies at St. Petersburg University.

Ibid, at the university worked as a "circle of poets", where the leading role played by Lev Nikulin, Osip Mandelstam and Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky. Larissa struck them with his poems in the spirit of decadent, and the next, in 1913, made her literary debut in the anthology "Eglantine, where it was published drama" Atlantis ".

Russian Madonna
  She loved to Gumilev, idolized unit, made a heroine Pasternak. But who chose it? Книга очерков Это был период наивысшего творческого взлета. Лариса не просто писала стихи, она даже замахнулась на «Вильяма нашего Шекспира "It was released in the same year with two volumes of Shakespeare's Tunic" got enough appreciation not only among students but also among faculty members.

But most importantly, Michael Andreevich believed that because of his daughter "vytantsovyvaetsya" quite a talented creative person, but because he has agreed to offer his daughter to produce an opposition magazine with a very speaking name - Rudin. The first edition appeared in 1915 and had a distinctly anti-war nature.

As I said - Larissa was one of the most beautiful young women in St. Petersburg. Do not resist her charm artist Vasily Yakovlevich Shukhaiev which is to Reisner painted a picture of the Mona Lisa of the twentieth century.

In the same year, 1915 Larissa met with the leader of the Kronstadt Bolshevik organization in the Baltic fleet Fyodor Fyodorovich Raskolnikov. And though at that time an acquaintance is not made much further - a handsome sailor obviously knew his own worth. However, according to another version, he was hopelessly in love with a fiery revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai, who reciprocated it did not answer ...

Dry shot
  She loved to Gumilev, idolized unit, made a heroine Pasternak. But who chose it? Imposing Ambassador Fedor Raskolnikov several years shared a bed with a beautiful Larissa Meanwhile, the older and the younger brother who became an active member RSDLP and even became secretary Dmitry Manuil's'kogo, the Bolshevik deputies to the Petrograd Duma. After the February bourgeois revolution Larisa Reisner has become more actively support the Bolsheviks. On the one hand - it was so much energy that it literally could not sit still, on the other hand - she wanted to "put on the shoulder" by Fyodor Raskolnikov because he actually became the first man who refused her. Prior to that, the choice has always been for her ...

But there is a fortress, which could not but take the Bolsheviks! Soon, Larissa began increasingly to visit the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet, where face to face faced with the object of his passion. She decided this way: if he can not love me a woman, so let love thinker.

Very soon, the red goddess became the indispensable man in the Navy. If you where something is up Bucha (to fight for the workers' cause like not everyone) to the ship or in barracks, sending necessarily Larissa. She knew how to inspire: when a smile, and when, on the contrary, the naked cruelty.

And Aurora is not accidentally sent it up. Purely psychological calculated that such a beautiful woman, no man would not refuse ...

Fatal eclairs
After the victory of socialist revolution Raskolnikov and Reisner are not separated. They dangled from the civil war, and unlike her husband, Larissa does not know defeat. Once she managed to face with one of the idols of their youth - the terrorist number one Boris Savinkov. It so happened that he commanded the troops who defended Kazan. And they led the attack woman commissar Larisa Reisner. Sailors like Fido warmer "broke" the defending ...

And here at Raskolnikov has not fared so well. First, he once found in the cabin Larissa undressed Leon Trotsky , And the bed had not been tidied. And secondly, the captain of it turned out, to put it mildly, not very successful. While all started just fine: in June 1920 he was appointed commander of the Baltic Fleet, and a month later he was persuaded to appoint a head of the political BF their test - Mikhail A. Reisner. But on March 1, 1921 in Kronstadt erupted counterrevolutionary rebellion, Fyodor lost position and was sent to Afghanistan after. Soon joined by the spouse.

That did not work my husband has more than compensated for his beautiful wife. Afghanistan Who has long been under British influence and sends people into gangs basmachi urgently needed to turn his face to Russia. And since the emir was literally conquered the beauty of Russian first lady, he made a great effort to patch up relations between the two countries. Under pain of death, he called on all Afghans to return from gangs, and soon was signed by the Soviet-Afghan treaty of peace.

However, Larisa was "suffocating" in Afghanistan. She escaped to Moscow to "pull" from Kabul Raskolnikov. Instead, he got in the mail ... the certificate of divorce. In Moscow, Reisner attracted to 11,111,134. Karl Radek [/url] , A brilliant journalist and one of the leading bolshevik politicians.

  She loved to Gumilev, idolized unit, made a heroine Pasternak. But who chose it? Сердцу не прикажешь - Карл Радек, последний возлюбленный Ларисы Их счастье продолжалось недолго. Однажды к праздничному столу у Рейснеров были поданы эклеры . No one could not imagine that the milk, which was cooked dough containing germs of typhoid fever. Ill all, except my father, who did not like the sweet and the cake did not touch. My mother and brother Igor managed to scramble out, but Larissa died. My mother was on duty at the bedside of a sick daughter to the last. She could not survive her death and committed suicide shortly after the funeral of Larissa.

My father lived for only two years and died in 1928 at age 60. Raskolnikov in 1938 was declared "[url=] enemy of 11,111,143. "Became defector, September 12, 1939 died in Nice on the French from the hand of the Soviet Cheka. A few months earlier in the dungeons of the NKVD was shot "conspirator, spy of all foreign intelligence" Karl Radek. It is easy to imagine what would be expected Larisa Reisner, having lived it to the firing squad in 1937 ...