How was growing up, her husband and was preparing for a decisive battle, Prince Dmitry of Moscow, for Russia has become "Don"?

  How was growing up, her husband and was preparing for a decisive battle, Prince Dmitry of Moscow, for Russia has become "Don"? Flows into the window summer breeze, smelling of hay drying out and ripe apples, shaking the flame of the lamp in the corner and slightly ruffled his hair gray-haired man bent over 1,111,112. manuscript 11,111,131. . From under the sharpened pen run on parchment line: "For, brethren, strong winds blowing from the sea to the mouth of the Don and the Dnieper, brought storm clouds on the Russian land, of which serve the bloody lightning, and they tremble blue lightning. Be din and thunder of the great river on Nepriadva, between the Don and the Dnieper, was covered with corpses of men field Kulikov, leak blood Nepriadva-stream! ".

Zadonshchina created boyar Zephaniah Ryazantsev shortly after Kulikov battle 11,111,131. Through the centuries have brought us an epic description of the greatest events in the history of the Fatherland, which initiated the liberation of Russia from the Tartar yoke.

Victory at Kulikovo inextricably linked with the name of Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, known popularly Don . The prince has lived a brief but vivid, bringing the Russian lands and the brutal sechah protecting them from foreign invaders.

Childhood Dmitry passed in the Horde, and probably was not carefree. Early left an orphan, he was already 10 years was forced to plunge into the heavy science of government. It is difficult to say how that would have been his fate and that of Russia, if the number was not a wise spiritual mentor, an experienced politician and loyal supporter of Metropolitan Alexis. Drawing on his vast Great Russian authority, and when necessary - and authoritative pastoral influence, rallied the prelate Russian principalities around Moscow, put out the feud between feudal lords, defended the rights of the Grand Dmitry on the throne.

 How was growing up, her husband and was preparing for a decisive battle, Prince Dmitry of Moscow, for Russia has become "Don"? A. Vasnetsov. Moscow Kremlin under Dmitry Donskoy protecting the interests of Dmitry, Metropolitan Alexy had several times to go to the Horde, which was in those years was not safe. During War with Lithuania, it is to subdue its allies - the princes of Smolensk and Tver, has marked them anathema, and persuaded the patriarch of Constantinople, its approval. Thanks to his perseverance, the patriarch was sent to Russia a few letters addressed to the Grand Duke, the Metropolitan and all the Russian princes, confirming the excommunication of Tver and Smolensk princes, and all the Russian princes were called to obedience and union with the Metropolitan of Moscow, Dmitri.

Under the careful tutelage of Metropolitan poured force Moscow, gathering around the Russian lands, the husband of the young prince, gathering the state of wisdom and valor.

Following unification of Russian lands, begun Ivan Kalita, Dmitry headed lad of eleven regiments, spoke against the enemy in Moscow - Suzdal-Nizhny Novgorod prince. Since that time he was almost constantly in the wars. In the hard struggle with Lithuania and powerful Russian principalities - Tver and Ryazan brewing skill of the young prince, appears confident that it was time to prepare for war with the main enemy - the Golden Horde. The idea of the need to aggressively fight this inspires Dmitri and Metropolitan Alexy, constantly reminding the Grand Duke that stop princely strife and finally unite Russia can only winner of the Horde.

  How was growing up, her husband and was preparing for a decisive battle, Prince Dmitry of Moscow, for Russia has become "Don"? AG Namerovsky. Sergius Radonezh blesses Dmitry Donskoy in the feat first step Dmitri, who later brought him to Kulikovo field was the construction in 1367-68 years in Moscow white stone fortress. None of the cities of the north-eastern Russia at that time had no stone fortresses, and perceived Ordyntsi erection of stone walls of Moscow as an open challenge.

Relying on word of patriarchal authority and the Metropolitan Alexy, Dmitry collected in 1374-75 in the years Pereslavl-Zalessky Two princes of the Congress, which laid the foundation antiordynskomu Union of Russian princes. Having obtained the support of the princes, Dmitry openly renounces the old policy of appeasement of the Horde and to prevent attacks on Russian lands began to send their shelves for the country borders.

In March 1377 he sent a joint Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod army under the command of the governor Dmitry Bobrok Volyn on a major trade center of the Horde in the Volga city of Bulgar. The town was taken, and Volga trade came under the control of Moscow prince.

  How was growing up, her husband and was preparing for a decisive battle, Prince Dmitry of Moscow, for Russia has become "Don"? YM Raksha. Farewell. Part of the triptych "Field Kulikovo" Big changes in this period occur in the Horde, where for 25 years gave way to more than twenty khans. As a result of disturbances mezhdinasticheskih real power was in temniki Mamaia, which became the de facto ruler of the Golden Horde, and even managed to partially restore its military might.

Confronting the Horde and Russia was growing. Increasingly, began to appear on the borders of the Russian lands Horde troops, devastating the Ryazan and Nizhny Novgorod region. In August 1378 a raid on Russ went to the governor Mamaia Begich. At the meeting he came out with shelves 11,111,124. Prince Dmitry
. In Ryazan land on the banks of the river Vozha ratification met. The battle was short and violent. Ordyntsi "threw their spears and ran across the river for Vozha, and our steel to chase them, hacking and stabbing, and a great many killed them, but many of them drowned in the river," - wrote in the story of the battle on the river Vozhe contemporary of these events. For the first half-century Ordyntsi suffered a major defeat and felt the increased power of Russia.

The defeat of the river Vozhe shake Mamaia position in the Horde, and he began to prepare a campaign against Moscow. Almost two years he saved his strength. Promises, threats and bribery he managed to gather a great army, which included not only units of all subordinated to the Horde people, but also in armor infantry Genoa, gangs of various adventurers and seekers of easy pickings. His help was promised long-standing opponents Mamai Moscow - Ryazan principality and Lithuania.

  How was growing up, her husband and was preparing for a decisive battle, Prince Dmitry of Moscow, for Russia has become "Don"? AP Bubnov. Morning on the Kulikovo Dmitry closely followed the preparations Mamaia and prepared for heavy fighting. 23 July 1380 he received the news of the Horde in a campaign speech. Hour of the decisive battle approached. In the Russian principalities jumped messengers with the news that the Grand Duke collects shelves. The place of collection was designated Kolomna. But even the combined princely warriors clearly not enough to protect the Russian land invasion, and Dmitri decides to collect the militia.

The only force that could stir up the whole of Russia and raise it to fight the Horde, was 11,111,130. Orthodox Church of 11,111,131. . Largely thanks to the help of the church managed to collect almost all Russian principalities of the vast army, the like of which Russia had not previously known. Under the banners of Dmitry rose even some princes from Lithuania.