How Claude Monet helped "born" Impressionism - painting experience?

  How Claude Monet helped "born" Impressionism - painting experience? What could be the son of a grocer of Paris, where he was born in the middle of the XIX century? Most likely, Claude Oscar Monet, who was born on November 14, 1840, waiting engage in commerce and the development of family business. But the boy had absolutely no desire to trade, he was drawn into the world of colors, he was eager to learn how to pass on canvas inimitable landscapes of Normandy, where the family moved from the capital.

The boy loved to entertain their peers funny, but surprisingly similar cartoons and caricatures, but it was just a fun game. He lured the real painting, where paint on canvas can be sent gentle foaming surf, sun glare on the waves, lush blue sky. Monet watched with amazement as it all comes under rapid strokes painted by the artist, which often met with a painter's case at the seaside. Landscape painter Eugne Boudin long spotted the teenager, watching the clock with his work.

  How Claude Monet helped "born" Impressionism - painting experience? Self-portrait
 It is hard to say who was the initiator of dating, most importantly, that it took place. Claude amazingly lucky, the fundamentals of painting from life began to teach him not just a good landscape painter, but a man who in his quest to convey the natural beauty of nature stood on the approaches to impressionism. It is clear that under the leadership of Budena young artist passed only the first steps towards the plight of the world of painting. During this period, during one of his visits to Paris he met Camille Pissarro.

Unfortunately, in 1860 and painting had to be interrupted, Monet was drafted and sent to Algeria Where he was to serve seven years. But it seems that fate had been saving it all for another assignment. Two years later, Claude was seriously ill, and relatives have made his early discharge from the army.

  How Claude Monet helped "born" Impressionism - painting experience? Impression. Sunrise Monet came to find himself in the stage arts. Together with Budyonny he painted landscapes on the coast of Normandy. I tried to study at university at the Faculty of Arts, but the academic approach to painting was disappointed because he thanks Boden tasted completely different art - natural and fresh, does not fit into the narrow confines of established canons. For a time he worked under the guidance of the Danish landscape painter Jan Bartholdy Yongkinda, weighed, like Boden, to painting outdoors.

Not long Monet visited the studio of Auguste Tulmusha, famous for skill with grace and pretty-pretty to portray the life of high society. Learn depict secular coquettes prettier than they are, Claude did not want and moved to the studio of Charles Gleyre. In the studio, he met with young artists who, like him, searched his way in art. His friends were 11,111,112. Auguste Renoir [/url] Frederic Bazille, Alfred Sisley. Perhaps it is the joint work on the nature, heated debates about art and the search for new artistic methods gave friends more useful than classes in Gleyre. These artists and formed the core group, which soon gave the world a new direction in painting called Impressionism.

By learning from Gleyre, they were only on the approaches to a new direction, but their searches led to the appearance of works that did not go unnoticed by lovers of painting. In the mid 60-ies Monet wrote "Breakfast on the grass," "Ladies in the Garden", "Camilla, or portrait of a lady in a green dress, as well as a few juicy seascapes. These works have brought a Monet fame, but to genuine fame, he was still very far away.

  How Claude Monet helped "born" Impressionism - painting experience? Руанский собор в солнечном свете Очередной этап жизни Моне связан с Англией, куда он перебрался в 1870 году. Именно в Лондоне он познакомился с торговцем живописью Полем Дюран-Рюэлем (сейчас бы его назвали галеристом), который попытался продавать картины молодых художников, понимая, что их слава не за горами. В этот период и появилось само название «импрессионизм "That was born committed accidentally, but very clearly identified the new scenic area. There is a small exhibition of paintings by Monet and his friends in 1874 in the studio photographer Nadar. Claude exhibited painting called "Impression. Sunrise "(impression - impression in French).

It is now difficult to determine who first described the young artists Impressionists, but the new name stuck. Unfortunately, at that time it was of more shade scandalousness or neglect. At first popular Impressionist paintings had not used so much they differed from the traditional painting. But this could not make Monet and his friends refuse to impressionism and write saccharine-beautiful pictures to please the public.

  How Claude Monet helped "born" Impressionism - painting experience? Water Lilies Monet works hard, he strives to transmit to the mood of his paintings, which, like the light effects, varies throughout the day. He tries to write the same objects, but in different lighting conditions and at different times of day, for example, "Rouen Cathedral" and "poplar". Experimenting with a smear, making it a relief. Try not to mix paints on the palette, and impose a fine strokes of pure color, so that they are "mixed" in the eyes of the spectators. So many paintings Monet can not be seen at close range, where they look like juicy pile of brush strokes.

Monet Painting made known, but not rich. Pictures bought bad. Often, the family of the artist candidly destitute, saving on food to buy paint and canvas. Only at the age of the artist, and Monet lived almost all his friends, his paintings began to soar in price.

  How Claude Monet helped "born" Impressionism - painting experience? Garden at Giverny artist already at the end of life the artist could write about his work: "Today more than ever I see how he protivoestestven undeserved success, which fell to my lot. I have always tried to achieve a better, but age and failure sapped my strength. I have no doubt that you will find my perfect canvas. I know that when I expose them, they bring me great success, but I do not care, because I myself think they are bad ...». He was cunning, Monet and actually believed that his paintings - only steps that will help other artists to quickly reach the peak of art.