Irina Baronova: why the Russian prima ballerina, not lived in Russia?

  Irina Baronova: why the Russian prima ballerina, not lived in Russia? March 13, 1919, 90 years ago, in the cold and hungry Петрограде, в семье колчаковского офицера Михаила Баронова родилась дочь, которую назвали Ирочкой. Как такое возможно, спросите вы? Дело в том, что к моменту рождения дочери ее отец был, как и многие мужчины того времени, «на фронте». Где и за кого он воюет, доподлинно известно не было. А вот его жена, мать Ирочки, хлебнула горя ничуть не меньше. Ее отец, генерал Александр Вешняков, проживавший в столице Российской империи with his wife and five children, flatly refused to serve the Soviet government. Even adviser. For that and hit the firing squad lists.

The hard way in South Palmyra
  Irina Baronova: why the Russian prima ballerina, not lived in Russia? Even without knowing that we face a ballerina - pass indifferently by this woman - a crime ... Somehow, Michael was able to send to the banks of the Neva news that he is in Odessa, and asks his wife Lydia and her daughter as soon as possible to come to him. How does a young woman with a baby managed to get through several front lines and areas where gangs of "green", "blue", "black" and other anarchists robbed trains, too, remains a mystery. But, nevertheless, in Odessa in late 1919 family reunion happened.

Michael made no secret of joy. When he first raised in the life of daughter on his hands, so he could imagine what a bright future awaits her? In a meeting with her would make such cult figures of the twentieth century, as 0,000,003. Adolf Hitler and many others? No, at that time Michael was tormented by one thought, than to feed the next girl, how to protect this all-devouring flame of civil war, to ensure its right to exist ...

After a few days in South Palmyra stole his ex-batman-sailor. Mikhail Fedorovich, bad business. Your father-в Петрограде расстреляли большевики, особняк, в котором живет теща, «уплотнили», оставив ей с детьми только две комнатки, сейчас ищут вас с семьей, потому что им кто-то сообщил, что вы служили под непосредственным началом адмирала Колчака. Run, for Christ's sake, until Odessa commissioners did not take ... "

A piece of sugar as the line between life and death
  Irina Baronova: why the Russian prima ballerina, not lived in Russia? Beauty Irina has always attracted the eyes of men charges were short-lived. Moreover, soon to Odessa went red. There was no time. They set off on a cart. During the day hiding in the night moved toward the Romanian border. Several times nearly caught the eye of the Red Army, but God was merciful. But the crossing of the Dniester could be fatal for Irina. Like any year old baby, she responded to any discomfort cry. A carrier who was secretly sent them away by night across the river, once warned: "If your little girl squeak, and hear the guards, I immediately throw it into the water. Otherwise, all will perish ... "
How would you have done on-site parents? They were full of despair. But one wise woman suggested: "You give her a piece of sugar. It will suck at it quietly and say nothing. It did. And a half-hour border violators have already landed on the Romanian shore ...

Romania is well, and France - better
  Irina Baronova: why the Russian prima ballerina, not lived in Russia? The postcard, signed by Irina in Russian. In 1939 they settled in Bucharest, and it was there, at the age of 7,5 years, Irina first started to study ballet. Her first mentor was Madame Mozhais'ka, too, our compatriot, who emigrated with her husband in Romania. But the lessons did not last long: Madame honestly mother Irene: "Do your girls undoubted talent. It is an urgent need to carry 11,111,120. Paris [/url] , More than what I gave, I can not. I just spoil it ... "

In Bucharest, at Baronova were more or less tolerable conditions of life. What, no work. To conquer Paris, where he had to start from scratch, they are not really wanted. But the career of his daughter (even if he could confidently vouch for the fact that it will grow out of 11,111,122. Great ballerina [/url] ") Abruptly changed their lives: they came to Paris ...

There is probably no point in describing all the difficulties and challenges faced by Baronova. But Ira managed their industriousness, perseverance, self-esteem, faith in the fact that all her will, to open the door to his talent. George Andria Balanchivadze later accepted the name of George Balanchine, opened Baronova as the two more famous Baby Ballerinas - Tamara Tumanov and Tatiana Ryabushinsky.

Early Debut
  Irina Baronova: why the Russian prima ballerina, not lived in Russia? Irina Baronova and Anton Dolin. Late 30-ies Fantastic girl il 11-year-old (!) Age debuted at the Paris Opera, at 14 years танцевала партию Одетты в «Лебедином озере» . As part of Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo toured almost the whole world. Her first overseas tour took place in 1933 in the USA. A few months later her with a special delight kissed her hand after the Berlin Opera Ballet in Germany, Chancellor Adolf Hitler ...

And in 1938, Irina first toured in faraway Australia, a country which for many years to become her second homeland, where she will hold and last years of his life. But after 16 years of her ballet career, Irina applauded filled to overflowing halls dozen cities in the world. And what were her partners: Anton Dolin, Serge Lifar, Yuri Skryabin, Mark Platov, David mask, Paul Petrov. Solid Russian surnames ...

Hearing that a great ballerina spoke in Russian, Sergei Bondarchuk petrified
In the Soviet Union, she was able to visit much later. By the time she was married to Cecil Tennet, a theatrical agent and director of the famous actors. Representatives of the Soviet cinema invited her to come to watch the film "War and Peace", to later show it in England.

Cecil suggested that his wife go with him, because it was a good chance for Irina to see their homeland. My mother described it in detail, on which street and under what number is a house in Leningrad, in which the great ballerina was born. But first wife arrived in Moscow.

As she recalled later Baronova, it struck one instance: "When we first met with Sergei Bondarchuk, the author of the film" War and Peace ", and he heard me say in Russian, he and other representatives of the film froze ... then they turned their backs on I was not talking. Later I was told that they are forbidden to communicate with foreigners, and I was, moreover, a refugee from Russia ... "

The house she found her and even cried when introduced as her poor little Mother had a year-old daughter at the hands flee from the Bolsheviks ...

Buried husbands, children - scattered ...
  Irina Baronova: why the Russian prima ballerina, not lived in Russia? Ирина Баронова до последних дней жизни сохраняла энергичность К сожалению, этот приезд в Россию оказался одним из последних «светлых пятен» для Ирины в тот период. В том же 1967 году погибает в автокатастрофе her husband, Cecil. She was left alone with three children: daughters, Victoria and Irene and son Robert. However, the fate of her children will arise gangbusters. His daughter Irina remain with her until the end of her life in Australia, Victoria went to Hollywood, where she will be eight years from 1986 to 1994, the wife of a famous American comedian Steve Martin. Son will remain in England.

By the way, she Irina married again, but her second husband buried after 7 years. She lived, as they say, two houses. One of them was in England, the other - in Australia, . However, in recent years, it almost never left the Green Continent. Was vice-president of the Royal Academy of Ballet Australia and followed the development of the Australian Ballet School.