Igor Vladimirov: how easy is it to manage the theater for almost 40 years without a break?

  Igor Vladimirov: how easy is it to manage the theater for almost 40 years without a break? March 21, 1999, 10 years ago, did not become Igor Petrovich Vladimirov. The talented actor and producer who, during Khrushchev Thaw was able, in fact, altered the face of a theater of the Leningrad City Council is going through to the beginning of 1960, this writer is in crisis after the departure of his Nikolai Akimov.

Igor Agronovich (Was the original name of the future actor and director), was born on the first day of 1919. According to one source - in Petrograd, on the other - in Yekaterinoslav (today - Днепропетровск). Впрочем, точных данных, свидетельствующих о том, когда Игорь перебрался в Ленинград, Nowhere. We only know one thing - before the war, 18-year-old boy admitted to study at the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute, the Institute actively participated in amateur performances.

In the war he volunteered
  Igor Vladimirov: how easy is it to manage the theater for almost 40 years without a break? So remember Brezhnev Igor Vladimirov younger generation of viewers as soon as 0,000,003. . And then to be an engineer took the only right decision - enlisted, and together with 11,111,114. people's militia [/url] left to dig trenches to surround the city on the Neva impregnable rampart.

In contrast to the active army, people's militia were virtually untrained, poorly armed, resulting in losses in their ranks were more significant. But despite this they are not inferior to the Red Army in heroism, striving for self-sacrifice, covering more than one area of defense. Igor lucky in that he has not gone into this meat grinder, remained alive. In 1943, he somehow summoned the commander and said: "All the guy won. Now we can handle themselves, you have to finish the Institute, experts after the war very much needed to be ... "

So Vladimirov was back in Leningrad. A month or two hardly knew neither sleep nor rest, restoring the knowledge, and the same in 1943, after graduating from college, became an engineer. His first appointment - Central Design Bureau in the city of Горьком (ныне – Нижний Новгород ). But after a few months the young specialist was summoned again to Leningrad, offered to work in "Rybsudproekte.

He taught his daughter Meyerhold ...
The work was interesting to Igor. But he was irresistibly attracted to a theater. Examinations on the acting department of the Leningrad Theatrical Institute. Alexander Ostrovsky, he passed without problems and was enrolled in a class of remarkable teachers Irina Vsevolodovna Meyerhold and Vasily Vasilyevich Merkur'eva. The couple brought a lot of talented actors, and many gave students Vladimirov. In any case, it playing in the thesis mentioned almost all the directors of Leningrad theaters, and on release, in 1948, he had no shortage of proposals.

He chose the Leningrad Theatre. Lenin Komsomol, where he immediately began to entrust the role of heroes. In this capacity, and praised him, who came to the theater director George Tovstonogov . He liked this stubborn guy, who in every role trying to bring something of their own, although this point of view it was for the director is not very convenient to an actor. The time for rehearsals, it takes a lot, but the result was not always predictable. But what actor could improvise, saturating the image of the new shades, identified him as a future producer.

When before Tovstonogov "loomed" choice: whether to stay in Lenkom or go to the BDT, he naturally began to think of those who can leave for themselves. Of course, that the theater will send the veteran director, he had no doubt, but the spirit Lenkom could save only one who "this casserole was cooked. Tovstonogov began increasingly required to perform the role of assistant director is Vladimirova. And it did - in 1956 Igor Petrovich staged his first solo show.

A worthy disciple of George Tovstonogova
  Igor Vladimirov: how easy is it to manage the theater for almost 40 years without a break? Director has never concealed his emotions as predicted by Tovstonogov, the theater sent an experienced director Nikolai Akimov. So Georgy gladly took with him at the BDT, and Igor Vladimirov, who for five long years had been his assistant and the director intern. And not "serving room, and put an interesting performance. Theatre of Musical Comedy - Minka operetta "Winged postman" in Theatre. Lenin Komsomol - "Wonderful alloy" Kirshon, and "small student" Pogodin, and in Theatre. Komissarzhevskaya - "Time to Love" Laskin and "Casual Encounters Nazarov.

With each new production of Igor Petrovich is revealed as the man who can even "academic" plays to kind of ease, enthusiasm, which, of course, bribing the audience. A viewer's interest and prompted a theatrical management decision to "return" Vladimirov in Lenk, only this time as a director.

Igor Alice =?
  Igor Vladimirov: how easy is it to manage the theater for almost 40 years without a break? Из нескольких десятков фильмов, в которых снялся Владимиров, бывало, что его снимали с супругой Алисой Фрейндлих Примерно в это же время на ленинградском театральном небосклоне начала всходить другая «звездочка» – молодая актриса Алиса Бруновна Фрейндлих . Can we say that young people met by chance? Only partly: sooner or later their fate to traverse, to merge into one. A handsome man, charming and incredibly talented - what a woman can get past him with indifference?

On the other hand, Igor Vladimirov was ready to do anything for his charming little wife. He sought out the play, in which it could reveal all his talent, and each time found something new. In Lenkom years reigned cult Freundlich, but each performance with its participation almost automatically ensured a full house.

It was wrong to think that the director had served only his goddess. He tried to pick her as a talented entourage on stage, never fearing to trust the young. And when they were flushed with the confidence of the director, very quickly "get up on the wing, practically transit going on set movie. Suffice it to say that under the leadership of Vladimir played such prominent actors of cinema as George Zhzhyonov , Alexei Petrenko, Yelena Solovey, Mikhail Boyarsky, Simon Strugacheov.

But the main thing is not even that. Igor Vladimirovich managed to create quite a nice person theater, which sought to get no less than, say, 11,111,134. Hermitage [/url] . Because each show, staged by the director, was not simply a work of art, but, at least, an emotional explosion, equivalent to the Tunguska meteorite. Struck on the spot!

Love starlet?
Of course, the sun is not without spots! Igor was very fond of teaching, adored young students, may sometimes make them superfluous. His family life with Alice Freundlich went wrong, and even the birth of her daughter did not stop the parents, who eventually divorced. Yes, sometimes Igor Petrovich straight in the eyes reproached him that his last wife Inessa younger than her husband for 44 years! But let's put his hand on his heart and ask ourselves: Do we have a lot of these men aged well over 60, who enjoyed great success with young girls?

To do this, at least, to become a famous director! And to be able to present themselves and others surprises. How, for example, the one that shook the actor and the theater audience when, in 1976, Igor Petrovich went to the scene the mother of the theater as an actor after a 20-year hiatus! And you could?

Actor - be a man!
  Igor Vladimirov: how easy is it to manage the theater for almost 40 years without a break? "White" and "black" by Igor Vladimirov Today, many barely flashing "Star" plow, taking five or six series of regular soap opera of the day in the territories of former factories, I want to recall the words of Igor Vladimirov about actors and their role in the theatrical life.