Is it easy for the fate of the Queen of Russian songs in exile? Alla Bayanova: from childhood on stage ...

  Is it easy for the fate of the Queen of Russian songs in exile? Alla Bayanova: from childhood on stage ... Last March Alla Bayanova said 85-year anniversary of its creation. And how said: give a recital at the Moscow theater stage! References and respected biographers claim that she was born May 18, 1914, ie before the First World War.

But in scenic circles, however, the talk that this event happened, happy not only for parents but for all who love old songs and ballads, a few years earlier. We will not specify, leaving behind a great singer right to self-address the issue of age.

  Is it easy for the fate of the Queen of Russian songs in exile? Alla Bayanova: from childhood on stage ... ... Family famous opera singer Nikolai Levitsky (who took the artistic pseudonym Bayanov of love for the well-known musical instrument) shortly before the birth of her daughter moved from Odessa to Chisinau, the capital of Bessarabia, a few years, this territory ceded to Romania, together with all its population. So in the very young age the future legend of the romance was an emigrant.

Then my father moved his wife and daughter in Paris, left the opera stage and began performing in the famous variety theater Nikita Baliyeva "Die Fledermaus", toured the globe. After some time, Nicholas Leonardovich Bayanov decided to move to a more "sedentary".

He left the theater and invited the room-dramatized ballad "Kudiyar" manual re-opened restaurant "Kazbek", in the musical program which was attended by the most famous singers and dancers. In this issue, and the singer debuted her daughter, acting as a guide elder kayavshegosya the sins of the former piratical life.

And the musical debut as a result of unauthorized act Alla. Its task in the course of action was to temporarily replace another candidate is not selected a boy who was to accompany his father, passing through the hall to the stage and back again - after the performance, help to sit down and stand up, and in no way implies the singing part.

  Is it easy for the fate of the Queen of Russian songs in exile? Alla Bayanova: from childhood on stage ... However, during a pause in the final part number, precedes the execution NL Bayanova "Evening Bells", it sucked a romance herself, under the impression created by the father image, and he began to pull. Many years later, the singer recalled:

  "What's begun! My God, it was: all rushed to us, wiping his eyes, squeezed me and kissed the men shook hands and hugged his father. Owner "Kazbek said that no other guide he does not want, but only me that he will pay for our performance, how to say papa, and that in general, I - a miracle child and is something unprecedented."

There, in the "Kazbek", once saw Alia Alexander Vertinsky, immediately expressed strong attention to the young performer, who was also still incomparably beautiful. The fascinating Vertinsky quickly lured talented songstress for the Paris stage of the Bolshoi in Moscow Hermitage, where he performed himself. After many years, continuing to cherish the friendship with him, Alla song dedicated to his memory.

And then ... a restless nature of his father gave him the opportunity to realize their own idea as to live in one place. The family moved to Belgrade, then to Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine ... until he decided to return to Romania - closer to the motherland. In Bucharest, was an acquaintance with the famous Alla Peter Leshchenko, which opened their own night club, invited her to speak to him Alla. Of course, she agreed, and sang there until he went to the theater "Algamera", where performed Russian songs.

  Is it easy for the fate of the Queen of Russian songs in exile? Alla Bayanova: from childhood on stage ... Growing and flowering, Alla Bayanova admired not only an amazing voice, but also very handsome. In love with her the prince (who died shortly after the proposal made by the hands and hearts), the sheikh, and my mother star will pop worried about her future family life.

Nevertheless, in spite of the will of the parent of a girl's passionate love married musician George Ypsilanti. The marriage was short-lived, but for a lifetime favorite for the singer has remained one of the songs written for her, this man - "I'm homesick," with the words piercing pain:

I miss home
On the side of my mother.
I am now far, far away
In an unfamiliar country.
I long for the Russian fields.
My pain does not relieve me without them.
And gray eyes, beloved, -
How I feel sad without them ...

In 1940 came a rainy day, when Alia Bayanova arrested and convicted for the pro-Soviet propaganda, which deemed the song. More than a year, she languished in concentration camps, while parents raised money to buy his daughter. But after the liberation of being on stage she could not, because repertoire is not consistent with the ideology of the fascist regime. On the other hand ought to report daily to the gendarmerie.

One of these visits was completed proposal chapter power structure "be gentle" with him, as decisive refusal ladies brought laughter and hope "they think". It is so deeply offended by the unfortunate that on the way home, she sobbed and nearly hit by a car.

Out of the car came out, much swearing, angry man, but seeing the tears in the eyes of the beautiful, sharply changed the tone and asked: "Who hurt you?". And then drove home, introduced himself to parents and ... made the proposal. It was Stefan Shendri, a man of noble birth, rich and influential. He brought his wife to his estate, which has entrusted to a considerable economy: polutysyachnoe flock of sheep, a dozen cows, 400 ha of land and 500 hectares of forest land.

  Is it easy for the fate of the Queen of Russian songs in exile? Alla Bayanova: from childhood on stage ... When Soviet troops entered Romania, the singer instead of the hallmarks Bolshevik Assigned to her former power, immediately began to be 11,111,120. beloemigrantkoy [/i] . From the estate had to flee because her husband threatened, on the one hand, the arrest, on the other - the massacre of revolutionary peasants. Wanderings through the cellars and attics of Bucharest ended in the Stephen still caught and sent to hard labor. Three years later he returned with a completely shattered nerves, and houses began scandals, which resulted in the family broke up.

But after a period of a new glory. Alla Bayanova translated many songs by Soviet composers in the Romanian language, and the audience listened to them with bated breath. And how else can you listen to this amazing voice that enriches any song!

But those days are replaced. The situation was becoming increasingly difficult. Advocate is not allowed, not allowed to use the phone, turn off the gas, the water, inflated prices for electricity.

  Is it easy for the fate of the Queen of Russian songs in exile? Alla Bayanova: from childhood on stage ... Finally, in 1976, Alle Bayanova managed to visit the Soviet Union, where she has sought all his life, composed of s tour of the Romanian team ... Then a few more times to come. But Soviet citizenship was only in the late 1980's.

And since then found of Moscow. Not lost its unique sense of humor, loves animals, whom she has a lot: white terrier Nafig, collie Lucy, named after a favorite dog A. Vertinsky, cat Marivanna ... still does not like drugs and does not understand the diagnosis. Once in a radio interview on the issue of "Allah, you so long to be seen. What happened to you? "She replied:" I had a fracture of the cervix. And then again and was surprised: "I do not understand what you laughing at?".

And she continues to act at concerts and recording CDs.