Sometimes a romance without a kiss? Pasternak and Tsvetaeva

  Sometimes a romance without a kiss? Pasternak and Tsvetaeva Sometimes, meeting a man, you do not immediately realize that it is yours. To realize it, should take some time, but later broke passion could "burn" the heart of the lovers and shake the fate of their loved ones. That and the love of two brilliant poets, Tsvetaeva and 1,111,112. Pasternak [/url] Has become for them both scourge and happiness. This amorous history lasted for more than ten years.

   Children and youth Tsvetaeva and Pasternak in something similar. For example, Marina, and Boris grew up in professorial Moscow families. Mothers of both were pianist. Therefore, from the early years they had a craving for everything beautiful - music, poetry, art. But the only expression of emotion was different: if Marina was exposed to view, then the BL all his experiences in the guise of well-being.

   Marina childhood marked by loving kind. For her, this feeling was akin to a synonym of "life". The main reason being to Tsvetaeva was: she preferred to kiss itself, rather than cheek for a kiss. Despite the seemingly 1,111,114. successful marriage 1,111,115. It is often fond of other men. Being an extraordinary personality, Marina and chose to be chosen by yourself. The man she loved, she bestowed the whole itself, but always reserves the right to part with him. In addition to personal meetings, their emotions, she splashed in the poems and love letters, each of which is a masterpiece of epistolary poetry.

Pasternak seemed too successful in marriage: a loving wife, a son - a family idyll, but it was rather what I would like to pass off as reality. The family often flared scandals. Consumer confusion is increasingly led him to suicidal thoughts. In one of the difficult life periods BL fallen into the hands a volume of poems "Milestones" of Marina. He began to delight in reading her poems - in them he found solace and realized that that's it, my own and understand!

Before my eyes immediately surfaced their fleeting meeting wore nodding character, remembered and Tsvetaeva invitation to his home shortly before her departure for permanent residence in Berlin. First Pasternak wanted to drop everything and go to Berlin, he was not afraid of that money just enough for a ticket, he did not care - just to be by her side! But the mind still won the emotions, and Pasternak decided to write a letter Tsvetaeva. So their correspondence ensued.

The themes of the first letters were new books, life in Moscow, Berlin, compliments on the wonderful poetic gift each. They both carried away with wordplay, with the skill of the actors step by step building up my feeling. Thousands of kilometers each day increased the anguish, and spiritual intimacy reborn in love. In their families every day began to spring up scandals because similar intuitive feel increased alienation of Tsvetaeva and Pasternak, but to do anything with it they could not.

Wife of BL, feeling the constant presence of another woman in his thoughts of her husband, packed their bags and left with his son. When Tsvetaeva learned that the collapse of her beloved family, she asked to stop correspondence. Pasternak, carefully trying to fulfill the request of Marina. But the passion is higher, and a month later, they again begin to throw one another outright love letters.

Meeting Tsvetaeva and Pasternak, which was supposed to happen in 1926, occurred only in 1935. But neither he nor she it was not necessary. Instead of passionate kisses, they drank tea and talked listlessly about literature and music. Marina asked his opinion - is it worth it to return to the USSR, but BL was afraid to give advice and just tried his best to translate the conversation into another channel. Neither he nor she even could not imagine, as there will be their fate after a few years. Pasternak waiting inglorious years of hardship and trials, Tsvetaeva - Arrests of people and close the loop in Yelabuga.