In the history of the Catholic Church a few pages, which are trying to think less often. Some o" />

 As a pirate and profligate Balthasar Cossa became the pope?

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  As a pirate and profligate Balthasar Cossa became the pope? In the history of the Catholic Church a few pages, which are trying to think less often. Some of them are connected with the activities of the Popes, among whom, according to unconfirmed by the Vatican this was even 1,111,112. female 11,111,125. . Most of the Roman pontiffs were people worthy, but among them there are the successors of St. Peter, whose holiness, to put it mildly, is highly questionable. One of them - Pope John XXIII, in the world Balthasar Cossa.

Balthazar was born in the last quarter of the XIV century on the small island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. Information about his childhood, almost did not survive. One thing is clear, the future pope is not in poverty, as an island of Ischia belonged to his father, a descendant of the ancient family, rooted in the era of the Roman Empire.

Dereven'ka, located on the island, gave some income, but it was the basis of family welfare Cossa. The main income is 1,111,114. maritime piracy [/url] To which a child began to prepare and Balthasar. On the dangerous path of piracy, he joined 13 years under the guidance of his elder brother Gaspar, who commanded a small pirate fleet.

In the Mediterranean, piracy was rampant. Rich seaside towns and villages, laden with goods and slaves, merchant ships became easy prey for successful thieves. The main concern was skillfully select objects for pirate attacks, not to run into warships. A conversation with the captured pirates were short - in the yard or in slavery. But such an unenviable fate passed Balthasar, soon became the captain of a pirate ship, and, the captain, with a concurrent fortune.

  As a pirate and profligate Balthasar Cossa became the pope? Pope John XXIII (Balthazar Cossa) Suddenly, life changed drastically Balthasar. Leaving piracy, he went to Bologna, where he enrolled at the Theological Faculty at the local university. It is believed that he did so at the insistence of his mother. But perhaps he simply felt that by wearing a cassock, will be able to pillage and debauchery, without fear of retribution. In principle, the special need to engage in robbery he had not been on the generic island had accumulated enormous wealth.

Strong, ruthless and self-confident Baltasar quickly become a recognized leader of the students and threatened the inhabitants of Bologna. One name Baltasar terrify respectable fathers of families, because of his amorous adventures in the city of legends, and dishonored them girls and seduced married women believed dozens. But he still managed to learn, getting quite good at the time of knowledge. But to come to an end. Relatives of another mistress Koss announced seducer real war, forcing him to flee the city.

Temporarily Balthazar took refuge in the house of Cardinal di Santa Chiara. In addition to his house was another man who fled from persecution - the mistress of Cardinal Beauty Yandra della Scala, wanted the Holy Inquisition on charges of witchcraft. That said, "thanks to the fate of young people found each other." But it is not dormant and the Inquisition, nagryanuvshaya with a search warrant. Despite the desperate resistance of Koss, who owned great weapon to beat off failed. Ahead of Balthazar and Yandra waited fire.

  As a pirate and profligate Balthasar Cossa became the pope? Yandra Capistrana della Scala Fortunately, the thugs Gaspar, to keep the pirate fishing, repulsed Balthasar and his new mistress. I had a failed theologian once again become a pirate. A few years ships Baltasar terrified at the Mediterranean sailors and coastal cities, which Cossa with great pleasure robbed the church, apparently in retaliation for its failure to reach the priesthood. All these years he was accompanied by Yandra.

Suddenly the sea adventures had to be interrupted. The storm destroyed the ships Balthazar, and he took a vow to become a priest in the event of salvation. He, Yandra and several pirates managed to escape, but on the bank to identify them local residents, was seized and placed in the basement of the palace by Pope Urban VI.

At this time the Catholic world was in a split, he tried to lead the two popes of Rome, Pope Urban VI, and from Avignon Pope Clement VII. Naturally, that between them was a tough fight. In this situation, Pope Urban VI, as they say, the very fate had sent an experienced and ruthless enemies of the assistant, who became Balthasar Cossa. My father was old and infirm, his days were numbered. But in this case, Baltasar lucky. New Pope Boniface IX knew the family of Cossa and not just closer to his former pirate, and brought him first to the archdeacon of the Cathedral of St. Eustache in the Vatican, and then, in February 1402, the Cardinals.

  As a pirate and profligate Balthasar Cossa became the pope? Unusual fate Baltasar Coss devoted several books under the patronage of Pope Baltasar could turn into the full extent of their criminal passions. That's what I wrote about this period of his life the Vatican Secretary of Dietrich von Him: "The unprecedented, with nothing comparable" business "created Cossa during his stay in Rome. There was everything: debauchery, incest, infidelity, violence and other heinous forms of sin, against which the faces were once the wrath of God. ... Only in Bologna Kosse managed to seduce more than 200 women. He went there on behalf of the pope to address various issues relating to the church and politics, but not forgotten in this case and their love affairs. His mistress were married women, widows, girls and nuns living in monasteries. Some of them liked it and willingly becomes his mistress, but some were brutally raped right in the monasteries.

Dad decided to use pirated skills Balthasar, instructing him to bring the field into submission, have fallen away from the Vatican. The task of the former pirate coped brilliantly, but Bologna, Perugia and Assisi, who returned under the administration of the Vatican, were virtually unlimited power in the papal legate, Cardinal Coss. Since it had considered, and the new Pope Innocent VII, who replaced the deceased Boniface IX, and then Gregory XII, elected with the active participation Baltasar.

  As a pirate and profligate Balthasar Cossa became the pope? Tomb Baltasar Coss Florence But the new pope hopes Balthazar did not live to become lead independent policy, then it does deprive Cossa dignity, the rights of the legate, and at the same time and gave anathema. Naturally, the former pirate disagreed. He declared himself the ruler of the areas where there was a legate, and called him friendly Cardinals in Pisa, instead of two rules at the time to elect a pope. Moreover, he withdrew his candidacy and insisted on the election of Cardinal Peter Filarga, famous for a righteous life, the new pope, received the name of Alexander V. Baltasar just wanted to consolidate the papal throne for the man who basically have no complaints, and then to pick it up yourself.

The situation was absurd situation, both in the Catholic world has three popes, and formally elected by all legitimate. Naturally, they did not fail to give each other anathema.

  As a pirate and profligate Balthasar Cossa became the pope? The bronze mask in the tomb Baltasar Koss In areas vassal, Alexander V, calmly rules Cossa, who is now no threat. After his death in 1410 his protege, Balthasar has elected a pope, taking the name John XXIII. For four years he ruled which was subject to his part of the Catholic world without any problems. However, apparently, even for the vast western world three popes too much. As a result of complicated intrigues, backed by military force, in May 1415, the Council of Cardinals deposed Pope John XXIII and put him in a fortress of Mannheim.

In captivity Balthasar did not stay long, the money he opened the prison door, and Pope Martin V, whom he assured that finally renounced the papal throne, even back him cardinal. On the last years of Baltasar Coss information is not preserved. Apparently, he kept his word and no longer engage in politics, and perhaps, just to atone for the sins of his life has accumulated plenty. Cardinal Balthasar Cossa lived in Florence, where he died on Dec. 22, 1419. Former Pirate and dad solemnly buried, and over the tomb erected magnificent sarcophagus.