Who are the warriors Telecommunications still is fighting for the liberation of Kiev? First medal

  Who are the warriors Telecommunications still is fighting for the liberation of Kiev? First medal On the day of the professional holiday for all communicators to my story about a well deserved man honored radio USSR, honorable soldiers of the regiment context of the Belarusian Military District, honor students of the Kiev Institute of Management and Communications Michael Korneyevich Pilipenko.

Did 16-year-old rural school graduates from remote Belarusian Misha Pilipenko, that his whole life will be devoted to the military profession signaller? Of course, not known, although it was going to link the fate of military service. Obeying the call of the Komsomol "youth - on planes" Michael was going to enroll in flight school. But it happened differently.

  Who are the warriors Telecommunications still is fighting for the liberation of Kiev? First medal MK Pilipenko, in June 2008 with the aircraft, "decorated" black crosses, a young man met the day after the prom, when yesterday's students traditionally gathered to plant trees. In the 41-m trees have not planted. In the sky appeared indistinct rumble, converted to a roar, as if on pavement rolled dozens of empty barrels. Above the heads of low-altitude flying 1,111,114. Nazi planes 1,111,119. . What kind of landing? Boys and girls in a depressed mood dispersed to their homes.

Sixteen were not subject to appeal, and Misha is very frustrating. He was confident of quick victory, and feared he would not have time to take part in the defeat of the brutal enemy.

When the Army called her father, followed by the regional center link and a son. It is difficult to say that more influenced the decision voenkomatovtsev: persistent requests youths, his icon Voroshilov arrow or the appearance around the Nazi saboteurs, parachutists. Call the guy, of course, could not but drive does not become allowed to remain with his father, and even issued a rifle with three dozen rounds.

Baptism of fire occurred under Kovel. From vynyrnuvshih from behind the clouds of German planes rained bombs "over open and white parachute canopy. It turned out - Troopers.

How had so many bullets and fired at the nearest skydiver Michael. Steady hand and accurate eye did not disappoint, despite the unprecedented excitement, because it was the first fight guy. Fallen fascists did not move, shooting at the enemies of the future operator of the trophy went automaton.

The battle lasted, but Michael ended abruptly after the close of the explosion. The wounded young man came to the hospital bed. What happened to my father, fellow villagers - he did not know.

Supplied by military doctors on their feet a young man enlisted to serve in the reserve regiment communication, stationed in Yelets, next to the hospital. Was it possible to get rid of the annoying kid? Runion, passed their baptism of fire and proved himself with the best hand. Yes, and cheated, rejuvenate himself, he added. Since August 22, 1941 Michael Pilipenko was a real Red Army.

Appointment to the telegraph and telephone company, without exaggeration, was a start in life. The military relationship once and for all became a profession and the main cause of all subsequent years.

In movies about the war in neat shirts 1,111,119 soldiers. rows of shining medals and decorations. From the side it would seem that enough to get to the front, and awards were strewn with one another. In fact, nothing anyone does not rewarded. The first medal of Michael Pilipenko - "For Valour".

Oh why - why, and daring enough guy. In 1942, he served in the infantry, provided the relationship infantry battalion commander. Eliminate the break line valor under fire is not considered a normal job. Despite the fact that the post was a signaller used to go to the exploration and resulted in "languages".

For participation in one of the raids into the rear of the spring 42 th and was rewarded. I had to parachute. The first jump was not entirely successful, the soldiers landed in the swamp. Luckily for the wind blew out the dome and pulled the unfortunate paratrooper from the quagmire.

Minor accident at the beginning of the raid did not prevent the group successfully completed the task, and on the way home portable radio reported a new order: incidental capture and deliver across 1,111,118. front line

Plan commander of the group was simple: remove the guard at the barrier, put in place a spy in German uniform and stop a car. Did. The role of "assistant PPC" went to Michael, he spoke a little German.

We had to wait a long time. The Germans did not like to roll out on Soviet soil alone. But fortune smiled, and the plan worked. Seized the officer's portfolio with maps and documents and successfully returned.

In addition to legitimate pride, the award has brought unexpected joy. Father Michael read in a newspaper notice about the successful raid and wrote a letter to his son. So they have lost each other in a battle with the paratroopers, restored the connection.